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Citi Trax is an ambiance sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was released in March 1991. It consits a collection of 10 CDs with 359 sound effects.

Sound Categories

CT-01 - Street Walla/Ambience, Chinatown to Ghetto

CT-02 - Street Walla: Parades, Preachers, Prostitutes, Bums & Bells…

CT-03 - Street Walla: Parks, Pigeons, Fountains, Fireworks…

CT-04 - Traffic Traffic Traffic...Busy & Light, Wet & Dry…

CT-05 - Traffic 2: Bumper to Bumper, Bridges, Trucks & Horns, Squeaks & Screeches…

CT-06 - Garbage Trucks, Police & Fire Sirens, Car Alarms…

CT-07 - From Here to There: By Buses & Trains

CT-08 - Subways: Trains, Tracks, Tokens, Turnstiles…

CT-09 - Hammers, Harbors, Helicopters, Ferries & Boats…

CT-10 - Interiors: Dining Rooms, Delis, Museums, Malls, Elevators, Apartment & Department Stores…

CT-01 - Street Walla/Ambience, Chinatown to Ghetto

Crowd-EXT Various

Very Busy Sidewalk Or CT010101

Crowd-Murmur Walla

Sparse Pedestrian By CT010201

Crowd-EXT Various

Low Angle Crowd Foots CT010301

Male Group Walla Stre CT010401


Chinatown Street Wal CT010501

Chinatown SidewalkM CT010601

Chinatown Street Thr CT010701

Chinatown SidewalkW CT010801

Crowd-EXT Various

Harlem Block Ambienc CT010901


Harlem Block Ambienc CT011001

Crowd-EXT Various

City Sidewalk WallaM CT011101


Black Males Street Wa CT011201

Jamaican Males Stree CT011301


City Basketball Game CT011401


City Basketball Ext CT011501

City Basketball Ext CT011601


Two Little Boys Play CT011701

Crowd-Schools & Teens

Elementary School Pl CT011801

Wide POV Ele Kids Play CT011901

School Playgrnd IntP CT012001


Wide POV High SchoolK CT012101

CT-02 - Street Walla: Parades, Preachers, Prostitutes, Bums & Bells…

Crowd-EXT Various

Parade Crowd Ambienc CT020101

Parade Ambience Appr CT020201

Crowd-Arena EXT

Crowd Dispersing Sta CT020301

Crowd-Stores & Halls

Exterior Large Crowd CT020401

Large Crowd Pedestri CT020501

Lg Crowd Ext Footstps CT020601

Lg Crowd Stairs Ext CT020701

Foley Footsteps

Small Ext Stair FS Tr CT020801

Single Metallic Foot CT020901

Crowd-EXT Various

Street Fair Ambience CT021001

Street Vendor At Outd CT021101

New York Street Vendo CT021201


Male Street Preacher CT021301

Male Street Preacher CT021401

Female Street Preach CT021501

Crowd-EXT Various

Prostitute Black Fem CT021601

Crowd-Stores & Halls

Female Beggar Stairw CT021701


Beggar Vietnam Veter CT021801

Crowd-EXT Various

Man Asks For Donation CT021901

Bums Laugh Walla Clos CT022001

Human Voices & Sounds

Man Whistles Yells Fo CT022101

Crowd-EXT Various

Close Single Footste CT022201

Foley Footsteps

Footsteps In By Mediu CT022301

Chimes & Bells

Bell Tower Single Low CT022401

Bell Tower Three Lowp CT022501

Distant Bell Tower Cl CT022601

Bell Tower Medium Per CT022701

Bell Tower Medium Per CT022801

Bell Tower Medium Per CT022901

Bell Tower Close Pers CT023001

Bell Tower Close Pers CT023101

Bell Tower Close Pers CT023201

Bell Tower Close Pers CT023301

Bell Tower Close Pers CT023401

City Church Bells Dis CT023501

City Church Bells Med CT023601

City Church Bells Med CT023701

CT-03 - Street Walla: Parks, Pigeons, Fountains, Fireworks…

Crowd-EXT Various

Small City Park Close CT030101

Small City Park Dist CT030201


Large City Park Ambie CT030301

Large City Park Ambie CT030401

Large City Park Ambie CT030501

Water-Splashes & Sprays

Fountain Park Very Cl CT030601

Fountain Park Same As CT030701

Fountain Park Wide Pe CT030801

Crowd-EXT Various

Balloon Vendor ParkC CT030901

Chimes & Bells

Bells Musical ClockP CT031001

Crowd-EXT Various

Joggers By Right To Le CT031101

Joggers By On Asphalt CT031201


Bicycles By Close CT031301

Single Bicycle By Man CT031401


Lake Ambience A CityP CT031501

Wagons Carts & Carriages

Horse Buggy In By Then CT031601

Single Horse Buggy Lo CT031701


Single Horse SteadyC CT031801

Animals-Bird BGs

Pigeons Feeding Clos CT031901

Aircraft-Prop Passenger

Prop Plane Medium Dis CT032001


Wind Trees High LeafR CT032101

Musical FX

Street Musicians One CT032201

Street Musician Play CT032301

Street Musician Clos CT032401


Fireworks Almost Con CT032501

Fireworks Sparse Com CT032601


Dog Bark Close Medium CT032701

Dogs Bark Close Mediu CT032801

Dogs Bark Exterior Gr CT032901

Dogs Bark Exterior Gr CT033001


Street Ambience Quie CT033101


Street Lamp Buzz Loud CT033201

CT-04 - Traffic Traffic Traffic...Busy & Light, Wet & Dry…


Very Busy Intersecti CT040101

Busy Intersection Me CT040201

Medium Busy Intersec CT040301

Wide Pers Bus Int Traf CT040401

Wide Pers Bus Int Traf CT040501

Very Wide POV Traffic CT040601

City Traffic Heavy Cl CT040701

City Traffic Heavy Cl CT040801

Heavy Traffic UnderO CT040901

City Traffic MiddayH CT041001

City Traffic Heavy Bu CT041101

Truck Loading Area St CT041201

One Way Street Traffi CT041301

Traffic Bys Cl MetalP CT041401

City Traffic MediumB CT041501

Medium Busy TrafficB CT041601

Light Traffic By Clos CT041701

Light Steady Traffic CT041801

Light City Traffic Am CT041901

Car Bys Close Left ToR CT042001

One Way Street Traffi CT042101

Wet Traffic Bys Med CT042201

Very Wet Traffic BysS CT042301

Wet Slushy Traffic By CT042401

Light Wet Traffic Clo CT042501

Wet City Traffic BysW CT042601

Wet City Traffic Very CT042701

Wet Light Traffic Int CT042801

Traffic Cop WhistleC CT042901

CT-05 - Traffic 2: Bumper to Bumper, Bridges, Trucks & Horns, Squeaks & Screeches…


Heavy Traffic Bys OnB CT050101

Traffic Under Bridge CT050201

Heavy Traffic UnderS CT050301

Close Car Tire Roll On CT050401

Medium Traffic Close CT050501

Light Traffic Sgl Bys CT050601

Heavy Tunnel Traffic CT050701

Heavy Traffic Tunnel CT050801

Heavy Traffic Tunnel CT050901

Driving Fast TunnelW CT051001

Highway Traffic BysC CT051101

Highway Traffic BysC CT051201

Highway Traffic BysC CT051301

Distant Heavy City Tr CT051401

Distant Highway Traf CT051501

Very Dis City Tra Dron CT051601

Light Traffic Interi CT051701

Traffic Interior POV CT051801

Traffic Interior POV CT051901

Traffic Interior POV CT052001

Vehicle-Skids & Tires

Car Short Screech ByA CT052101


Car Horn Honk Close Me CT052201

Car Horn Honk Close Mi CT052301

Toyota Truck Horn Clo CT052401

Car Horn Interior Par CT052501

Many Car Horns Honk Cl CT052601

Many Car Horns Honk Cl CT052701

Doppler Horn By Mediu CT052801

Doppler Horn By HighN CT052901

Doppler Horn By HighP CT053001

Car Horn Long Doppler CT053101


Wet Traffic Interior CT053201

Interior Car Driving CT053301

Interior Car Driving CT053401


Interior Car Driving CT053501

Interior Car Driving CT053601


Truck By Close Away Sh CT053701

Truck By Close Loud Me CT053801

Truck Pull Out CloseS CT053901

Large Truck By CloseS CT054001

Large Truck By Medium CT054101


Truck Horn Honk Close CT054201

Semitruck Horn HonkD CT054301


Diesel Truck Start Cl CT054401

Truck Maneuvering Cl CT054501

Truck Interior OpenW CT054601


Truck Gate Open Metal CT054701

CT-06 - Garbage Trucks, Police & Fire Sirens, Car Alarms…

Construction & Factory BGs

Industrial Ambience CT060101

Warehouse ExteriorA CT060201


Garbage Truck CloseL CT060301

Garbage Truck CloseL CT060401

Garbage Truck CloseL CT060501

Garbage Truck Medium CT060601

Garbage Truck Medium CT060701

Garbage Truck Medium CT060801

Garbage Truck Medium CT060901

Street Sweeper By Clo CT061001

Street Sweeper Close CT061101

Street Sweeper By Awa CT061201


Firetruck Siren Loud CT061301


Firetruck Horn Blast CT061401


Firetruck Siren Horn CT061501

Firetruck Siren Horn CT061601

Firetruck Or Ambulan CT061701

Police Wailer SirenC CT061801

Police Wailer SirenC CT061901

Police Whooper Siren CT062001

Police Whooper Siren CT062101

Short Whooper SirenB CT062201

Highlow Siren Steady CT062301

Highlow Siren ShortB CT062401

Police Wailer SirenB CT062501

Police Wailer SirenF CT062601

Police Wailer SirenI CT062701

Police Wailer SirenF CT062801

Police Siren From Dis CT062901

Whooper Siren In By Ri CT063001

Whooper From Distant CT063101

Highlow Siren Long Fr CT063201

Siren Close Away To Di CT063301

Siren In By Close Away CT063401


Ambulance Siren From CT063501


Siren Heavy TrafficS CT063601

Whooper Siren In By Cl CT063701

Whooper Siren Medium CT063801

Wailer Siren Short In CT063901

One Short Siren Bleep CT064001

Siren Very Short Blee CT064101

Siren Whooper ShortB CT064201

Siren Short Bursts Me CT064301

Siren Distant Whoope CT064401

Distant Whooper Sire CT064501

Distant Wailer Siren CT064601

Two Distant Sirens By CT064701


Distant Siren City Tr CT064801


Car Alarm Medium Pers CT064901

Car Alarm Close FastO CT065001

Alarm Fast Oscillati CT065101

Alarm Close Perspect CT065201

Alarm Distant Perspe CT065301

Alarm Distant Perspe CT065401

Distant Alarm Interi CT065501

CT-07 - From Here to There: By Buses & Trains


Bus In Stop Close Open CT070101

Bus Stop Bus In Stop Cl CT070201


Bus Stop Busy City Tra CT070301


Bus Idle Very Close Ai CT070401

Bus Slow Close BrakeS CT070501

Bus By Close Medium Sp CT070601

Interior Bus Ride Fro CT070701

Interior Bus Ride Mid CT070801

Interior Bus Ride Bac CT070901

Interior Bus Ride Bac CT071001

Interior Bus Idle Bac CT071101

Interior Empty Bus Ri CT071201


Train Crossing BellC CT071301

Train Whistle BlastT CT071401

Amtrak Train Blow ByD CT071501

Amtrak Train Interio CT071601

Amtrak Train Between CT071701

Amtrak Train Interio CT071801

Airports & Stations

Exit Train To Station CT071901


Boarding Commt Train CT072001

Int Commuter Train CT072101

Int Commuter Train CT072201

Int Commuter Train CT072301

Int Commuter Train CT072401

Int Commuter Train CT072501

Train Door Clicks Ope CT072601

Airports & Stations

Interior Huge TrainS CT072701

Interior Train Stati CT072801

Int Grand Ctl Station CT072901

Military Base

Int Grand Ctl Station CT073001

Airports & Stations

Int Train Station Wal CT073101

CT-08 - Subways: Trains, Tracks, Tokens, Turnstiles…


Subway Plat Train In CT080101

Subway Plat Train In CT080201

Airports & Stations

Subway Platform Ambi CT080301


Subway Platform Wide CT080401

Close Subway Turnsti CT080501

Airports & Stations

Subway Platform Ambi CT080601

Close Turnstile Ratc CT080701


Leave Subway Platf CT080801

Busy Subway Platform CT080901

Subway Platform Trai CT081001

Subway Platform Trai CT081101

Subway Platform Trai CT081201

Subway Platform Trai CT081301

Subway Platform Trai CT081401

Subway Platform Trai CT081501

Subway Platform Slow CT081601

Subway Platform Trai CT081701

Subway Platform Trai CT081801

Subway Platform Clos CT081901

Subway Platform Twol CT082001

Subway Platform Ambi CT082101

Interior Modern Subw CT082201

Interior Modern Subw CT082301

Interior Old SubwayT CT082401

Interior Old SubwayT CT082501

Interior Modern Subw CT082601

Board Exit Subway Tra CT082701

Interior Modern Subw CT082801

Interior Modern Subw CT082901

Int Modern New Y Subwa CT083001

Close Up Subway DoorO CT083101

Subway Interior Door CT083201

El Train Exterior ByA CT083301

El Train Exterior ByA CT083401

Subway Train Pass ByF CT083501

Subway Train Pass ByF CT083601

CT-09 - Hammers, Harbors, Helicopters, Ferries & Boats…

Construction & Factory BGs

Jack Hammer Close Per CT090101

Jack Hammer Medium Pe CT090201

Jack Hammer Medium Di CT090301

Jack Hammer Medium Pe CT090401

Jack Hammer Interior CT090501

Pile Driver Close Sla CT090601

Pile Driver Wide Pers CT090701

Machines-Construction & Factory

Chain Saw Medium Pers CT090801

Construction & Factory BGs

Light ConstructionD CT090901

Light ConstructionI CT091001


Helicopter Start Idl CT091101

Helicopter In By Cl Ov CT091201

Helicopter In By Over CT091301

Helicopter In By Dist CT091401

Harbors & Marinas

Harbor Industrial Do CT091501

Harbor Ambience Dist CT091601

Harbor Ambience Wate CT091701

Harbor Ambience Ferr CT091801

Boats & Ships

Ferry Horn Blast Medi CT091901

Ferry Boat Cl Walla CT092001

Water-Bow Wash

Close Bow Wash Lg Boat CT092101

Boats & Ships

Very Close Boat HornT CT092201

Boat Air Horn BlastsM CT092301

Harbors & Marinas

Harbor Ambience Engi CT092401

Harbor Ambience Boat CT092501


Thunderstorm Exteri CT092601


Close Rain Drops On Me CT092701


Water Splash Gutter CT092801


Whistling Wind Int Qu CT092901

Construction & Factory BGs

Industrial Ambience CT093001

Industrial Ambience CT093101


Industrial Ambience CT093201

Airports & Stations

Airport Interior Tic CT093301

Airport Interior PA CT093401

Large Bus Station Int CT093501

Crowd-Stores & Halls

Vendor Hallway Arena CT093601

Vendor Hallway Arena CT093701

CT-10 - Interiors: Dining Rooms, Delis, Museums, Malls, Elevators, Apatment & Department Stores…

Dining-Bar & Restaurant BGs

Restaurant Walla Clo CT100101

Restaurant Walla Wid CT100201

Restaurant Walla Cof CT100301

Restaurant Walla Cof CT100401

Restaurant Walla Cof CT100501

Restaurant Walla Piz CT100601

Delicatessen WallaL CT100701

Delicatessen WallaL CT100801

Crowd-Stores & Halls

Grocery Store Ambien CT100901

Grocery Store Ambien CT101001

Large Department Sto CT101101

Large Department Sto CT101201

Large Department Sto CT101301

Large Department Sto CT101401

Escalator Motor Ligh CT101501

Small Department Sto CT101601

Shopping Mall Ambien CT101701

Toys & Games

Video Arcade Room Amb CT101801

Video Arcade Room Amb CT101901

Crowd-Stores & Halls

Laundromat Ambience CT102001

Large Office Rev Wall CT102101

Large Bank Int Walla CT102201

Huge Marble Int Lobby CT102301

Huge Marble Int Lobby CT102401

Huge Marble Int Lobby CT102501

Museum Interior Medi CT102601

Huge Interior EmptyB CT102701


Door Open Close Indus CT102801

Revolving Door Movmt CT102901


Elevator First Open CT103001

Elevator Oldstyle Me CT103101

Elevator Oldstyle Me CT103201

Chimes & Bells

Apartment Door Buzze CT103301

Apartment Door Buzze CT103401

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