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Crashline is a fan-made TV series that aired in 2000-2004 (Japan, animated series, TMS Entertainment), 2001-2005 (US and rest of the world, animated/live-action series, 20th Century FOX/TMS Entertainment/Waterford Studios), created by Adam Waters. It's the second part of the Coder Franchise, until a sequel was created a year after the show ended.


A CIA agent Richard Irving teams up with a former rescue service member Jill Ross. Upon escaping from the cargo plane, they find themselves in a town full of murderers and a former sect turned terrorist group known as Redrum. A resistance fighter Sven joins the fray, but soon gets betrayed by his "friend" Larry. Will they stop the terrorists before it's late?

Sound Effects Used

Sound Ideas, AUTO, CRASH - HEAD ON COLLISION 01 (Heard in various episodes.)

Sound Ideas, SIREN - 'WAIL' SIREN, POLICE, AMBULANCE, FIRE TRUCK 01 (Heard in the episode "The Windy City", in a high pitch for the FBI cars.)

Sound Ideas, EXPLOSION - LARGE EXPLOSION 04 (Series 6000)

Sound Ideas, GUN, HAND GUN - 44 MAGNUM: SINGLE SHOT 02 (Heard in the episodes "Express Train, Part 2", and "Extreme Colorado")

Sound Ideas, RICOCHETS - LOCATION 1 - SET B RICOCHET - UPWARD BUZZ (Heard in most Season 1/2 episodes.)



Hollywoodedge, Ricochets Various TE029905 (Heard in high and low pitches in the episode "Express Train, Part 1")

Hollywoodedge, Gnat By Low Fast Whist PE212201 (Heard in episode "Freefall")

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Shatter PE110201 (Heard in various episodes)

Hollywoodedge, 357 Magnum Pistol Sho PE092801 (Heard in "The Windy City")

Hollywoodedge, 9mm Uzi Automatic Fir PE095901 (Heard in the episode "Powerplay")

Hollywoodedge, Load Cock M16 Rifle Gu PE091301

Hollywoodedge, 22 Magnum Single Shot PE232701 (Heard in the episode "Course of Action")

Hollywoodedge, High Low Siren Close PE081301 (Heard in the episode "Nightbomber" as a police car siren.)

Hollywoodedge, Various Body Fal Dirt PE106201 (Second bodyfall heard in the episode "Gari" and the last two bodyfalls heard in the episode "Master Race")

Hollywoodedge, Body Falls Off Chair PE106101 (Heard once in episodes "Express Train, Part 1" and "Dynamite Yacht")

Hollywoodedge, Body Falls Various TE027605 (Heard in the episode "Endgame, Part 2")

Hollywoodedge, Pistol Or Rifle Shot 2 PE096101 (Heard in the episodes "Shared Madness" and "Endgame, Part 2")

Hollywoodedge, Explosions Multipl EXP023501

Hollywoodedge, Laugh Evil Very Lowpi PE131301 (Heard in the episode "Nightmare" when the Team17 logo appears for the first time, and the first part is used again at the ending.)

Hollywoodedge, Screams 7 Woman Three PE134101 (Heard in the episode "Nightmare" [First half, and second half used later in the episode])

Hollywoodedge, Screams 3 Man Gutwren PE134401 (Heard in the episode "Operation Broken Bow")

Hollywoodedge, Music Logo Bright Et SDT040301 (Season 1 only, heard for the fictional Windows NT 6.0 operating system in normal (for startup) and reversed (for shutdown) variants.) 

Sound Ideas, HUMAN, SCREAM - SCREAM: FEMALE, HORROR 01 (Heard in the episode "Nightmare")

FOX EXPLOSION 02 (Heard in Season 1-2 episodes)

GEORGE WATTERS II MACHINE GUN 01 (Heard in Season 1-2 episodes)

GEORGE WATTERS II PISTOL SHOT 01 (Heard in Season 1-2 episodes)

UNIVERSAL GLASS SHATTER 01 (Heard in Season 1-2 episodes)

WB BULLET RICOCHETS (Heard in Season 1-2 episodes)

Wilhelm Scream (Heard in the episode "The Final Identity", where a terrorist gets thrown off a window) 

Audio Samples