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November 2, 1989 – April 18, 1991

Chimpui (Japanese: チンプイ, Hepburn: Chinpui) is a Japanese TV anime series based on the manga created by Fujiko F. Fujio. It tells the story of two cute aliens that come to Earth to find the girl who will marry their prince of planet Mahl and find one in a teenager named Eri.

Air Date

November 2, 1989 – April 18, 1991


Eri Kasuga, an ordinary teenager girl, is suddenly selected as the princess of Her Imperial Highness Lululov, the prince of Marl, 35 light-years away from Earth. Eri desperately refuses to marry because she is attracted to her classmate Uchiki, but Chimpui, a Marl alien who came to persuade Eri from Marl, likes Eri and stays at home. Settle in as. Marl is a highly scientific star that can use a magical and mysterious force called the Kaho. On the other hand, in order to further persuade Eri from Marl, strange aliens such as Eri's fans will come to Eri and cause a riot.

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