Ep. 1

"Rokan: Enemy from Space"

"Wanted: The Super Friends"

Ep. 2

"The Demons of Exxor"

"Invasion of the Fearians"

Ep. 3

"Battle at the Earth's Core"

"The World's Deadliest Game"

Ep. 4

"Sinbad and the Space Pirates"

"The Time Trap"

Ep. 5

"The Pied Piper from Space"

"Trial of the Super Friends"

Ep. 6

"Attack of the Vampire"

"Monolith of Evil"

Ep. 7

"The Beasts Are Coming"

"The Giants of Doom"

Ep. 8

"Terror from the Phantom Zone"

"Secret Origins of the Super Friends"

Ep. 9

"The Anti-Matter Monster"

"Revenge on Gorilla City"

Ep. 10

"World Beneath the Ice"

"Swamp of the Living Dead"

Ep. 11

"Invasion of the Brain Creatures"

"Conquerors of the Future"

Ep. 12

"The Incredible Space Circus"

"The Final Challenge"

Ep. 13

"Batman: Dead or Alive"

"Fairy Tale of Doom"

Ep. 14

"Battle of the Gods"


Ep. 15

"Journey Through Inner Space"

"Super Friends: Rest in Peace"

Ep. 16

"The Rise and Fall of the Super Friends"

"History of Doom"

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