Soundeffects Wiki


Season 1

"The Way of Den-Do"

"Smelling of Roses"

"Curtains for Dennis"


"The Mystery of the Missing Teapot"

"Castle in the Air"

"Aliens Among Us"

"No Joke"

"Dennis V.I.P"

"Bad Dad"

"Gnasher in Nappies"

"Rubberbands and Paperclips"



"Eyes on the Prize"

"Dance of the Seven Pies"

"The Pond Monster"

"Dennis' Thank-You's"

"Fish Tale"

"Masters of the House"

"Game On"

"All-in Menacing"

"Attack of the Walterbot"

"Great Outdoors"

"No Pies for Pie Face"

"Dog Tired"

"Dig This"

"The In Crowd"

"First Aid Dennis"

"Rock And A Hard Place"

"Horsey Havoc"


"Double Act"

"The Curse of Madam Gigi"

"Random Access Mayhem"

"Treehouse Treason"

"Menace and Co"

"No Place Like Home"

"Dennis Jumps the Line"

"Operation Windbreaker"

"Menace on the Mend"

"Athena's Party"

"Tank You Very Much"

"Nanny State"

"Mother's Day"

"Run Rabbit Run"

"Beanotown In Bloom"

"Fangs for the Memories"

"Curly's Collection"

"Substitute Creecher"


"You're Joking"

Season 2

"Dirty Deeds"

"Last Day of Summer"

"You and Whose Army"

"Menace's Seven"

"Dinmakers Go Ape"

"The Ultimate Prank"

"I'll Teach You"

"Hairy Plotter"

"Bring The Din"

"The Exterminator"

"The Gnashinator"

"Sick As A Parrot"

"Dennis's School Dinners"

"Escape From Detention"

"Come Menace With Me"

"Leg Cuffed"


"Way of the Tiger"

"Stunt Gran"

"Just Desserts"

"Couldn't Catch a Cold"

"No Match for Dennis"

"The Greatest Dog in the World"

"Car Wash Caper"

"Sausage Suspect"

"Special Delivery"

"Photo Finish"

"The Way the Cookie Crumbles"

"Menace Camp"


"Constable Menace"

"The Book of the Menace"

"I Fought the Lawn"

"Menace Swap"

"Pie Protectors"

"Curse of the Menace"

"The Omega Menace"

"The Daily Menace"

"Bone Free Zone"

"Bona Fide Genius"

"The Mayor Affair"

"The Show Mustn't Go On"

"The WalterSlide"

"Prom Mean"

"Beanotown 5000"

"Doggy Daycare"

"Pranks for the Memories"

"Itchin' for Gnasher"

"Triathlon Trouble"

"Perfect Prefect"