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Cartoon Trax Volume 2 is a cartoon sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was first released in 2004.

It contains numerous sound effects from the library of sound designer Tom Clack, who worked with Rankin/Bass and Nickelodeon, either created by him or taken from other sources (like the ricochets).

It's not used often in American animation, unlike its companion library, but Skywalker Sound, Xilam and the Advantage Audio post audio service sometimes use it in their projects. Animes sometimes use it as well.

Sound Categories



Jews Harp Plain Boi CRT2010101

Jews Harp Plain Boi CRT2010102

Jews Harp Deep Vibr CRT2010103

Jews Harp Shrt Boin CRT2010201

Jews Harp Shrt Boin CRT2010202

Jews Harp Shrt Boin CRT2010203

Jews Harp Shrt Vibr CRT2010204

Jews Harp Shrt Vibr CRT2010205

Jews Harp Shrt Boin CRT2010206

Jews Harp Shrt Vibr CRT2010207

Jews Harp VibratoB CRT2010301

Jews Harp Series Bo CRT2010401


Timpani Drum Doubl CRT2010501

Timpani Drum Boing CRT2010502

Timpani Drum Boing CRT2010503

Timpani Drum Boing CRT2010504

Timpani Drum Log Bo CRT2010505

Timpani Drum ShrtB CRT2010506

Timpani Drum ShrtB CRT2010507

Timpani Drum Log Bo CRT2010508

Timpani Drum Boing CRT2010509

Timpani Drum Boing CRT2010510

Timpani Drum Heavy CRT2010511


Ping ABoing CRT2010601

Ping ABoing CRT2010602

Ping ABoing CRT2010603

Ping ABoing CRT2010604

Ping ABoing CRT2010605

Boing Box Vibrato CRT2010701

Boing Box Vibrato CRT2010702

Boing Box Vibrato CRT2010703

Boing Box Vibrato CRT2010704

Boing Box Vibrato CRT2010705

Boing Box Vibrato CRT2010706

Boing Box Vibrato CRT2010707

Boing Box Vibrato CRT2010708

Boing Box Vibrato CRT2010709

Boing Box Vibrato CRT2010710

Boing Box Sharp Vib CRT2010801

Boing Box Sharp Vib CRT2010802

Boing Box Sharp Vib CRT2010803

Boing Box Sharp Shr CRT2010804

Boing Box Sharp Vib CRT2010805

Boing Box Bing CRT2010806

Boing Box Sharp Vib CRT2010807

Boing Box Sharp Vib CRT2010808

Boing Up CRT2010901

Boing Up CRT2010902

Boing Up CRT2010903

Boing Up CRT2010904

Boing Up CRT2010905

Boing Up CRT2010906

Boing Up CRT2010907

Boing Dwn CRT2011001

Boing Dwn CRT2011002

Boing Dwn CRT2011003

Rude Boing CRT2011101


Rude Parp CRT2011201

Rude Parp Boing Up CRT2011202

Rude Parp Breakage CRT2011301

Rude Parp Breakage CRT2011302

Rude Parp Breakage CRT2011303


Boing Blat Trip Fal CRT2011304

Rude Boing Collaps CRT2011401

Rude Boing Collaps CRT2011402

Rude Boing Collaps CRT2011403

Boing Boing BoingB CRT2011501

Boing Boing Fast Lo CRT2011502

Series Boing LikeR CRT2011601

Boing Ding Boing Ra CRT2011701

Boinging ElasticF CRT2011801

Rubber Boing Twang CRT2011901

Springboard Boing CRT2012001

Springboard Boing CRT2012002


Bing Metallic Inse CRT2012101

Bing Metallic Inse CRT2012201

Bing Metallic Inse CRT2012202

Bing Metallic Inse CRT2012203

Bing Metallic Inse CRT2012204

Bing Metallic Inse CRT2012205

Bing Metallic Inse CRT2012206

Bing Metallic Inse CRT2012207

Bing Metallic Inse CRT2012208

Bing Metallic Inse CRT2012209

Bing Metallic Inse CRT2012210

Bing Metallic Inse CRT2012211


Deep Whoosh By CRT2012301

Spacey Whoosh Bys 1 CRT2012401

Whoosh Bys Back For CRT2012501

Rocket Whoosh MedU CRT2012601

Rocket Whoosh Log CRT2012602

Blast Off Whoosh Sh CRT2012701

Blast Off Whoosh Lo CRT2012702

Fast Exit

Fast Exit Whoosh Wh CRT2012801

Fast Exit Whoosh Wh CRT2012901


Light Whooshes Bac CRT2013001

Appear Disappear

Ascend Pweep CRT2013101


Twangy Whooshes 3x CRT2013201

Appear Disappear

Whoop Ups Elect Shr CRT2013301

Cute Gliss Elect Up CRT2013302

Fast Exits

Fast Exit Whistles CRT2013303

Appear Disappear

Pwinks Elect 7x CRT2013401

Pwinks Metallic 2x CRT2013402

Chimes & Bells

Metallic Pwink Hig CRT2013403

Fast Exits

Pop Wheesh 5x CRT2013501

Wheesh Thoomp 5x CRT2013601

Wheesh Pop CRT2013701

Electronic Fweeps CRT2013801

Appear Disappear

Zap Whooshes Shrt7 CRT2013901

Flaming Poof CRT2014001

Pweep Poofs 2x CRT2014101

Magic Poofs 7x CRT2014102

Pwangs 2x CRT2014103

Flares 4x CRT2014201

Reverse Cymbal Poo CRT2014301

Bullet-bys & Riccos

Ricochet CRT2014401

Ricochet CRT2014402

Ricochet CRT2014403

Ricochet CRT2014404

Ricochet CRT2014405

Ricochet CRT2014406

Ricochet CRT2014407

Fast Exits

Ricochet Exit CRT2014408

Bullet-bys & Riccos

Ricochet Shot CRT2014409

Ricochet Elect CRT2014410

Ricochet Shot CRT2014411

Ricochet Elect CRT2014412

Ricochet CRT2014413

Ricochet CRT2014414

Ricochet CRT2014415

Ricochet CRT2014416

Up And Down

Descend Elect Whis CRT2014501

Descend Elect Whis CRT2014502

Fast Exits

Electronic Fweeps CRT2014503


Camera Flash Pot Go CRT2014601

Camera Flash Pot Go CRT2014602

Camera Flash Pot Go CRT2014603

Camera Flash Pot Go CRT2014604

Camera Flash Pot Sh CRT2014701

Camera Flash Pot Sh CRT2014702

Camera Flash Pot Sh CRT2014703

Camera Flash Pot Sh CRT2014704

Camera Flash Pot Sh CRT2014705

Camera Flash Pot Sh CRT2014706

Camera Flash Pot Sh CRT2014707

Camera Flash Pot Sh CRT2014708

Camera Flash Pot De CRT2014801

Camera Flash Pot De CRT2014802

Camera Flash Pot De CRT2014803

Camera Flash Pot De CRT2014804

Camera Flash Pot De CRT2014805

Camera Flash Pot De CRT2014806

Camera Flash Pot De CRT2014807

Camera Flash Pot De CRT2014808


Blow Gun CRT2014901

Blow Gun CRT2014902

Blow Gun CRT2014903

Blow Gun CRT2014904

Blow Gun CRT2014905

Up And Down

Airy Descent CRT2015001

Airy Descent CRT2015002


Cartoon Arrow Comi CRT2015101

Cartoon Arrow Comi CRT2015102

Cartoon Arrow Comi CRT2015103

Cartoon Arrow Comi CRT2015104


Comic Hit Pop Bell CRT2015105

Comic Hit Pop Bell CRT2015106


Mortar Blast CRT2015201

Mortar Blast CRT2015202

Mortar Blast CRT2015203

Catapult HurlingF CRT2015301

Catapult HurlingF CRT2015302


Comical Crash Spin CRT2015401

Comical Crash Spin CRT2015402

Comical Crash Spin CRT2015403

Comical Crash Clum CRT2015404

Comical Crash Clum CRT2015405

Comical Crash Clum CRT2015406

Hubcap Manhole Cov CRT2015501

Hubcap Manhole Cov CRT2015502

Hubcap Manhole Cov CRT2015503

Hubcap Manhole Cov CRT2015504

Hubcap Manhole Cov CRT2015505

Hubcap Manhole Cov CRT2015506

Hubcap Manhole Cov CRT2015507

Hubcap Manhole Cov CRT2015508

Piano Dropped CRT2015601

Piano Dropped CRT2015602

Piano Dropped CRT2015603

Piano Dropped Stri CRT2015604

Musical Fx

Piano Falling Dwns CRT2015605


Tent Collapse Fall CRT2015701

Tent Collapse Fall CRT2015702

Tent Collapse Fall CRT2015703

Clumsy Crashing Ab CRT2015801


Heavy Fall Timpani CRT2015901

Heavy Fall Timpani CRT2015902


Metal Crash CRT2016001

Metal Crash CRT2016002

Metal Crash CRT2016003


Blam Crash Debris CRT2016101


Kicking Bucket CRT2016201

Kicking Bucket CRT2016202

Kicking Bucket CRT2016203


Rock Falling Carto CRT2016301

Rock Falling Carto CRT2016302

Rock Falling Whoos CRT2016303

Rock Falling Carto CRT2016304

Rock Falling Whoos CRT2016305

Rock Falling Carto CRT2016306


Falling Dwn Stairs CRT2016401

Chimes & Bells

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016501

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016502

Ding Metallic HitL CRT2016503

Ding Metallic HitL CRT2016504

Ding Metallic HitB CRT2016505

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016506

Ding Metallic HitF CRT2016507

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016508

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016509

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016510

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016511

Ding Metallic HitB CRT2016512

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016513

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016514

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016515

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016516

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016517

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016518

Ding Metallic Hit CRT2016519

Ding Light Metalli CRT2016520


Large Metal Weight CRT2016521

Large Metal Weight CRT2016522

Large Metal Weight CRT2016523

Large Metal Weight CRT2016524

Large Metal Weight CRT2016525


Head Bonk CRT2016601

Head Bonk CRT2016602

Head Bonk CRT2016603

Head Bonk CRT2016604

Head Bonk CRT2016605

Head Bonk CRT2016606

Head Bonk CRT2016607

Head Bonk CRT2016608

Head Bonk CRT2016609

Head Bonk CRT2016610

Head Bonk CRT2016611

Head Bonk CRT2016612

Head Bonk CRT2016613

Head Bonk CRT2016614

Dull Thud CRT2016701

Dull Thud CRT2016702

Dull Thud CRT2016703

Dull Thud CRT2016704

Dull Thud CRT2016705

Thoomp CRT2016801

Thoomp CRT2016802

Thoomp CRT2016803

Thoomp CRT2016804

Thoomp CRT2016805

Thoomp CRT2016806

Thoomp CRT2016807

Thoomp CRT2016808

Thoomp CRT2016809

Parp Donk CRT2016901

Parp Donk CRT2016902

Slapstick Slap Sma CRT2017001

Slapstick Slap Sma CRT2017002

Slapstick Slap Sma CRT2017003

Slapstick Slap Sma CRT2017004

Swish Slap CRT2017005

Smack Lettuce CRT2017101

Smack Lettuce CRT2017102

Smack Lettuce CRT2017103

Smack Lettuce CRT2017104

Smack Lettuce CRT2017105

Smack Lettuce CRT2017106

Rope Cable Snap Sha CRT2017107

Smack Lettuce CRT2017108

Rope Cable Snap Sha CRT2017109

Rope Cable Snap Sha CRT2017110

Smack Lettuce CRT2017111

Smack Lettuce CRT2017112

Rope Cable Snap Sha CRT2017113

Rope Cable Snap Sha CRT2017114

Cloth Leather Paper

Paper Bag Blow Up Po CRT2017201

Paper Bag Blow Up Po CRT2017202


Busting Thru Paper CRT2017203

Busting Thru Paper CRT2017204

Busting Thru Paper CRT2017205

Busting Thru Paper CRT2017206


Clatter Falling Wo CRT2017301

Pouring Bag Diamon CRT2017401

Pop / Stretches

Pop Like ABubble CRT2017501

Pop Like ABubble CRT2017502

Pop Like ABubble CRT2017503

Pop Like ABubble CRT2017504

Pop Like ABubble CRT2017505

Pop Like ABubble CRT2017506

Pop Like ABubble CRT2017507

Pop Like ABubble CRT2017508

Pop Like ABubble CRT2017509

Pop Like ABubble CRT2017510

Pop Like ABubble CRT2017511

Pop Up Elect CRT2017601

Pop Up Elect CRT2017602

Pop Up Elect CRT2017603

Pop Up Elect CRT2017604

Pop Up Elect CRT2017605

Pop Up Elect CRT2017606

Stretch Pop Rubber CRT2017701

Stretch Pop Creaki CRT2017702

Stretch Pop Creaki CRT2017703

Stretch Pop Creaki CRT2017704

Stretch Snap CRT2017801

Stretch Snap Log CRT2017802

Stretch Snap CRT2017803

Stretch Snap Music CRT2017804

Stretch Snap Music CRT2017805

Stretch Snap Funny CRT2017806

Stretch Snap CRT2017807

Stretch Snap CRT2017808

Stretch Rubber Squ CRT2017901

Stretch Rubber Squ CRT2017902

Stretch Rubber Squ CRT2017903

Stretch Rubber Squ CRT2017904

Stretch Rubber Squ CRT2017905

Stretch Rubber Squ CRT2017906

Stretch Rubber Squ CRT2017907

Stretch Rubber Squ CRT2017908

Suction Dry Suck Up CRT2018001

Suction Dry Suck Up CRT2018002

Suction Dry Suck Up CRT2018003

Suction Dry Suck Up CRT2018004

Suction Dry Suck Up CRT2018005

Suction Dry Suck Up CRT2018006

Suction Wet Suck Up CRT2018101

Suction Wet Suck Up CRT2018102

Suction Dry Suck Up CRT2018201

Suction Dry Suck Up CRT2018202

Suction Dry Suck Up CRT2018203

Suction Wet Suck Up CRT2018301

Suction Wet Suck Up CRT2018302

Suction Wet Suck Up CRT2018303

Suction Wet Suck Up CRT2018401

Suction Wet Suck Up CRT2018402

Suction Wet Suck Up CRT2018403

Suction Wet Suck Up CRT2018404


Step On Toothpaste CRT2018501

Step On Toothpaste CRT2018502

Step On Toothpaste CRT2018503

Goop Loop Wet Slurp CRT2018601

Slime Pour Shrt Lig CRT2018701

Liquid Spill CRT2018702

Slime Pour Log CRT2018801

Slime Plop Small Sp CRT2018901

Splat Med CRT2018902

Tomato Splat CRT2019001

Tomato Splat CRT2019002

Tomato Splat CRT2019003

Tomato Splat CRT2019004

Tomato Splat CRT2019005

Tomato Splat CRT2019006

Tomato Splat CRT2019007

Tomato Splat CRT2019008

Tomato Splat CRT2019009

Fweep Splat CRT2019101

Splat Sharp CRT2019102

Egg Splat CRT2019201

Egg Splat CRT2019202

Egg Splat CRT2019203

Egg Splat CRT2019204

Big Wet Splat CRT2019301

Big Wet Splat CRT2019302

Big Wet Splat CRT2019303


Ploop Water CRT2019401

Ploop Water CRT2019402

Ploop Water CRT2019403

Ploop Water CRT2019404


Drip Drip Drip Drip CRT2019501

Pop / Stretches

Popping Lid Off Win CRT2019601

Popping Lid Off Win CRT2019602

Popping Lid Off Win CRT2019603

Popping Lid Off Win CRT2019604


Lasso Twirly Whoos CRT2019701

Lasso Mouth 2x CRT2019702


Sword Swish CRT2019703

Sword Swish CRT2019704


Pulling Rug Out Fro CRT2019801

Pulling Rug Out Fro CRT2019802

Pulling Rug Out Fro CRT2019803


Cluster Violent Th CRT2019901


Drum Kit

Comedy Punch LineB CRT2020101

Amateur Rock Rhyth CRT2020201

Amateur Rock Rhyth CRT2020301

Amateur Rock Rhyth CRT2020401

Amateur Rock Rhyth CRT2020501

Bad Drum Solo CRT2020601

Spastic Drum Solo CRT2020701

Bad Snare Drum Roll CRT2020801

Bad Snare Drum Roll CRT2020901

Bad Snare Drum Roll CRT2021001

Falling Drum Kit 2x CRT2021101

Musical Fx

Indian Tom Tom Drum CRT2021201

Drum Kit

Bass Drum Hits 10x CRT2021301

Bass Drum Cymbal Hi CRT2021401


Cymbal Clashes 3x CRT2021501

Lrg Cymbal Hit Stic CRT2021601

Lrg Cymbal Knuckle CRT2021701

Lrg Cymbal Knuckle CRT2021702

Rivet Cymbal SoftH CRT2021801

Rivet Cymbal SoftH CRT2021802

Rivet Cymbal HardH CRT2021901

Rivet Cymbal Hit St CRT2021902

Musical Fx

Sml Gong Roll SoftT CRT2022001

Sml Gong Roll SoftT CRT2022002

Sml Gong Hard Hit CRT2022101

Sml Gong Med Hit CRT2022102

Med Gong Softer Hit CRT2022201

Med Gong Soft Hit CRT2022202

Med Gong Roll SoftT CRT2022301

Med Gong Hit Reverb CRT2022401

Med Gong Hard Hit CRT2022402

Lrg Gong Soft Knuck CRT2022501

Lrg Gong Soft Hit CRT2022502

Lrg Gong Soft Hit CRT2022503

Lrg Gong Soft Hit CRT2022504

Lrg Gong Med Hit CRT2022601

Lrg Gong Rapid Hits CRT2022701

Lrg Gong Roll SoftT CRT2022702

Lrg Gong Smash HitL CRT2022801

Lrg Gong Smash Hit CRT2022802

Very Lrg Gong SoftH CRT2022901

Very Lrg Gong Softe CRT2022902

Very Lrg Gong SoftR CRT2023001

Splash Gong Hard Hi CRT2023101

Splash Gong Soft Hi CRT2023102

Splash Gong Med Hit CRT2023103

Tam Tam Med Hit CRT2023201

Tam Tam Med Hit CRT2023202

Many Gongs StruckR CRT2023301

Many Gongs StruckR CRT2023401


Tamp Tamp Rapid Kno CRT2023501


Wood Block Descend CRT2023601

Wood Block AscendP CRT2023602

Western Fx

Bell Timpani Weste CRT2023701

Bell Timpani Weste CRT2023702

Bell Timpani Weste CRT2023703

Bell Timpani Weste CRT2023704

Musical Fx

Piano Strings Pluc CRT2023801

Piano Strings Pluc CRT2023901

Piano Strings Pluc CRT2024001

Piano Plays Single CRT2024101

Piano Plays Single CRT2024102

Piano Plays Single CRT2024103

Piano Plays Single CRT2024104

Piano Plays Single CRT2024105

Piano Plays Single CRT2024106

Piano Plays Single CRT2024107

Piano Plays Single CRT2024108

Piano Plays Single CRT2024109

Piano Plays Single CRT2024110

Piano Plays Single CRT2024201

Piano Plays Single CRT2024202

Piano Practice Ver CRT2024301

Piano Practice Ver CRT2024401

Piano Strings Scra CRT2024501

Piano Strings Scra CRT2024601

Piano Strings Scra CRT2024602

Elect Guitar Abras CRT2024701

Elect Guitar Abras CRT2024702

Elect Guitar Abras CRT2024703

Elect Guitar Abras CRT2024704

Elect Guitar Abras CRT2024705

Elect Guitar Abras CRT2024706

Elect Guitar Feedb CRT2024801

Elect Guitar Ascen CRT2024901

Elect Guitar Smoot CRT2024902

Elect Guitar Spide CRT2024903

Elect Guitar Spine CRT2024904

Elect Guitar Spine CRT2024905

Elect Guitar Ascen CRT2024906

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025001

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025002

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025003

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025004

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025005

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025006

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025007

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025008

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025009

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025010

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025101

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025102

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025103

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025104

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025105

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025106

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025107

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025201

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025202

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025203

Elect Guitar Groov CRT2025204

Comic FX TimpaniSt CRT2025301

Comic FX Strings Sh CRT2025302

Comic FX Strings De CRT2025303

Comic FX Strings Gr CRT2025304

Comic FX Strings As CRT2025305

Comic FX Strings As CRT2025306

Comic FX Strings As CRT2025307

Comic FX Strings De CRT2025308


Wahooo Voice LikeS CRT2025309

Musical Fx

Comic FX Brass SadT CRT2025401

Comic FX Brass Rude CRT2025402

Comic FX Brass Timp CRT2025403

Comic FX Brass Stri CRT2025404

Comic FX Brass Ta Da CRT2025501

Bell Tree Gliss Up CRT2025601

Bell Tree Gliss Up CRT2025602

Bell Tree Gliss Up CRT2025603

Bell Tree Gliss Up CRT2025604

Bell Tree Gliss Up CRT2025605

Bell Tree Slow Clim CRT2025701

Bell Tree Slow Glis CRT2025702

Bell Tree Slow Glis CRT2025703

Bell Tree MagicalG CRT2025801

Bell Tree MagicalG CRT2025802

Bell Tree MagicalG CRT2025803

Bell Tree Gliss Dwn CRT2025901

Bell Tree Gliss Dwn CRT2025902

Bell Tree Gliss Dwn CRT2025903

Bell Tree Gliss Dwn CRT2025904

Bell Tree Gliss Dwn CRT2025905

Bell Tree Slow Clim CRT2026001

Bell Tree Slow Trip CRT2026002

Bell Tree MagicalG CRT2026101

Bell Tree MagicalG CRT2026102

Bell Tree MagicalG CRT2026103

Bell Tree MagicalG CRT2026201


Gliss Ups ArchiveX CRT2026301


Switch Floodlight CRT2026401

Switch Floodlight CRT2026501

Switch Floodlight CRT2026601

Switch Floodlight CRT2026701


Twin Pings Long Rev CRT2026801

Twin Pings Long Rev CRT2026802

High Ping Long Reve CRT2026803

Ping Long PulsingR CRT2026804

Musical Fx

Sleigh Bells Regul CRT2026901

Sleigh Bells Accel CRT2027001

Sleigh Bells FastJ CRT2027101

Sleigh Bells Odd Rh CRT2027201

Sleigh Bells Jingl CRT2027301


Electronic Twirl CRT2027401

Eerie Elects 4x CRT2027501


Buzzer Elect GameS CRT2027601

Buzzer Elect GameS CRT2027602

Buzzer Elect GameS CRT2027603

Buzzer Elect GameS CRT2027604

Buzzer Elect GameS CRT2027605

Buzzer Elect GameS CRT2027606

Buzzer Elect GameS CRT2027607

Buzzer Elect GameS CRT2027608


Funny Bubble Rando CRT2027701

Funny Bubble Rando CRT2027702

Funny Bubble Quick CRT2027703

Magic Bubble Elect CRT2027801

Magic Bubble Elect CRT2027802

Magic Bubble Elect CRT2027803

Magic Bubble Elect CRT2027901

Magic Bubble Elect CRT2027902

Magic Bubble Elect CRT2027903

Magic Bubble Elect CRT2027904

Magic Bubble Elect CRT2027905

Up And Down

Ascend Whistle Two CRT2028001

Bomb Fall Whistle CRT2028101

Twin Descent CRT2028201

Slide Whistle Up Dw CRT2028301


Entrance Clowns Co CRT2028401

Musical Fx

Bells Whistles CRT2028501

Bad Saxophone Play CRT2028601

Bad Saxophone Play CRT2028701

Bad Saxophone Play CRT2028801

Tenor Saxophone Pl CRT2028901

Sax Played Badly Gl CRT2029001

Bad Violin Practic CRT2029101

Bad Violin Practic CRT2029201

Violin Tortured CRT2029301

Trumpet Played ByI CRT2029401


Deflation Balloon CRT2029501

Musical Fx

Accordion Various CRT2029601


Gust Wind CRT2029701

Gust Wind CRT2029801

Gust Wind CRT2029802

Up And Down

Descend Elect Whis CRT2029901


Animals-insects Single

Fly Circles LandsF CRT2030101

Mosquito Fake Ends CRT2030201

Animals-insects Bg

Angry Bees Swarmin CRT2030301

Body Sounds

Crunch Munch Attac CRT2030401

Crunch Munch Attac CRT2030402


Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030501

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030502

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030503

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030504

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030505

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030506

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030507

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030508

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030509

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030510

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030511

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030512

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030513

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030514

Turkey Gobble Fake CRT2030515

Animals-bird Singles

Duck Quacking Fake CRT2030601

Animals-bird Bgs

Ducks Quacking Fak CRT2030602

Animals-bird Singles

Comic Bird Tweet Kn CRT2030701

Comic Bird Tweet Kn CRT2030702

Comic Bird Tweet Kn CRT2030703

Comic Bird Tweet Kn CRT2030704

Comic Bird Tweet Kn CRT2030705

Comic Bird Tweet Kn CRT2030706

Animals-bird Bgs

Knockout Chirp Bir CRT2030801

Knockout Chirp Bir CRT2030802


Giant Bats Flappin CRT2030901


Roomful Bats Wings CRT2030902


Giant Bat Flap Sque CRT2031001


Giant Bats Flap Squ CRT2031002


Angry Cat YowlingI CRT2031101

Angry Cat YowlingS CRT2031201

Cat Meow Plaintive CRT2031301

Violent Cat SnarlY CRT2031401

Violent Cat SnarlY CRT2031501

Violent Cat SnarlY CRT2031601

Violent Cat Attack CRT2031602

Violent Cat Snarl CRT2031603

Group Barn Cats Kit CRT2031701

Cat Eating Wet Food CRT2031801


Vicious Animal CUS CRT2031901

Vicious Animal CUS CRT2031902

Vicious Animal CUS CRT2031903

Vicious Animal CUS CRT2031904


Chimpanzee Vari Vo CRT2032001


Horse Whinny CRT2032101

Horse Whinny CRT2032102

Horse Whinny CRT2032103


Rhinoceros Chargi CRT2032201

Rhinoceros Chargi CRT2032202

Rhinoceros Chargi CRT2032203

Frog Ribbit Deep Fr CRT2032301

Frog Ribbit Deep Fr CRT2032302

Frog Ribbit Deep Fr CRT2032303

Crocodile Jaw Snap CRT2032401

Crocodile Jaw Snap CRT2032402

Foley Footsteps

Two Dinosaur FS CRT2032501

Giant FS CRT2032502


Dinosaur FS CRT2032503

Dinosaur FS CRT2032504

Dinosaur FS Mud CRT2032601

Foley Footsteps

Walking GumbootsD CRT2032602

Sngl Dinosaur FS Mu CRT2032603


Dinosaur FS Mud CRT2032604

Dinosaur Roars CRT2032701

Dinosaur Roar Long CRT2032702

Enraged Dinosaur CRT2032801

Enraged Dinosaur CRT2032802


Giant Balloon Sque CRT2032901


Inflat Balloon Sna CRT2033001


Dragon Flight Wing CRT2033101


Pterodactyl Flyin CRT2033201

Pterodactyl Flyin CRT2033301


Fire Breath Dragon CRT2033401

Fire Breath Dragon CRT2033501

Fire Breath Dragon CRT2033601

Fire Breath Dragon CRT2033701

Fire Breath Dragon CRT2033801

Dragon Growl Short CRT2033901

Dragon Growl Short CRT2034001

Giant Dragon Growl CRT2034101

Gross Ugly Monster CRT2034201

Giant Dragon Roars CRT2034202

Gross Ugly Monster CRT2034203

Giant Dragon Roars CRT2034204

Giant Dragon Bello CRT2034301

Giant Dragon Bello CRT2034401

Soft Dragons Roars CRT2034501

Soft Dragons Roars CRT2034502

Soft Dragons Roars CRT2034601

Oriental Dragon No CRT2034701

Oriental Dragon No CRT2034702

Oriental Dragon No CRT2034703

Oriental Dragon No CRT2034704

Gross Ugly Monster CRT2034801

Gross Ugly Monster CRT2034901

Baby Dragon Belche CRT2035001

Baby Dragon Belche CRT2035002

Devil Dogs Snarlin CRT2035101

Devil Dogs Snarlin CRT2035201

Devil Dogs Snarlin CRT2035301

Slime Monsters CRT2035401

Slime Monsters CRT2035501

Gigantic MonsterG CRT2035601

Gigantic MonsterG CRT2035602

Gigantic MonsterG CRT2035603

Gigantic MonsterG CRT2035604

Gigantic MonsterG CRT2035605

Gigantic MonsterG CRT2035606

Screaming Harpie CRT2035701

Screaming Harpie CRT2035702

Screaming Harpie CRT2035703

Screaming Harpie CRT2035704

Screaming Harpie CRT2035705

Screaming Harpie CRT2035801

Screaming Harpie CRT2035802

Screaming Harpie CRT2035803


Egg Hatch Crunch Sh CRT2035901

Egg Hatch Crunch Sh CRT2035902

Egg Hatch Crunch Sh CRT2035903

Foley Footsteps

Tap Dance One Perso CRT2036001

Tap Dance One Perso CRT2036101

Tap Dance One Perso CRT2036201

Tap Dance One Perso CRT2036301

Tap Dance One Perso CRT2036401

Tap Dance One Perso CRT2036501

Tap Dance One Perso CRT2036601

Tap Dance One Perso CRT2036701

Tap Dance One Perso CRT2036801

Sml Grp Tap Dancing CRT2036901

Sml Grp Tap Dancing CRT2037001

March Small SquadD CRT2037101

March Fast CRT2037201

March Timpani Drum CRT2037301

March Timpani Drum CRT2037401

March Snare Timpan CRT2037501

March Pace Call Sna CRT2037601

March Call RetortT CRT2037701

Marathon FS LargeG CRT2037801

Robot FS CRT2037901

Robot FS CRT2037902

Robot FS CRT2037903

Human Voices & Sounds

Heartbeats Wobble CRT2038001

Heartbeats Wobble CRT2038002

Heartbeats Wobble CRT2038003

Heartbeats Wobble CRT2038004

Simulated Heartbe CRT2038101

Simulated Heartbe CRT2038102

Slow Heartbeat Sim CRT2038201

Spooky HeartbeatS CRT2038301

Mysterious Slow He CRT2038401

Mysterious Heartb CRT2038501

Fast Heartbeat Sim CRT2038601

Suspenseful Heart CRT2038701

Suspenseful Heart CRT2038801

Pop / Stretches

Bubble Gum Pop CRT2038901

Bubble Gum Pop CRT2038902

Bubble Gum Pop CRT2038903

Bubble Gum Pop CRT2038904

Suction Quick Pop CRT2039001

Suction Quick Pop CRT2039002

Suction Quick Pop CRT2039003

Suction Quick Pop CRT2039004

Suction Quick Pop CRT2039005

Balloon Inflate Po CRT2039101


Munch Munch MunchC CRT2039201

Fun Writ Fast Pen Or CRT2039301

Fun Writ Fast Pen Or CRT2039302

Fun Writ Fast Pen Or CRT2039303


Intercom Beep Male CRT2039401

Male Talk Gibberis CRT2039501

Angry Male Talk Gib CRT2039502

Male Talk Gibberis CRT2039503

Female Talk Gibber CRT2039504

Human Voices & Sounds

Whistling For ACab CRT2039601

Whistling For ACab CRT2039602

Whistling For ACab CRT2039603

Whistling For ACab CRT2039604

Whistling For ACab CRT2039605

Whistling For ACab CRT2039606

Whistling For ACab CRT2039607

Whistling For ACab CRT2039608

Whistling For ACab CRT2039609

Whistling For ACab CRT2039610

Whistling For ACab CRT2039611

Whistling For ACab CRT2039612

Wolf Whistle CRT2039701

Wolf Whistle CRT2039702

Wolf Whistle CRT2039703


Party Noisemakers CRT2039801

Party Noisemakers CRT2039901



Bulb Horn SqueakyT CRT2040101

Bulb Horn Shrt Toot CRT2040102

Bulb Horn Impatien CRT2040103

Bulb Horn CRT2040104

Bulb Horn CRT2040105

Bulb Horn CRT2040106

Bulb Horn CRT2040107

Bulb Horn Lng Toot CRT2040108

Bulb Horn CRT2040109

Vehicle-skids & Tires

Car Arrival Skid Ol CRT2040201

Car Arrival Skid Ol CRT2040202

Car Arrival Skid Ol CRT2040203

Car Arrival Skid Ol CRT2040204

Car Arrival Shrt Sk CRT2040301

Car Arrival Shrt Sk CRT2040302

Comedy Car Skid CRT2040401

Comedy Car Skid CRT2040402

Comedy Car Skid CRT2040403

Comedy Car Skid CRT2040404

Comedy Car Skid CRT2040405

Comedy Car Skid CRT2040406

Comedy Car Skid CRT2040407

Comedy Car Skid CRT2040408

Car Skid Pass By CRT2040501


Car Crash Comical CRT2040601

Car Crash Comical CRT2040602

Car Crash Comical CRT2040603


Crazy Car Square Wh CRT2040701


Funny Engine Comic CRT2040801


Multiple Vocal Tho CRT2040901

Mechanical Devices

Turbo Wind Up Motor CRT2041001

Turbo Wind Up Motor CRT2041002

Turbo Wind Up Motor CRT2041003

Turbo Wind Up Motor CRT2041004

Motor Zoom Revving CRT2041101

Motor Zoom Revving CRT2041102

Motor Zoom Revving CRT2041103

Motor Zoom Revving CRT2041104

Motor Zoom Revving CRT2041105

Motor Zoom Revving CRT2041106

Motor Zoom Revving CRT2041107

Motor Zoom Revving CRT2041108

Motor Zoom Revving CRT2041109

Paper Shred MotorP CRT2041201

Paper Shred MotorP CRT2041202

Paper Shred MotorP CRT2041203

Fast Scissors AQui CRT2041301

Heli Whirly Bird Fl CRT2041401

Heli Whirly Bird Fl CRT2041402

Toys & Games

Toy Plane Motor Try CRT2041501

Toy Plane Motor Run CRT2041601

Toy Plane Motor Run CRT2041701

Toy Train Motor Chu CRT2041801

Toy Train Motor Chu CRT2041901

Toy Train Motor Chu CRT2042001


Ratchet Wind Up CRT2042101

Ratchet Wind Up Fas CRT2042102

Ratchet Slow WindD CRT2042201

Ratchet Slow WindD CRT2042202

Toys & Games

Plastic Wind Up Toy CRT2042301

Mechanical Devices

Air Pump Mechanica CRT2042401


Little Squeaky Wag CRT2042501

Rattly Cart Squeak CRT2042601

Squeaky Wheel Rust CRT2042701

Squeaky Wheel CRT2042801

Polishing Shoe Fas CRT2042901

Trundle Squeak X2 CRT2043001

Creaky Squeak Sml CRT2043101

Creaky Squeak Sml CRT2043102

Creaky Squeak Sml CRT2043103

Creaky Squeak Sml CRT2043104

Creaky Squeak Sml CRT2043105

Creaky Squeak Sml CRT2043106

Chalk Screech Blac CRT2043201

Chalk Screech Blac CRT2043202

Chalk Screech Blac CRT2043203

Chalk Screech Blac CRT2043204

Drag Little ChairS CRT2043301


Cuckoo Clock Chime CRT2043401

Crazy Clock Chime CRT2043501

Alarm Clock CrazyB CRT2043601

Crazy Clock Spring CRT2043701

Crazy Clock Spring CRT2043801


Weird Little Quack CRT2043901

Steam Hammer LoopR CRT2044001

Sinus Headache Pou CRT2044101

Comic Machine 1 Fun CRT2044201

Comic Machine 2 Fun CRT2044202

Bo Beep Loop Quirky CRT2044301

Groovy Gizmo Rhyth CRT2044401

Funny Factory Beep CRT2044501


Funny Factory Beep CRT2044502


Rhythmic Bird Loop CRT2044601


Bweep Beep Loop CRT2044701

Frantic Elect Soun CRT2044801

Frantic Elect Soun CRT2044901


Crazy Collage Ever CRT2045001

Toys & Games

Pull Along Toy Funn CRT2045101

Push Button Ball Fl CRT2045201

Push Button Ball Fl CRT2045202

Baby Rattle Antiqu CRT2045301

Slid Noise Maker Ch CRT2045401

Slid Noise Maker Oo CRT2045501

High Pitched Squea CRT2045601

Rubber Duck Squeak CRT2045701

Rubber Duck Squeak CRT2045801

String Pull Toy NoV CRT2045901

Mechanical Devices

VCR Spits Out Casse CRT2046001


Radio Whoop In OutT CRT2046002

Switch Floodlight CRT2046101

Switch Floodlight CRT2046102

Switch Floodlight CRT2046103

Switch Floodlight CRT2046104

Mechanical Devices

Record Needle ZipA CRT2046201

Record Needle ZipA CRT2046202

Record Needle ZipA CRT2046203

Record Needle ZipA CRT2046204

Record Needle ZipA CRT2046205

Record Needle ZipA CRT2046206


Frankensteins Lab CRT2046301

Frankensteins Lab CRT2046401

Frankensteins Lab CRT2046501

Frankensteins Lab CRT2046601

Frankensteins Lab CRT2046701


Fuse Sizzle Soft CRT2046801

Fuse Sizzle Strong CRT2046901

Fuse Sizzle Crackl CRT2047001

Sparkler Match Lig CRT2047101

Sparkler Match Lig CRT2047201

Firework WailingL CRT2047301

Light Fuse Running CRT2047401

Firework Shriekin CRT2047501

Blast Off Bang Crac CRT2047601

Rocket Sml WhooshB CRT2047701

Rocket Sml WhooshF CRT2047801

Light Match Adjust CRT2047901

Light Match Two Roc CRT2048001

Rocket Shriek Shri CRT2048101

Rocket Sml Blast Of CRT2048201

Rocket Sml Blast Of CRT2048301

Rocket Lrg Shrt Who CRT2048401

Rocket Lrg Shrt Fly CRT2048501

Rocket Lrg Shrt Fly CRT2048601

Rocket Lrg Fuse Who CRT2048701

Rocket Lrg Fuse Fly CRT2048801

Rocket Lrg Fly By CRT2048901

Rocket Lrg Approac CRT2049001

Short Burst Firewo CRT2049101

Booming Barrage So CRT2049201

Domestic Firework CRT2049301



Wet Fart CRT2050101

Wet Fart CRT2050102

Wet Fart CRT2050201

Wet Fart CRT2050202

Wet Fart CRT2050203

SBD Fart CRT2050301

SBD Fart CRT2050302

SBD Fart CRT2050303

SBD Fart Flutter CRT2050304

Warm Fuzzy Fart CRT2050401

Warm Fuzzy Fart CRT2050402

Warm Fuzzy Fart CRT2050403

Warm Fuzzy Fart CRT2050404

Warm Fuzzy FartLng CRT2050501

Warm Fuzzy Fart Ris CRT2050502

Warm Fuzzy Fart Stu CRT2050503

Trouser Fart Not Cl CRT2050601

Trouser Fart Not Cl CRT2050602

Trouser Fart Not Cl CRT2050603

Trouser Fart Not Cl CRT2050604

Trouser Fart Not Cl CRT2050605

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050701

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050702

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050703

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050704

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050705

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050706

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050707

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050708

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050801

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050802

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050803

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050804

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050901

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050902

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050903

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050904

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050905

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050906

Trouser Fart Close CRT2050907

Close Up Fart CRT2051001

Close Up Fart CRT2051002

Close Up Fart CRT2051003

Close Up Fart Sneak CRT2051004

Close Up Fart CRT2051005

Close Up Fart CRT2051006

Close Up Fart CRT2051007

Close Up Fart CRT2051008

Close Up Fart CRT2051009

Close Up Farts CRT2051010

Close Up Fart CRT2051011

Close Up Fart CRT2051012

Close Up Fart Light CRT2051013

Close Up Fart Creep CRT2051101

Close Up Fart Surpr CRT2051102

Close Up Fart CRT2051103

Close Up Fart CRT2051104

Close Up Fart CRT2051105

Close Up Fart CRT2051106

Close Up Fart CRT2051107

Close Up Fart CRT2051108

Close Up Fart CRT2051109

Close Up Fart Creak CRT2051110

Dry Fart CRT2051201

Dry Fart CRT2051202

Dry Fart CRT2051203

Dry Fart CRT2051204

Dry Fart CRT2051205

Dry Fart CRT2051206

Dry Fart CRT2051207

Nasty Fart CRT2051301

Nasty Fart CRT2051302

Nasty Fart CRT2051303

Nasty Fart CRT2051304

Nasty Fart CRT2051305

Nasty Fart CRT2051306

Nasty Fart Squeaky CRT2051307

Nasty Fart CRT2051401

Nasty Fart CRT2051402

Nasty Fart CRT2051403

Nasty Fart CRT2051404

Nasty Fart CRT2051405

Nasty Fart CRT2051406

Nasty Fart CRT2051407

Nasty Fart CRT2051501

Nasty Fart CRT2051502

Nasty Fart CRT2051503

Nasty Fart CRT2051504

Nasty Fart CRT2051505

Nasty Fart CRT2051506

Nasty Fart CRT2051507

Nasty Fart CRT2051508

Nasty Fart CRT2051601

Nasty Fart CRT2051602

Nasty Fart Mean Spi CRT2051603

Nasty Fart CRT2051604

Nasty Fart CRT2051605

Nasty Fart Flutter CRT2051606

Nasty Fart CRT2051607

Running Farts CRT2051701

Running Farts Catc CRT2051702

Running Farts Soft CRT2051703

Creaky Farts Crypt CRT2051801

Creaky Fart CRT2051802

Creaky Fart CRT2051803

Character Fart CRT2051901

Character Fart Pus CRT2052001

Character Fart Fla CRT2052101

Character Fart CRT2052201

Character Fart Sta CRT2052301

Character Fart But CRT2052401

Character Fart CRT2052501

Huge Flabby Buttoc CRT2052601

Bowl Fart CRT2052701

Bowl Fart Resonant CRT2052702

Bowl Fart Windy CRT2052703

Bowl Fart Creaky CRT2052704

Bowl Fart Wet CRT2052705

Bowl Fart Wet Produ CRT2052706

Bowl Fart Soft Dry CRT2052707

Bowl Fart Soft Dry CRT2052708

Bowl Fart Resonant CRT2052709

Bowl Fart Pushed Re CRT2052710

Bowl Fart Sudden CRT2052711

Bowl Fart Sporadic CRT2052712

Bowl Fart Wet Soft CRT2052713

Bowl Fart CRT2052714

Bowl Fart CRT2052715

Bowl Fart Relief Ty CRT2052716


Wretched Pellet Tu CRT2052801

Resonant Turd CRT2052901

Resonant Turd CRT2052902

Fine Healthy Turd CRT2053001

Fine Healthy Turd CRT2053002

Fine Healthy Turd CRT2053003

Fine Healthy Turd CRT2053004

AMatched Pair Soft CRT2053101

Farts Feces Big Met CRT2053201


Bathtub Fart ShrtS CRT2053301

Bathtub FartshrtS CRT2053302

Bathtub Fart ShrtS CRT2053303

Bathtub Fart ShrtB CRT2053304

Bathtub Fart ShrtB CRT2053305

Bathtub Fart Lng Bu CRT2053306

Bathtub Fart Unexp CRT2053307

Bathtub Fart Boomi CRT2053308

Bathtub Fart Boomi CRT2053309

Bathtub Fart Boomi CRT2053310

Bathtub Fart Bubbl CRT2053311

Bathtub Fart Bubbl CRT2053312

Bathtub Fart ShrtB CRT2053313

Bathtub Fart TubaT CRT2053314

Bathtub Fart Lng St CRT2053315

Bathtub Fart LoudP CRT2053316

Bathtub Fart Attac CRT2053317

Diarrhea Attack CRT2053401


Belch Lng Obnoxiou CRT2053501

Belch Lng Obnoxiou CRT2053502

Belch Regular CRT2053601

Belch Regular CRT2053602

Belch Regular CRT2053603

Belch Regular CRT2053604

Belch Regular CRT2053605

Belch Loud CRT2053701

Belch Loud CRT2053702

Belch Loud CRT2053703

Belch Shrt CRT2053801

Belch Shrt CRT2053802

Belch Shrt CRT2053803

Belch Shrt CRT2053804

Belch Deep CRT2053901

Belch Deep CRT2053902

Belch Deep CRT2053903

Belch Deep CRT2053904

Belch Deep CRT2053905

Belch Deep CRT2053906

Belch Deep CRT2053907

Belch Sigh CRT2054001


Cute Burp CRT2054101

Cute Burp CRT2054102

Cute Burp CRT2054103

Cute Burp CRT2054104

Deep Burp CRT2054105

Cute Deep Burp CRT2054106

Deep Burp CRT2054107

Deep Burps CRT2054108


Triple Throaty Bel CRT2054201

Belch Choke CRT2054202

Dbl Chunk Belch CRT2054203

Dbl Throaty Belch CRT2054301

Throaty Belch CRT2054302

Sml Forced Belch CRT2054303

Med Forced Belch CRT2054304

Lrg Forced Belch CRT2054305

Shrt Belch CRT2054401

Shrt Belch CRT2054402

Shrt Belch CRT2054403

Shrt Gag Belch CRT2054501

Nasty Gag Belch CRT2054502

Airy Gag Belch CRT2054503

Airy Belch CRT2054504

Belch ALittle Surp CRT2054505

Airy Nasty Belch CRT2054506

Sml Cute Belch CRT2054601

Med Cute Belch CRT2054602

Sml Belch CRT2054603

Med Belch CRT2054604

Lrg Belch ALittleS CRT2054605

Lrg Belch Laugh AtE CRT2054606

Lrg Dbl Belch Laugh CRT2054607

Sml Belch CRT2054608

Med Throaty Belch CRT2054609

Med Meaty Belch CRT2054610

Sml Airy Belch CRT2054611

Lrg Airy Belch Laug CRT2054612

Sml Choker Belch CRT2054613

Med Rich Belch CRT2054614

Sml Belch CRT2054615

Sml Belch CRT2054616

Med Belch CRT2054617

Med Gross Belch CRT2054618

Sml Strained Belch CRT2054619

Sml Pushed Belch CRT2054620

Sharp Dbl Belch CRT2054701

Med Throaty Belch CRT2054702

Poppy Belch CRT2054703

Sml Strained Belch CRT2054704

Sml Strained Belch CRT2054705

Sml Poppy Belch CRT2054706

Sml Poppy Belch CRT2054707

Sml Poppy Belch CRT2054708

Nasty Small Belch CRT2054709

Med Belch Inhale At CRT2054710

Shrt Funny Belch CRT2054711

Sml Airy Belch CRT2054712

Shrt Belch CRT2054713

Shrt Belch CRT2054714

Shrt Belch CRT2054715

Shrt Belch CRT2054716

Med Belch CRT2054717

Shrt Belch CRT2054718

Soft Belch CRT2054719

Strained Belch CRT2054720

Shrt Loud Belch CRT2054721

Shrt Belch CRT2054722

Dbl Gasping BelchE CRT2054723

Shrt Soft Belch Inh CRT2054724

Sml Belch CRT2054725

Sml Belch CRT2054726

Triple Belch NiceC CRT2054727

Extra Lrg Bubbly Na CRT2054728

Extra Lrg Two ToneC CRT2054729

Lrg Two Toned Belch CRT2054730

Lrg Triple Belch Mu CRT2054731

Lrg Belch Strain CRT2054732

Med Belch CRT2054733

Med Nasty Belch Str CRT2054734

Lrg Nasty Belch CRT2054735

Loud Shrt Nasty Bel CRT2054736

Med Belch CRT2054737

Med Two Tone Belch CRT2054738

Med Strained Belch CRT2054739

Lng Drawn Out Belch CRT2054740

Nasty Stinky AiryB CRT2054741

Nasty Stinky AiryB CRT2054742

Sml Nasty Belch CRT2054743

Med Belch Some Nice CRT2054744

Lng Drawn Out Belch CRT2054745

Gross Strained Bel CRT2054746

Dbl Toned Gross Str CRT2054747

Lng Articulated Be CRT2054748

Nice Dbl Toned Nast CRT2054749

Med Character Belc CRT2054750

Med Character Belc CRT2054751

Nasty Stinky AiryB CRT2054801

Lrg Abrupt Nasty Be CRT2054802

Sml Shrt Belch CRT2054803

Sml Shrt Belch CRT2054804

Shrt Airy Belch CRT2054805

Nasty Stinky AiryB CRT2054806

Med Strain Belch CRT2054807

Med Stinky Airy Bel CRT2054808

Lrg Stinky Airy Bel CRT2054809

Triple Belch SomeI CRT2054810

Nice Med Lrg Airy Be CRT2054811

Dbl Belch Throat Gu CRT2054812


Six Really Nice Lit CRT2054813


Triple Gross Belch CRT2054814

Lrg Chunky Belch CRT2054815

Med Chunky Belch CRT2054816


Shrt Nice Burp CRT2054817


Throaty Belch Very CRT2054901

Throaty Belch Very CRT2054902

Throaty Belch Very CRT2054903

Throaty Belch Very CRT2054904

Gigantic ThroatyB CRT2054905

Throaty Belch Very CRT2054906

Throaty Belch Very CRT2054907

Throaty Belch Very CRT2054908

Throaty Belch Very CRT2054909

Throaty Belch Very CRT2054910


Beer Vomit Male Muc CRT2055001

Shouting At Ground CRT2055101

Shouting At Ground CRT2055201

Shouting At Ground CRT2055301

Shouting At Ground CRT2055401

Man Retching Vomit CRT2055501

Male Vomiting Toil CRT2055601

Male Vomiting Porc CRT2055701

Male Vomiting Porc CRT2055702

Projectile VomitB CRT2055801


Squirt Wet Sprayin CRT2055901

Squirt Wet Sprayin CRT2055902

Coughing & Spitting

Man Retching Metal CRT2056001


Vulgar Straw Sucks CRT2056101

Vulgar Straw Sucks CRT2056201

Vulgar Straw Sucks CRT2056301

Vulgar Straw Sucks CRT2056401


Gargling CRT2056501

Gargling CRT2056601

Gargling CRT2056701

Gargling CRT2056801

Gargling CRT2056901

Gargling CRT2057001

Gargling CRT2057101

Gargling CRT2057201

Coughing & Spitting

Spitting Water CRT2057301

Spitting Water CRT2057302

Spitting Water CRT2057303

Chewing & Eating

Gross Mouth Mvmt CRT2057401

Gross Mouth Mvmt CRT2057402

Gum Chewing CRT2057501

Gum Pop Chew Snappi CRT2057601

Gum Pop Chew Snappi CRT2057602


Hay Fever Attack Sn CRT2057701

Hay Fever Attack Sn CRT2057801

Nose Blowing Trump CRT2057901

Nose Blowing Trump CRT2058001

Nose Blowing DeepS CRT2058101

Nose Blowing Reson CRT2058201

Coughing & Spitting

Snort Hawking CRT2058301

Snort Hawking CRT2058302

Snort Hawking Spit CRT2058401

Snort Hawking Spit CRT2058402

Snotty Cough Gags CRT2058501

Snotty Cough Gags CRT2058502


Kiss CRT2058601

Kiss CRT2058602

Kiss CRT2058603

Kiss CRT2058604

Kiss CRT2058605

Kiss CRT2058606

Kiss Echo CRT2058701

Kiss Echo CRT2058702

Kiss Echo CRT2058703

Kiss Echo CRT2058704

Kisses Up Arm Repea CRT2058801


Moderate Laughter CRT2058901

Maniacal Laughter CRT2059001

Maniacal Laughter CRT2059101

Maniacal Laughter CRT2059102

Maniacal Laughter CRT2059103

Deep Evil Laugh Mal CRT2059201

Deep Evil Laugh Mal CRT2059202

Deep Evil Laugh Mal CRT2059203

Coughing & Spitting

Comic Snor Whistli CRT2059301

Yells & Screams

Tarzan Yells Comed CRT2059401

Tarzan Yells Comed CRT2059501


The Weightlifter CRT2059601


Uncle Harold Comes CRT2059701


Open Heart Surgery CRT2059801


Elephant Sex Sucki CRT2059901


Some of the sounds from this library were used in Blue's Clues, Oggy and the Cockroaches, The Backyardigans and Blaze and the Monster Machines. as well as some anime shows like Alfred J. Kwak, Mew Mew Power, Mr. Osomatsu and Teasing Master Takagi-san that used this library.

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