Season 1

"Welcome to Chaotic" Pt. 1

"Welcome to Chaotic" Pt. 2


"Over Under Rent Asunder"

"Crash Course"

"The Thing About Bodal"

"Buggin' Out"

"Everything is in Flux"

"Castle Bodhran or Bust" Pt. 1

"Castle Bodhran or Bust" Pt. 2

"Lord of Treachery"

"BattleDrome of the Sexes"

"Battle Lessons"

"The Birth of Borth-Majar"

"Shifting Sands"

"Fallen Hero"

"Scavenger Scan"


"A Fearsome Fate"

"Maze of Menace"

"Out in the Cold"


"Stelgar Strikes"

"The CodeMaster Chronicles" Pt. 1

"The CodeMaster Chronicles" Pt. 2

"The Ultimate Scan"

"An Easy Win"

"A Flux Too Far"

"Chaotic Crisis"

"The Curse of Kor-bek"

"Fire Fighters"

"Chasm Quest"

"Train Wreck"

"Trading Cards"

"Dual, Duel" Pt. 1

"Dual, Duel" Pt. 2

"Going Under"

"Big Time"

"Eye of the Maelstrom"

"Fighting Friendly"

Season 2

"A Rare Hazard"

"Dangers of Diplomacy"

"The Floundering Father"

"Colosseum Showdown"

"Rockwave and Roll"

"Chaor's Commandos" Pt. 1

"Chaor's Commandos" Pt. 2

"Mega Match"

"Time's Up"


"War Beasts"

"From the Deep" Pt. 1

"From the Deep" Pt. 2

"Tale of Two Toms"

"Blight Fight"


"Putting the Muge in Mugic"

"Mister E"

"When a CodeMaster Calls"

"Earth to Kaz"

"Raznus Returns"

"Warriors of Eternity"

"UnderWorld Overthrown"

"Triple Threat"

"Last Stand" Pt. 1

"Last Stand" Pt. 2

"Legions of Aa'une"

Season 3


"Worlds Apart"

"Kickin' Bot"

"Hotekk's Challenge" Pt. 1

"Hotekk's Challenge" Pt. 2

"Yesterday's Heroes"

"Loser's Circle"

"A Gigantic Mission"

"Threshold of Destruction"

"A Peytonic Adventure"


"Son of the Spiritlands"

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