"Sealed with a Kick"

Season 1


"The Invitation"

"College Bored"

"Cafe Disaffecto"


"This Year's Model"

"The Lab Brat"

"Pinch Sitter"

"Too Cute"

"The Big House"

"Road Worrier"

"The Teachings of Don Jake"

"The Misery Chick"

Season 2

"Arts 'N Crass"

"The Daria Hunter"

"Quinn the Brain"

"I Don't"

"That Was Then, This Is Dumb"


"The New Kid"



"Fair Enough"

"See Jane Run"

"Pierce Me"

"Write Where It Hurts"

Season 3


"Through a Lens Darkly"

"The Old and the Beautiful"

"Depth Takes a Holiday"

"Daria Dance Party"

"The Lost Girls"

"It Happened One Nut"

"Lane Miserables"

"Jake of Hearts"


"The Lawndale File"

"Just Add Water"

"Jane's Addition"

Season 4

"Partner's Complaint"

"Antisocial Climbers"

"A Tree Grows in Lawndale"

"Murder, She Snored"

"The F Word"

"I Loathe a Parade"

"Of Human Bonding"

"Psycho Therapy"

"Mart of Darkness"

"Legends of the Mall"

"Groped by an Angel"


"Dye! Dye! My Darling"

Season 5

"Fizz Ed"

"Sappy Anniversary"

"Fat Like Me"

"Camp Fear"

"The Story of D"

"Lucky Strike"

"Art Burn"

"One J at a Time"

"Life in the Past Lane"

"Aunt Nauseam"

"Prize Fighters"

"My Night at Daria's"

"Boxing Daria"


"Daria: Behind the Scenes"

"Look Back in Annoyance"

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