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September 22, 1986 – March 26, 1988


The 1980s animated version of the classic comic strip, created by cartoonist Hank Ketcham. Dennis Mitchell was an adorable, blond-haired and freckle-faced boy who had one fault: His penchant for mischief, much more so by nature than by definition, though all his long-suffering parents, Henry and Alice, could do was shake their heads and try to explain their son to others. Dennis' curiosity, escapades and well-meaning ways usually led to trouble; usually on the receiving end was the lad's neighbor, George Wilson. The gruff Mr. Wilson (a retired postal carrier) just wanted to be left alone and was constantly frustrated by Dennis' frequent visits and well-meaning ways; all he wanted to do was be left alone and enjoy peace and quiet. His wife, Martha, on the other hand, adored Dennis and saw him as a surrogate grandson. Stories centered on Dennis' adventures with his friends, among which included Joey and Margaret; his faithful canine companion, Ruff; and the oftentimes less-than-willing Mr. Wilson. Several adventures also involved criminals, who were often begging to be arrested once Dennis got through with them. Though generally considered to be 5 years old in the comic strip, the stories presented in this "Dennis the Meance" series seem to indicate Dennis is several years older, perhaps 9 or 10 years old.

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