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Season 1

"Now the Flower Blooms"

"Such Burning Autumn Red"

"Crystal White Snow"

"They Bask in the Peaceful Light of the Ever-Shining Sun"

"The Bright Midnight Moon in My Darkest Hour"

"In the New Palace with Its Nine Splendid Gates"

"None but Dreary Autumn Visits"

"The Waterfall Ceased Its Flowing Long Ago"

"Though I Would Hide It"

"Where Travelers Go to Part Ways"

"A Breeze From Heaven"

"On Crimson Gleaming Fields of Gromwell"

"For You, I Head Out"

"There Is No Other I Know as a Friend"

"A Myriad of Unstrung Gems"

"On Ogura Mountain"

"Not Possible to Flee"

"But the Plum's Sweet Flowers Smell the Same"

"If I Should Live a Long Life"

"The White Waves in the Distance Are the Ever-Shining Sky"

"While Snow Falls Upon My Sleeves"

"Faded Away While in Idle Thought"

"With a Deep-Laid Frost Made White, the Night Is Nearly Past"

"Cherries Bloom on the Slope Below the Peak"

"See How Clear and Bright the Moon Is"

Season 2

"Flower's Colors Have Faded"

"Though, Indeed, I Love"

"From Tsukuba's Peak"

"I Proclaim My World's Journey to Fishermen Here"

"More Than Even the Clinging Vines Hanging Beneath the Ancient Eaves"

"Turn Tatsuta River Into a Colorful Brocade"

"Friends and Strangers All Must Meet at the Gate of Meeting Hill"

"Is It the Same Moon That Rose on Mount Mikasa That I See?"

"Across the Wide Sea"

"Rain Drops From a Light Shower"

"The Love I Feel Burns Like Ibuki's Mugwort"

"No Sign of Summer Left but the Sacred Who Bathe There"

"When in Dreams I Go to Thee, I Must Shun the Eyes of Men"

"So Much That He Asks If Something Is Bothering Me"

"The Path to Tago's Coast"

"Await the Emperor's Pilgrimage"

"It Drives the Grass"

"If Remembering Me Will Be Too Difficult"

"I Know Not Where the Depths of Love Will Take Me"

"In an Autumn Field"

"Yet, in Name It Ever Flows, and in Fame May Yet Be Heard"

"Meeting on the Path"

"Cherries Bloom on the Slope Below the Peak"

"How Can I Tell Her"

"Perfect Whiteness Laid on Fuji's Lofty Peak by a Drift of Falling Snow"

"My Life Passes By in Vain as I Watch the Long Rains Fall"

Season 3

"On a Summer Night"

"As Dawn Breaks, As If Lit by the Pale Moonlight"

"Yoshino Is Buried Under"

"The Distant Mountain"

"On the Mount of Heaven's Perfume"

"A Colorful Brocade"

"As Storms Sweep"

"Through Here Is Where"

"Crushed and All Alone, Thinking Over What Has Been"

"Trailing Vine"

"Before Wisps of Fog Rise in the Autumn Dusk"

"Flower Petals Are Strewn by the Wind Around the Garden"

"But It Is I Who Wither and Grow Old"

"I Loved You With All My Heart Back Then"

"By Maple Leaves, Powerless to Flow Away"

"They Would Longingly Await"

"I Could Bring No Offering"

"My Sleeves Are Wet, Not Just From the Dew"

"As Soon I Will Cease to Be"

"Must I Forever Long for Him"

"If You Are True to Your Name"

"For Men, Some I Grieve"

"As I Watch the Long Rains Fall"

"Like a Boatman Without a Rudder"

"Dashed by Fierce Winds on a Rock Am I"