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February 1, 1999 – April 1, 2000

Crashbox is a Canadian-American educational children's television game show that airs on the HBO Family digital cable television channel in the United States. It aims to educate grade-school children in history, math, vocabulary, and other various subjects.


The show takes place in the insides of a game computer where green game cartridges (which are sculpted out of clay) are created and loaded by rusty tin robots- occasionally with short sketches of them "repairing" damaged games. The format of each episode is The Electric Company-esque, with sketches not connecting to each other nor following a sequential plot. Each half-hour episode consists of seven 2-to-5-minute educational games, and occasionally an eighth bonus game.

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Sound Effects Used

This show mainly use Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros., The Premiere Edition Volume 1, The Edge Edition Volume 1, Skywalker Sound and Cartoon Trax Volume 1 sound effects for each game sketches segment.

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