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28 September 1981 – 19 March 1992

Danger Mouse is a British animated television series produced by Cosgrove Hall Films for Thames Television. It features the eponymous Danger Mouse who worked as a secret agent and is a parody of British spy fiction, particularly the Danger Man series and James Bond. It originally ran from 28 September 1981 to 19 March 1992 on the ITV network.

The series spawned a spin-off show, Count Duckula, which aired between 1988 and 1993, and an updated series, under the same name, began airing in September 2015 on CBBC.


Danger Mouse, the greatest secret agent in the world, and his sidekick, Penfold, scared of everything, must follow Colonel K's orders (if the Colonel doesn't get muddled) to foil Baron Silas Greenback's and his henchman Stiletto Mafiosa's plans, foiling other villains such as Augustus P. Crumhorn III and Count Duckula along the way.

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