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The City Hunter Ryo Saeba has been without customers for four months, so his partner Kaori is understandably overjoyed when a customer finally contacts them. As the customer happens to be the striking Mega City TV newscaster Sayaka, Ryo has trouble containing his excitement too. But while it seems not even Kaori's wrath can dissuade Ryo from his lecherous antics, things take a more serious turn when they have to escape a seemingly endless stream of hired killers who come after them. And when Sayaka's employers set Ryo up as a kidnapper and killer, Ryo has no choice but to get to the bottom of this weird case!

Air Date

Japan: April 23, 1999

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Sound Effects Used

This anime TV special mainly uses Hanna-Barbera sound effects, as well as several anime and Series 1000 sound effects. Only four Cartoon Trax Volume 1 and one Series 6000 General, Dynamic Range Sound Effects Library - CDs 1 & 2 and Sound Effects In Stereo Volume 1 sound effects are heard.

Unused Sound Effects

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Audio Samples

SLIDE, CARTOON - SHORT SPLING as heard in the anime.

The very high pitched version of HIT, CARTOON - HOLLOW HEAD KONK AND ZIP.