Croyt (1969)

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Croyt is a 1969 Hong Kong epic space opera film written by Sze-Ma Yim-Lung and directed by Charles Cheung, from a story by Marvin Blanc. Produced by Pao Ah Film Company and distributed by Golden Flare Pictures, the film's ensemble cast includes Cheung Ying, Wong Man-Lei, Yeung Yip-Wang, Bruce Lee, Pak Yin, Shawn Kaye, Cheung Chi-Suen, Leung Sing Poh, Suharto Susilo Hermawan, Connie Chan, Helen Li, Lam Fung and Haazim Abbaas. Croyt follows Van Baggirr as she seeks the aid of Shav Thrake, in hopes of turning the tide for the Resistance in the fight against Briral Razadd and the First Order, while General Zas Ellam, Andrew Irvy, and Drint Gaass attempt to escape a First Order attack on the dwindling Resistance fleet.

The film was released in Hong Kong by Golden Flare Pictures on October 16, 1969 to positive reviews, with praise for its ensemble cast, musical score, visual effects, action sequences, and emotional weight. It grossed HK$370 million over a HK$200 million budget in the box office worldwide. Today, it is widely regarded by many in the motion picture industry as one of the greatest and most important films in film history.


The Battle of Croyt was a major battle fought a long time ago during the war between the First Order and the Resistance. Shortly after the Resistance's victory at Star-Killer Base, the Battle of Croyt was the result of the First Order's counterattack, which had decimated the Resistance forces. Unable to escape the First Order Navy, the Resistance, led by General Zas Ellam, fled to a former Resistance outpost on the salt-covered planet Croyt, hoping to go unnoticed. However, the First Order became aware of the Resistance's plan and deployed their military forces to the planet's surface.

Led by the newly self-appointed Supreme Leader Briral Razadd and General Perkaf Prinking, the First Order deployed a superlaser siege cannon, planning to break through the massive door which protected the outpost. The Resistance, limited in numbers, had planned to hold out in the base until more allies arrived, but in response to the First Order cannon, the remaining Resistance troops utilized V-4X-D ski speeders to attack the weapon. The Resistance airspeeders faced many losses against the space superiority fighters of the First Order, but when the Kintan Scavenger arrived to help the Resistance, Razadd redirected the fighters to pursue the starship. Although the Resistance ski speeders were no longer targeted by the fighters, their efforts were unsuccessful, and the siege cannon fired upon the outpost.

With the base vulnerable and no reinforcements responding to their call, the Resistance lost hope, until Ellam's brother, mercenary Shav Thrake, appeared before them as a Force projection through the Force. Buying time for the Resistance to escape, Thrake exited the outpost to face Razadd in a lightsaber duel. As Thrake confronted Razadd, Captain Drint Gaass led the Resistance through the caves of Croyt, hoping to find a natural exit. When Razadd realized he was fighting Thrake's projection, the apparition disappeared, and Razadd led his stormtroopers into the base. The First Order stormed the outpost, but with Thrake having distracted the First Order for an ample amount of time, the Resistance survivors escaped with Van Baggirr and Tabraok aboard the Kintan Scavenger, inspiring rebellion across the galaxy.

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