Opening Theme

Season 1

Ep 1.: "New Kid in Town"

Ep 2.: "Ain't Miss Bahavian"

Ep 3.: "Everybody Loves Meena"

Ep 4.: "We Built This Kitty on Rock and Roll"

Ep 5.: "Rock the Vote"

Ep 6.: "Napper's Delight"

Ep 7.: "Smells Like School Spirit"

Ep 8.: "Just Desserts"

Ep 9.: "Bahavian Idol"

Ep 10.: "Beat the Press"

Ep 11.: "Mall of Confusion"

Ep 12.: "Get Smarter"

Ep 13.: "And the Weenie Is..."

Ep 14.: "No, No, Nanoosh"

Ep 15.: "Airforce One Too Many"

Ep 16.: "That's So in the House"

Ep 17.: "Gone Wishin'

Ep 18.: "I Ain't Got Rhythm"

Ep 19.: "The Kung Fu Kats Kid"

Ep 20.: "A Rat By Any Other Name"

Ep 21.: "Never the Dwayne Shall Meet"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "The Presidential Seal"

Ep 2.: "Through the Roof"

Ep 3.: "Monster's Ball"

Ep 4.: "Lip Service"

Ep 5.: "Who Let the Dolls Out"

Ep 6.: "We Don't Have Chemistry"

Ep 7.: "Uninvited Pest"

Ep 8.: "Making the Braid"

Ep 9.: "Model Behavior"

Ep 10.: "Sittin' Pretty"

Ep 11.: "Macho Libre"

Ep 12.: "Peace, Love & Misunderstanding"

Ep 13.: "Mad Songs Pay So Much"

What episode shots are these from?

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