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This is a rare sound effect that has not been released on any commercial or professional sound effects libraries, although it had been originally included on the Cinesound library and it was more or less exclusive to Hammer Film Productions films. In 1989, it was used in Mystery Science Theater 3000 whenever Crow T. Robot screams in fear.


  • First Recorded: 1949
  • Creator: Edgar Vetter
  • Owner: Cinesound (1949-1989), PostAudio Inc. (1989-1999), Best Brains (1989-present)
  • Origin: Windsor, Berkshire, England
  • Year Debut: January 1950
  • First Heard: The Man in Black (1950)
  • Area Used: Worldwide

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Audio Samples

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is the best reference to sample when Crow screams, although it debuted in the British thriller film The Man in Black. Sounds like a high-pitched, painful male scream.