Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder, known as Chibi-Robo! Let's Go, Photo! in Europe and Australia, is a video game for the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console via the Nintendo eShop. It is the fourth installment in Chibi-Robo!game series developed by Skip Ltd. and published by Nintendo.

Unlike past entries in the series, Photo Finder doesn't focus on cleaning or performing helpful tasks, but rather, a brand-new new mechanic that involves the 3DS's augmented reality capabilities. The game revolves around collecting everyday objects, known as NostalJunk, and placing them on display in a museum. The game still has cleaning functions, as with Chibi-Robo: Plug Into Adventure! and Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol, but Photo Finder turns said cleaning sections into missions Chibi-Robo can access at any time using the Chibi-PC. These missions are jobs that several of the supporting characters send via email, and include cleaning out a garage, or blasting wasabi into various sushi on a conveyor belt. The player is awarded Happy Points based on performance, which function once again as the game's currency. Happy Points can then in turn be traded in for silhouette films that show outlines of household objects, which can be purchased from the shop, which can also be accessed from the Chibi-PC.

Once a film is purchased, the player is then able to shoot a photo with the 3DS's built in camera. The screen will show the silhouette of the household object, and the player's goal is to find an object that matches the outline. After lining the object up with the outline, the player has ten tries to take a picture that most matches the outline. The object's quality is measured by a percentage in the top right corner. If an object is below 60%, it won't transfer. If it's between 60% to 99%, it has a chance of either being transferred, or becoming a NostalDud. However, if the object has 100% accuracy, it will not only transfer no matter what, but all following objects created with the film will be cutouts, which means that an object won't have to match the outline of the film.

The game also involves exploration stages that can be accessed after unlocking new jobs. These areas allow the player to dabble in more traditional Chibi-Robo gameplay. However, rather than unlocking or buying new items in order to better clean and traverse the area, necessary tools are received upon entering the area. Trash and dust piles litter the vicinity, and Chibi-Robo has the option to either clean it up, or just explore the area. However, in order to leave the area, Chibi-Robo must dispose of the collected refuse in a Recycling Machine located near the exit. The compactor will then reward you for your efforts; the more trash you pick up, the more Happy Points are rewarded.

Like before, Chibi-Robo relies heavily on battery power. Due to his limited battery size, he must constantly watch his Watts meter and conserve his energy by all means possible. Once Chibi-Robo loses all of his Watts, he will power down and collapse on the spot. If this happens during a job, Chibi-Robo will be returned to Mr. Curator's desk and receive no Happy Points. There are two ways to recharge: by plugging into the outlet on Mr. Curator's desk, or by finding a battery hidden in one of the many explorable areas.


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