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China: The Wild East is a 1994 American documentary war film written, produced and directed by Peter Kaufman.

Skywalker Sound provided Sound Design & Audio Post-Production services; Ben Burtt was the sound designer, Christopher Scarabosio was the sound editor, while Matthew Wood did some assistant sound editing. Will Harvey and Charlie Stockley served as Re-Recording Mixer and Assistant Mixer, respectively. Gwendolyn Yates Whittle was the dialogue editor.


China is arguably the most interesting and dynamic country in the world today. As the Chinese race towards the millennium and full scale capitalism, this highly personal documentary by Peter Kaufman (narrated by his father Phil Kaufman) provides a superb, up-to-theminute portrait of many colorful, paradoxical manifestations of China's new spirit its "Wild East" energy echoing our own "Wild West" turbulence and century ago. Through interviews with former Red Guards and their victims - in most cases personal friends of Kaufman - the terrible years of the Cultural Revolution are evoked as a permanent backdrop to today's parade of billionaires, hookers, disco dancers, and everyday entrepreneurs.

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