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Cartoon Trax Volume 1 is a cartoon sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was first released in the summer of 1992.



This sound effects library contains a large collection of classic Disney sound effects, along with a few Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, Filmation, Universal/Walter Lantz Productions and King Features sound effects; it also includes some newer cartoon sound effects that were created by Nickelodeon's sound designer/supervisor Mark Schultz for Nick Arcade in 1991.

It is widely being used in animation and media today. Skywalker Sound (most notably, Randy Thom, Tom Myers, Christopher Boyes, etc.) also used this sound effects library for their projects works (such as The Peanuts Movie (2015), Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012), Minions (2015), Quest for Camelot (1998), Despicable Me (2010), Toy Story (1995), etc.) as well. Anime also used this sound effects library as well today.

Sound Categories



Large Swarm Bees Mad CRT010101


Mosquito Buzz HighP CRT010102


Diff Insect Buzzing CRT010103

Medium Insect Buzz CRT010104

High PInsect Buzz Ds CRT010105

Swarm Insects Buzzi CRT010106


Fly Buzz Annoying So CRT010201

Fly Buzz Around By An CRT010202

Fly Buzz Short BackF CRT010203

Fly Buzz Quick BuzzF CRT010204

Funny Fly Buzz CRT010205

Funny Fly Buzz Talk CRT010206

Funny Fly Buzz Talk CRT010207

Funny Fly Buzz Stop CRT010208

Funny Fly Breaths He CRT010301

Fly Pants Falls Wbuz CRT010302

Insect Voice

Small Insect Talks CRT010401

Small Insect Talks CRT010402

Fly Laughs Wwing Buz CRT010501

Fly Laughs Wwing Buz CRT010502

Fly Musical

Fly Buzz Bugle Revel CRT010503


Fly Splashing Water CRT010601

Fly Tries To Get Up Fa CRT010602

Fly Buzz Small Rapid CRT010603

Fly Tries To Get Up CRT010604

Fly Buzz AscendingC CRT010605


Ankinga Bird Squeak CRT010701

Killdeer Cries Hi Pi CRT010702

Crow Caws CRT010703

Crow Caws Beware Awa CRT010704

Crow Coos Caw Unique CRT010705

Funny Owl Hootswhow CRT010706

Various Crow Caws Un CRT010707

Flock Gannets Squaw CRT010801

Flock Gannets Squaw CRT010802

Small Group HeronsS CRT010803

Squeaky Laugh Brids CRT010804


Short Squeal Bat Rat CRT010901

Short Squeal Bat Rat CRT010902

Small Group Bats Fly CRT010903

Large Slow Wing Flap CRT010904

Hi Bat Squeal Flap CRT010905


Single Bat Wing Flap CRT010906


Small Group Bats Fly CRT010907

Single Bat Flying Sq CRT010908


Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011001

Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011002

Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011003

Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011004

Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011005

Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011006

Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011007

Funny Sgl Chicken CRT011101

Funny Chicken Cluck CRT011102

Two Chickens CluckT CRT011103

Chicken Sneeze Var CRT011201

Human Imita Mad Chic CRT011202


Various Duck Quacks CRT011301

Barred Owl Or Duck Qu CRT011302

Duck Quacks Rapid Up CRT011303

Duck Gargling CRT011304

Duck Gargling CRT011305


Cat Or Duck Yawns 3 Ty CRT011306


Duck Quacks CRT011307

Group Ducks Wbusy Qu CRT011308


Funny Pig Oinks Vari CRT011401


Funny Wart Hog Grunt CRT011402


Funny Pig Oinks Wbul CRT011403

Rapid Slurp Pig Oink CRT011404


Single Lamb Bleats CRT011501

Two Lambs BleatingA CRT011502


Goat Bleats Twice CRT011503


Single Cow Moo CRT011601


Colt Whinnies Vario CRT011701

Horse Laughing Evil CRT011702

Horse Breaths Heavy CRT011703

Funny Horse HoovesG CRT011801

Funny Horse HoovesG CRT011802

Funny Horse HoovesG CRT011803

Funny Rapid Horse Ho CRT011804

Funny Horse Drinkin CRT011805


Donkey Brayheehaw CRT011901

Donkey Brayheehaw CRT011902

Donkey Brayheehaw CRT011903

Donkey Bray Whistle CRT011904

Donkey Brayheehaw CRT011905

Donkey Brayheehaw CRT011906

Donkey Brays Steady CRT011907

Donkey Brays heehaw CRT011908


Funny Dog Whimpers CRT012001

Funny Sm Puppy Barks CRT012002

Funny Sm Puppy Plays CRT012003

Funny Upset Dog Grow CRT012004

Funny Angry Dog Grow CRT012005

Bulldog Chuckles Vi CRT012006

Funny Teeth ClacksW CRT012101

Funny Teeth ClicksW CRT012102

Funny Snap Growls CRT012103

Funny Dog Growl Pant CRT012201

Funny Exhausted Dog CRT012202

Fiendish Dog Pant CRT012203

Dog Pants Excitedly CRT012204

Dog Sniffs Rapid Wlo CRT012301

Dog Sniffs Rapid Wlo CRT012302

Various Dog SniffsS CRT012303

Large Dog Lion Sniff CRT012304

Dog Sniffs Vocals CRT012305

Dog Eating Slobbers CRT012306

Dog Scratching Hims CRT012401

Dog Scratching Thum CRT012402

Scratching Dog Wood CRT012403


Single Classic Wolf CRT012501

Single Long Wolf How CRT012502

Single Long Wolf How CRT012503

Long Single Wolf How CRT012504


Cat Purring Steady CRT012601

Cat Purring WvocalM CRT012602

Catfssst Yowl Hiss CRT012603

Cat Yowls Pain CRT012604

Cat Yowls Longie Ste CRT012605

Frightened KittenM CRT012701

Cat Stretching Vari CRT012702

Cat Tuning Up Wmeows CRT012703

Cat Tuning Up Throat CRT012704


Lion Or Tiger Growl CRT012801

Attack Jaw Snaps Hvy CRT012802

Attack Jaw Snaps Hvy CRT012803


Elephant TrumpetsT CRT012901

Elephant Calls 3x Wl CRT012902

Short Elephant Trum CRT012903


Single Frog Croak Cl CRT013001


High Pitch Moose Cal CRT013101


Marmot Or Small Anim CRT013102

Marmot Or Small Anim CRT013103


Squirrel Chatter Wv CRT013104


Gopher Laughs Hyste CRT013105

Gopher Laughs Hyste CRT013106

Gopher Screaming Hy CRT013107


Funny Sm Creatur Vox CRT013201

Sm Animal Falls Funy CRT013202


Funny Monkey Grunts CRT013203


Small Animal Laugh CRT013301

Animal Voice

Screwy Animal Vox CRT013302

Screwy Animal Vox CRT013303


Funny Seals Group CRT013401

Group Seals Or DogsB CRT013402

Funny Seal Pup Growl CRT013403

Funny Seal Pup Growl CRT013404

Seal Hickup Gurgle CRT013405

Single Seal Barking CRT013406


Animal Snorts Wreve CRT013501


Monkey Vocalsoohao CRT013502


Big Roars Animal Lg CRT013601


Whale Lg Anim Sneeze CRT013602


Creature Howls Wrev CRT013603

Deep Wet Growl Animl CRT013701

Deep Wet Growl Animl CRT013702

Big Rev Monstr Snors CRT013801

Big Rev Monstr Snors CRT013802

Lg Hiss Growl Cretur CRT013803

Crture Growl Foot St CRT013901

Crture Growl Foot St CRT013902

Big Monstrous Growl CRT013903


Rattlesnake Tail Sh CRT014001

Highpitch Rattlsna CRT014002


Funny Animal Drinki CRT014101


Boxing Matc Bell Hit CRT014201

Chimes & Bells

Single Low Bell Gong CRT014202

Clssic Two Door Bell CRT014301

Small Hollow Cowbel CRT014401


Short Rapid ShakesC CRT014402

Funny Head Shake Bel CRT014501

Chimes & Bells

Processed Cowbell CRT014502

Musical FX

Descending Bell Run CRT014503

Chimes & Bells

Old Fire Bellgong Ri CRT014601

Old Fire Bellgong Ri CRT014602


Old Alarm Clock Ring CRT014603

Old Alarm Clock Ring CRT014701

Chimes & Bells

Short Rapid School Bell CRT014702


Old Alarm Clock Ring CRT014801

Old Alarm Clock Ring CRT014802

Chimes & Bells

Quick Sleigh BellsS CRT014901

Musical FX

Long Sleigh Bells Sh CRT014902

Quick Double Bell Di CRT015001

Single Small Bell Di CRT015002

Medium Length Gliss CRT015101

Medium Descen Gliss CRT015102

Medium Ascen Gliss CRT015201

Med Ascen Gliss Gloc CRT015202

Fast Rhythc Bell Din CRT015301

Fast Rhythc Bell Din CRT015302

Highpitch Chimes CRT015401

Highpitch Chimes CRT015402

Highpitch Chimes CRT015403

High Bird Chirp Bell CRT015501

Quick Warble Sizzle CRT015502

Thin Process Bell CRT015601

Gong Hit Wring Stret CRT015602

Gong Hit Wring Stret CRT015603

Chimes & Bells

Boxing Bell Type Rin CRT015701

5 Bell Dings Woosh CRT015702


Big Slow Boinkboing CRT015801


Bounce Jews Harp CRT015802

Bounce Jews Harp Air CRT015803

Bounce Jews Harp CRT015804

Bounce Jews Harp CRT015805

Bounce Jews Harp CRT015806

Bounce Jews Harp CRT015807

Musical FX

Decending Gong Hit CRT015808

Twangy Boings 7 Type CRT015901

Medlow Pitch Boing CRT015902

Med High Pitch Boing CRT016001

Small Med Hi Boink CRT016002

Jews Harp Boings 3x CRT016003

Short Med Boing CRT016004

Synthy Low Pit Boing CRT016101

Synthy Low Pit Boing CRT016102

Synthy Low Pit Boing CRT016103

Synthy Low Pit Boing CRT016104

Synthy Low Pit Boing CRT016105

Synthy Low Pit Boing CRT016106

Twangy Boing Jews Ha CRT016201

Springy Boinge Long CRT016202

Twangy Boingohyoyo CRT016203

Boing Wood Twang CRT016301

Musical Boing Metlc CRT016302

Cymbal Crash BoingQ CRT016401

Cymbal Crash BoingQ CRT016402

Cymbal Crash BoingQ CRT016403

Cymbal Crash BoingQ CRT016404

Cymbal Crash BoingQ CRT016405

Cymbal Crash Wboing CRT016501

Cymbal Crash Wboing CRT016502

Metal Rattle Boing CRT016503

Harp Boings Arrows CRT016601

Harp Boings Arrows CRT016602

Harp Boings Arrows CRT016603

Harp Boings Arrows CRT016604


Boings For Impacts CRT016701

Boings For Impacts CRT016702

Mediumpitched Boin CRT016703

Twangy Boing St CRT016704

Springy Boingelong CRT016705

Metallic Boing Ie Si CRT016706

Rubber Balllike Bou CRT016801

Rubber Balllike Bou CRT016802

Bounce Boing Drum CRT016901

Bounce Boing Hits CRT016902

Bounce Metal Rattle CRT016903

Wooden Twang CRT017001

Wooden Twang CRT017002

Rapid Wooden Twang CRT017003

Musical FX

Bassy String Plucks CRT017101

Bassy String Plucks CRT017102

Bassy String Plucks CRT017103

Several Short Twang CRT017201


Comedy Body Fall Msx CRT017301

Musical FX

Descending Whistle CRT017302


Heavy Metallic Impa CRT017303

Heavy Metallic Impa CRT017304

Fst Hvy Metallic Imp CRT017305

Tumble Boing CRT017306

Light Fluttery Flap CRT017401

Rough Metallic Scra CRT017402

Quick Descending Wh CRT017403

Quick Descending Wh CRT017404


Crash Whoosh Ascend CRT017405

Metallic Slide Cras CRT017406

Bulb Horn Bonk Cym CRT017501

Metallic Object Fal CRT017502

Sharp Funny Shiplik CRT017503

Hipitched Whirl Jit CRT017504

Heavy Metallic Brak CRT017505

Metallic Boink Repe CRT017506

Whistley Whirl Wjew CRT017601

Swish Wascending Ji CRT017602

Sharp Quick Snap Rev CRT017603

Ascending Mouth Whi CRT017604

Whoosh Revolving Wh CRT017605

Metallic Junk Crash CRT017701

Lowpitched SynthyW CRT017702

Screamlike Descend CRT017801

Descending Mouth Wh CRT017802

Rattling Thin Atten CRT017803

Stretch Whiz Bonkie CRT017901

Ascending Slide Whi CRT017902

Quick Swish Slide Wh CRT017903

Yell Stretch Whiz Cr CRT017904

Boing Followed By Me CRT017905

Highpitched BoingF CRT017906

Small Quick Swish Ws CRT018001

Long Descending Whi CRT018002

Thin Attention Gett CRT018003

Heavy Metallic Obje CRT018004

Metallic Junk Crash CRT018005

Metallic Junk Crash CRT018006

Musical FX

Drum Roll Slide Whis CRT018101

Low Pitched Whistle CRT018102

High Pitched Whistl CRT018103

Short Musical Beats CRT018201

Short Musical Beats CRT018202

Short Musical Beats CRT018203

Drum Roll Ascending CRT018301

Low Short Drum RollB CRT018302

Sound FX

Inflate Pop Land Tir CRT018401

Airy Suction Wdoubl CRT018402

Airy Suction Wwhist CRT018403

Strong Airy Suction CRT018404

Short Bulb Horn Honk CRT018405

Short Bulb Horn Honk CRT018406

Rapid Airy Snifs Fol CRT018407

Long Bulb Horn HonkS CRT018501

Water Plop Suctioni CRT018502

Airy Bubbles Wwet Po CRT018601

Crack Wgurgley Thic CRT018602

Manual Water Pump Ws CRT018603

Water Splashing Met CRT018604

Musical FX

Musical Water Splas CRT018605

Water Splashing Mus CRT018606


Funny Kick Bounce CRT018701

Sound FX

Running On Stilts CRT018702


Rubber Ball Bounces CRT018703

Boing Two Bounces CRT018704

Rapid Clicking Boin CRT018705

Springs Popping Out CRT018801

Musical FX

Fast Musical Scrape CRT018901

Ascnd Slide Whistle CRT019001

Ascnd Slide Whistle CRT019002

Sound FX

Dish Rattles Sneeze CRT019101

Funny Pop Snore Slee CRT019102

Musical FX

Long Desc Whistle CRT019103

Sound FX

Bore Quickly Ground CRT019201

Rapid Whir WboringE CRT019202

Dog Scrapes GroundT CRT019203


Cartn Knck Out Birds CRT019301

Sound FX

Ratchet Bell Dong CRT019302

Musical FX

Musical Woomp Airy CRT019401

Wooden Blck Hits Raz CRT019402

Synthy Med Bounce CRT019403


Cartoony Impact FX CRT019501

Cartoony Impact FX CRT019502

Sound FX

Wet Crunchy Bites De CRT019601

Small Sizzley BeepD CRT019602

Musical Laser Fire CRT019603


Fast Juicy Pie Splat CRT019701

Sound FX

Bird Screach Boing CRT019702

Roaring Fiery Whoos CRT019801

Roaring Fiery Whoos CRT019802

Roaring Fiery Whoos CRT019803

Big Inhale Balloon CRT019901

Inflate Balloon Odd CRT019902



Big Distant Dynamit CRT020101

Big Distant Explosi CRT020102

Fiery Metallic Expl CRT020103

Small Fiery Explosi CRT020104

Roaring Fiery Explo CRT020105

Large Water Explosi CRT020106

Large Explosion Wso CRT020107

Shot Gun

Shot Gun Blast Wspla CRT020108

Low Shot Gun Blast Wa CRT020109

Musical FX

Timpani Drum Hits Lo CRT020201

Timpani Drum Hits Lo CRT020202

Timpani Drum Hits Lo CRT020203

Timpani Drum Hits Lo CRT020204

Timpani Drum Hits Lo CRT020205

Sound FX

Footstomps On HardS CRT020301

Shave A Haircut TapD CRT020302

Gritty Sandy Footst CRT020303

Wet Goopy Gooey Sing CRT020304

Several CRT020305

Short Rapid Hits Wsm CRT020401

Musical FootstepsF CRT020402

Running FootstepsW CRT020403

Musical FX

Descending Whistle CRT020404

Sound FX

Group Men Run Wgrunt CRT020501

Group Bustling Foot CRT020601

Musical FX

Short Bulb Horn Honk CRT020701

Several Short Rapid CRT020702

Short Bulb Horn Honk CRT020703

Single Double Tripl CRT020704

Single Short Bulb Ho CRT020705

Long Bulb Horn CRT020706

Whistle Wbulb Horn CRT020801

Bounce Horn Honk 9xi CRT020802

Sound FX

Highpitched Squeak CRT020901

Musical FX

Short Single Double CRT020902

Short HighpitchedS CRT020903

Short Low To Highpit CRT020904

Short High Wlow Over CRT020905

Medium Long Lower Pi CRT021001

Long Bulb Horn Blast CRT021002

Short Airy Bulb Horn CRT021003

Airy Bulb Horn Honk CRT021004

Airy Medium LengthB CRT021005

Short Nose Blowsbul CRT021101

Short Nose Blowsbul CRT021102

Short Nose Blowsbul CRT021103

Car Horn

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021201

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021202

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021203

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021204

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021205

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021206

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021207

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021208

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021209

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021210

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021211

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021212

Single Car Horn Honk CRT021213

Old Car Horns Single CRT021301

Old Car Horns Single CRT021302

Old Car Horns Single CRT021303

Old Car Horns Single CRT021304

Old Car Horns Single CRT021305

Old Car Horns Single CRT021306

Old Car Horns Single CRT021307

Old Car Horns Single CRT021308

Musical FX

Car Horn Musical Tru CRT021401

Car Horn Musicalrem CRT021402

Car Horn 2 Toned Truc CRT021403

Long Fluxuating Aho CRT021404

Car Horn

Old Car Hornsie 1920 CRT021501

Old Car Hornsie 1920 CRT021502

Musical FX

Oooweeaaa Horn Soun CRT021601

Long Flappy HonkieD CRT021602

Horn Blows CRT021603

Hand ClaxonalmostA CRT021604


Man Chuckles Short 4 CRT021701

Man Laughs W sarcast CRT021801

Man Laughing Become CRT021901

Snickering Man Laug CRT022001

Man Laughshawhaw Ty CRT022101

Man Laughs Hilariou CRT022201

Man Laughs Hilariou CRT022301

Villainous Laugh CRT022401

Nasty Laugh CRT022402

Laugh CRT022403

Laugh CRT022404

Villainous Laugh CRT022405

Laugh CRT022406

Laugh CRT022407

Villainous Laugh CRT022408

Laugh CRT022409

Man Laughs Hard CRT022501

Goofy Stupid Laugh CRT022502

Hard Laugh CRT022503

Man Laughs Wa Sobbin CRT022601

Man Laughs Wa Sobbin CRT022701

Man Laughs Hard Stea CRT022801

Hilarious Man Giggl CRT022901

Hilarious Man Laugh CRT022902

Evil Demented Littl CRT023001

Crazy Man Laughs CRT023101

Crazy Man Laughing 2 CRT023201

Mediumhigh Pitched CRT023301

Descendinggoo Goof CRT023401

Goofy ga hugh Type St CRT023402

Little Nasty Devili CRT023403

Man Laughs Oohs OwsE CRT023404

Suppressed Laughte CRT023501

Small Group Men Laug CRT023502

Small Group Boys Lau CRT023503

Boy Laughs Heartily CRT023601

Woman Laughs Wshort CRT023701

Evil Laugh CRT023801

Crazy Laugh CRT023802

Stupidduhuh Type La CRT023803

Villainous Laugh CRT023804

Crazy Laugh CRT023805

Evil Wicked LittleM CRT023901

Evil Wicked LittleM CRT023902

Evil Wicked LittleM CRT023903

Nasty Small Devilis CRT023904

Evil Villainous Lau CRT024001

Evil Man Laughs 3x CRT024101

Evil Man Laughs Wrev CRT024102

Evil Fiendish Villa CRT024201

Hilarious Man Laugh CRT024301

Big Devil Laugh CRT024302

Big Devil Laugh Wwat CRT024303

Man Crying Wother Ma CRT024401

Man Crying Almost Li CRT024501

Man Crying Wboohoos CRT024502

Man Crying WsniffsS CRT024503

Man Cryingboohoo Ty CRT024601

Little Girl Cries Ws CRT024701

Woman Crying Unhapp CRT024801

Man Snoring Wbig Sno CRT024901

Man Snoring Wbig Flu CRT024902

Short Snorty Inhale CRT024903

Man Snoring Wlong Sn CRT024904

Man Snoring Wlong Sn CRT024905

Man Snoring Wlong Sn CRT025001

Man Snoring Wdeep Sn CRT025002

Man Snoring Wmed Sno CRT025003

Man Snoring WshortS CRT025004

Man Snoring Wlong Sn CRT025101

Man Snores WmediumS CRT025102

Woman Snoring Wlong CRT025201

Man Snoring Wlong Me CRT025301

Man Snoring WshortS CRT025401

Man Snoring Wlong Sn CRT025402

Man Snoring WshortS CRT025501

Man Snoring Wlong Sn CRT025601

Man Snoring Wlong Sn CRT025602

Man Snoring Wlong Sn CRT025603

Man Snoring Wlong Sn CRT025604

Man Snoring Wlong Tr CRT025605

Horse Snoring Or Bre CRT025701

Group Men Snore Wvar CRT025702

Men Snoring Quietly CRT025703

3 Men Snoring 1 Snort CRT025704

Man Snoring Snort Tr CRT025705

Man Sneezes Wbig Lon CRT025801

Man Sneezesachoo Th CRT025802

Man Sneezes 1stacho CRT025803

Scat Dance Build UpT CRT025804

Short Strong BuildU CRT025805

1 Inhale Followed By CRT025806

Man Sneezes Rapidly CRT025901

Man Sneezes Winhale CRT025902

Man Sneezes WbigBui CRT025903

5 Quick Inhales 1 Big CRT025904

Man Sneezes Wmusica CRT026001

Man Sneezes Wbig Bui CRT026002

Man Sneezes Whuge Lo CRT026003

Man Sneezes Whuge Lo CRT026004

Man Sneezes Whuge Lo CRT026005

Man Sneeze Wbig Long CRT026101

Man Sneezes Whuge Bu CRT026102

Man Sneezes Wbig Lon CRT026103

Hiccups Wa Horse Lik CRT026201

Single Classic Hicc CRT026202

Drunktype Hiccup CRT026203

Manhic 5xie Drunken CRT026204

Short Burpsfirst On CRT026301

Bull Seal Wgrunts Hi CRT026302

Man Wvocalburp Ligh CRT026303

Big Crunchy Bite CRT026401

Rapid Lip Smacks Voc CRT026402

Smack Lips Slowly Si CRT026403

Man Saysyummie Medi CRT026404

Juicy Chewing Or Sma CRT026501

Wet Slurpy SquishyC CRT026502

Sloppy Chewing Wslu CRT026503

Chewing Wlig CRT026504

Very Wet Lip Smackin CRT026505

Drinking Wslowglug CRT026601

Drinking Wglugglug CRT026602

Big Wet Slurp Lip Sma CRT026603

Man Gargles 3x 1st On CRT026701

Rapid Teeth Brushin CRT026702

Single Gulp ie Mista CRT026801

Big Single Gulps For CRT026802

Big Single Gulp ie Dr CRT026803

Trying To Swallow Wb CRT026804

Man Coughing Wwater CRT026901

Water Bubbles ThenM CRT026902

Man Wwheezy Cough CRT027001

Woman Wnagging Coug CRT027101

Sighs 5 Types CRT027201

Big Inhale Exhale Wb CRT027202

Sniffing CRT027301

Short RepetitiousS CRT027302

Large Breathy Vocal CRT027401

Large Inhale Breath CRT027402

Large Breathy Vocal CRT027403

Spitting Sputterin CRT027404


Single Gaspinhalei CRT027501


Man Gaspshuh Wbreat CRT027502

Goofy Stupid RapidC CRT027601

Dumb Cavemantype Re CRT027602

Wet Sucky Smacky Kis CRT027701

Dry Squeaky Kiss OrS CRT027702

Squeaky Kiss Wpop At CRT027703

Various Squeaky Kis CRT027704

Short Squeaky KissB CRT027705

Spits For Tobacco Or CRT027801

Rapid Multiple Spit CRT027802

Small Group Menahhh CRT027901

Small Group Men Pant CRT027902


Vocalbrrrrie Chill CRT028001


Human Razz 3x1stfin CRT028002

Man Clearing Throat CRT028003

Man Yawns Softly Wwh CRT028101

Big Quiet Yawn Lip Sm CRT028102

Man Yawns Winhale St CRT028103

Girl Screams Long Hi CRT028201

Woman Screams LongP CRT028202

Woman Screamsahhh M CRT028203

Man Yells Mediumhig CRT028301

Man Yells Long Paine CRT028302

Man Screams Highpit CRT028303

Man Yellswaaakinda CRT028304

Grunts Wdrum Hitsde CRT028401

Grunts Wdrum Hitsde CRT028402

Grunts Wdrum Hitsde CRT028403

Grunts Wdrum Hitsde CRT028404

Grunts Wdrum Hitsde CRT028405

Grunts Wo Drum Hitsi CRT028406

Grunts Wo Drum Hitsi CRT028407

Grunts Wo Drum Hitsi CRT028408

Grunts Wo Drum Hitsi CRT028409

Grunts Wo Drum Hitsi CRT028410

Grunts Wbreathy Voc CRT028501

Grunts Wbreathy Voc CRT028502

Man Wbreathy VocalP CRT028503

Male Grunts Various CRT028504

Man Grunts Ahhhs Ooo CRT028505

Man Uuuhs Uuugggs 7T CRT028506

Man 1 Big Oof CRT028507

Med Painful Grunt CRT028508

Small Group Men Wstr CRT028601

Small Group Men Grun CRT028602

Men Wreactionary Gr CRT028603

Big Bar Fight Wglass CRT028701

Moaning Groansiewo CRT028801

Moaning Groansiewo CRT028802

Moaning Groansiewo CRT028803

Moaning Groansiewo CRT028804

Man Being Tortured Y CRT028901


Mediumhigh Pitched CRT028902


Man Grunts Snorts St CRT028903


Small Mixed Group Wf CRT029001

Man Whispers Wlight CRT029002

Unintelligible Whi CRT029003


Small Group Men Wexc CRT029101

Mumbling Small Encl CRT029102

Mad Womans Voice Spe CRT029103

Two Men Yelling 1stY CRT029201


Medium Sized MixedC CRT029202


Party Noise Wtoy Hor CRT029203

Man Yellstimber CRT029301

Sound FX

Factory Whistle Scr CRT029302


Spooky Reverberant CRT029401

Spooky Fluttery Gho CRT029402

Spooky Reverberant CRT029403

Monsterlike Groans CRT029501

Gargley Choking CRT029502

Spooky Raspy VoiceS CRT029503

Man Yodeling 2 Types CRT029601

Man Yells Yodellike CRT029602

Group Male Baseball CRT029701

Single Indian War Wh CRT029801

Vocalsplat Varroom CRT029901

Vocalsplat CRT029902

Vocaltwang CRT029903

Vocaltwang CRT029904

Vocaluh CRT029905

Vocaluh CRT029906

Vocalugh CRT029907

Vocalugh CRT029908

Vocalvarroom CRT029909

Vocalwham CRT029910

Vocalwhiz CRT029911

Vocalwhump CRT029912

Vocalwhap CRT029913

Vocalzap CRT029914

Vocalzonk CRT029915

Vocalzonk CRT029916

Vocalzip CRT029917



Vocal Boinkie Eye Po CRT030101


Quick Air Release Ho CRT030102

Single Bounce Or Boi CRT030103

Quick Double Plunki CRT030104

Bassy Hollow DrumIm CRT030201

Hollow Drum Impact3 CRT030202

Small Tight Timpani CRT030301

Small Tight Timpani CRT030302

Small Tight Timpani CRT030303

Hollowbomp Impact CRT030401

Hollowbomp Impact CRT030402

Hollowbomp Impact CRT030403

Hollowbomp Impact CRT030404

Hollowbomp Impact CRT030405

Glass Bottle Impact CRT030501

Small Glass BottleI CRT030502

Wet Juicy ImpactieP CRT030601

Deep Boomy Thud Wrap CRT030602

Big Wet Goopy Impact CRT030603

Quick Double Impact CRT030604

Parachute Open Wair CRT030605

Rug Shook Out CRT030606

Short Swish Sharp Sl CRT030701

Quick Swish Sharp Im CRT030702

Wooden Berry Basket CRT030801

Small Thin Crunchie CRT030802

Double Wooden Crunc CRT030803

Large Wooden Crunch CRT030804

2 Large Wood Crunche CRT030805

Short Heavy Wood Cru CRT030806

Gate Opens Hinges Cr CRT030807

Single Knock On Holl CRT030901

Single Knock On Holl CRT030902

Single Knock On Holl CRT030903

Sgl Solid Wood Impct CRT030904

Sgl Solid Wood Impct CRT030905

Tight Rubbery Thunk CRT031001

Sgl Hollow Wood Bomp CRT031002

Tight Rubbery Thunk CRT031003

Small Hollow Drum Hi CRT031101

Small Hollow Drum Hi CRT031102

Small Hollow Drum Hi CRT031103

Small Hollow Drum Hi CRT031104

Thin Metallic Pot Or CRT031201

Thin Metallic Pot Or CRT031202

Thin Metallic Pot Or CRT031203

Thin Metallic Pot Or CRT031204

Thin Metallic Pot Or CRT031205

Thin Metallic Pot Or CRT031206

Thin Metallic Pot Or CRT031207

Thin Metallic Pot Or CRT031208

Metal Hit Various Th CRT031301

Metal Hit Various Th CRT031302

Metal Hit Various Th CRT031303

Metal Hit Various Th CRT031304

Metal Hit Various Th CRT031305

Metal Hit Various Th CRT031306

Metal Hit Various Th CRT031307

Metal Hit Various Th CRT031308

Metal Hit Various Th CRT031309

Metal Hit Various Th CRT031310

Loose Rattley Metal CRT031401

Loose Rattley Metal CRT031402

Loose Rattley Metal CRT031403

Thin Metallic Impac CRT031404

Thin Metallic Impac CRT031405

Light Ringing Metal CRT031501

Loose Rattley Metal CRT031502

Solid Metallic Hit CRT031503

Solid Metallic Hit CRT031504

Solid Metallic Hit CRT031505

Solid Metallic Hit CRT031601

Sharp Metallic Impa CRT031602

Thin Metal Clang CRT031701

Short Metal BonkieF CRT031702

Metal Bonk Wlowpitc CRT031703

Small Sharp Metalli CRT031704

Short Loose Metalli CRT031801

Metallic Whoosh Imp CRT031802

Two Toned Heavy Metal CRT031803

Head Bonk Wbell Drum CRT031901

Big Metal Clangthud CRT031902

Big Metal Clangthud CRT031903

Metal Hit WwhistleW CRT032001

Metallic Bonk Light CRT032002

Short Thumpy Metall CRT032003

Metallic Bonk Rattl CRT032004

Bounce Bonk Metalli CRT032101

Metal Clang Impact CRT032102

Metal Impact MetalS CRT032103

Spring Stretch Thud CRT032201

Thin Rattley MetalL CRT032202

Metal Silverware Im CRT032203

Thin Tinny RatchetS CRT032204

Rev Metall Crunch Cr CRT032301

Rev Metall Crunch Cr CRT032302

Rev Metall Crunch Cr CRT032303

Head Bonk Whorn 3 Typ CRT032401

Head Bonk 2 Types One CRT032402

Quick Slide Whistle CRT032403

Bang Whonk CRT032404

Heavy Bang Honk CRT032405

Short Bass Honk WCow CRT032406

Impact Wcymbal Drum CRT032501

Thud Impact Twang CRT032502

Sharp Drum Impact Wh CRT032503

Boing Bounce Impact CRT032504

Whistle Thud Impact CRT032505

Bong With Glass Break CRT032506

Decen Musical Ratch CRT032507

Reverb Wet Splat CRT032601

Reverb Wet Splat CRT032602

Reverb Wood Impact CRT032603

Large Object Droppe CRT032604

Large Object Droppe CRT032605

Large Object Droppe CRT032606

2 Aluminum Cans Fall CRT032701

Cans Fall Wsharp Imp CRT032702

Glass Shatters CRT032703

Reverberant Drum Hi CRT032801

Reverberant Drum Hi CRT032802

Reverberant Drum Hi CRT032803

Reverberant Drum Hi CRT032804

Reverberant Drum Hi CRT032805

Reverberant Drum Hi CRT032806

Small Wooden Crunch CRT032901

Spinning Metal Ratc CRT032902

Heavy Bonk Wbass Dru CRT033001

Heavy Head Bonk Fall CRT033002

Kick Miss Landie Obj CRT033003

Head Bonk Wcymbal Cr CRT033004

Honk With Cymbal Crash CRT033005

Bell Gong With Funny Whi CRT033006

Rever Wood Crash CRT033101

Short Metal Crash CRT033102

Short Metal Crash CRT033103

Short Metal Crash CRT033104

Short Metal Crash CRT033105

Thin Metallic Crash CRT033201

Sgl Rev Metal Ipact CRT033202

Bounce Metal Impact CRT033203

Single Solid Met Hit CRT033204

Sgl Lt Metal Impact CRT033205

Loose Metal Impact CRT033301

Loose Metal Impact CRT033302

Loose Metal Impact CRT033303

Loose Metal Impact CRT033304

Metallic Rattles Wb CRT033305

Bonk Metallic Hitsi CRT033306

Thuddy Junk Rolling CRT033307

Junk Crash Floor CRT033401

Fall Tumble Down Sta CRT033402

Cans Crash Floor Rol CRT033403

Swish Low Crash Jun CRT033501

Swish Low Crash Jun CRT033502

Metal Junk Crash CRT033503

Metal Junk Crash CRT033504

Metal Junk Crash CRT033505

Metal Junk Crash CRT033506

Metal Junk Crash CRT033507

Metal Junk Crash CRT033508

Metal Junk Crash CRT033509

Swinging Saloon Doo CRT033510

Long Rubbery Metall CRT033601

Long Rubbery Metall CRT033602

Piano Falls Wdangli CRT033603

Objects Fall CrashW CRT033701

Funny Impacts Grunt CRT033702

Big Junk Crashes Wso CRT033703

Kick Fly Tumble Wbel CRT033801

Metal Bonk Fall Tumb CRT033802

Bulb Horn Honk Small CRT033803

Banging On Heavy Met CRT033804

Fast Honk Heavy Flat CRT033805

Various Metl Impact CRT033901

Two Metal Impacts CRT033902

Funny Smallbonks CRT034001

Ascend Temple Block CRT034002

Boots Running DownS CRT034003

Fast Decending Drum CRT034004

Cow Bell Other Metal CRT034005

Swish Arrow Impact CRT034101

Trip Fall Downstair CRT034102

Reverberant MetalB CRT034103


Morse Code Beeps CRT034201

Morse Code Beepsos CRT034202

Rapid Telegraph Bee CRT034203

Teletype UnsteadyC CRT034204

Funny Typewriter Wr CRT034301

Computer BreakingD CRT034401

Various Computer Be CRT034501

Funny Clock Or Machi CRT034601

Funny Alarm Clock Be CRT034701

Funny Engine Steady CRT034801

Funny Engine Steady CRT034901

Funny Engine Steady CRT034902

Funny ReverberantE CRT034903

Machine Steady Wrhy CRT035001

Funny Engine Steady CRT035101

Funny Engine Wquick CRT035102

Noisy Small EngineS CRT035201

Large Lowpitched Wi CRT035202

Funny Toy Machine Gu CRT035203

Funny Engine Starts CRT035301

Funny Engine Steady CRT035401

Machine Runs Steady CRT035501

Machine Runs Steady CRT035502

Machine Runs Steady CRT035503

Funny Rapid SawingT CRT035601

Funny Radio StaticO CRT035701

Highpitched Electr CRT035801

Short Rapid Electri CRT035802

Large Lowend Machin CRT035901

Large Servo Motor St CRT035902

Machine Steady Wwet CRT036001

Machine Steady Wrap CRT036002

Lowpitched Machine CRT036101

Lowpitched Machine CRT036102

Windup Small Toy Mot CRT036201

Rapid Plastic Click CRT036202

Chattering Teeth WU CRT036203

Whind Up Toy Click CRT036301

Whind Up Toy Click CRT036302

Whind Up Toy Click CRT036303

Clock Tick Game Show CRT036401

Hollow Slow Tic Toc CRT036501

Funny Hollow Tic Toc CRT036601

Rapid Clock Ticks CRT036701

Cuckoo Clock Wticks CRT036801

Cuckoo Birdcoocoo 2 CRT036802

Funny Metal Rattle CRT036901

Drips Change Mechan CRT037001

Multi Clock Ticking CRT037101

Clock Goes Crazy CRT037201

Multi Clock Ticking CRT037301

Multi Clock Ticking CRT037401

Multi Clock Ticking CRT037501

Revb Clock Interior CRT037601

Huge Clock Interior CRT037701

Fishing Reel Click CRT037801

Fishing Reel Windin CRT037802

Fishing Reel Cast Wp CRT037803

Short Metallic Mach CRT037901

Short Metallic Mach CRT037902

Metallic Machine Mo CRT037903

Metallic Machine Mo CRT037904

Metallic Machine Mo CRT037905

Metallic Machine Mo CRT037906

Metallic Machine Mo CRT037907

Metallic Machine Mo CRT037908

Short Mechanical Sc CRT038001

Rapid Short Mechani CRT038002

Whirring Wooden Met CRT038101

Whirring Wooden Met CRT038102

Metallic Clicks Rap CRT038103

Jacking Ratchet Cre CRT038201

Jacking Ratchet Cre CRT038301

Jacking Ratchet Cre CRT038401

Jacking Ratchet Cre CRT038402

Small Short Ratchet CRT038501

Small Ratchet Windi CRT038502

Short Ratchet Click CRT038601

Long Slow MetallicR CRT038602

Stretch Ratchet CRT038701

Medium Wooden Ratch CRT038702

Medium Short Duck Qu CRT038801

Fast Metal Ratchet CRT038901

Fast Metal Ratchet CRT038902

Auto Jack Wrapid Squ CRT038903

Fast Rhythm Metal Im CRT039001

Winch Winding Ratch CRT039101

Large Winding DownW CRT039201

Mechanical Ratchet CRT039301

Mechanical Ratchet CRT039401

Rapid Metallic Clic CRT039501

Funny Slow Motor CRT039601

Large Roaring Motor CRT039701

Wooden Pulley Twist CRT039801

Metal Chain RattleW CRT039802

Heavy Chain Clanks CRT039901



Synthy Electrl Zap CRT040101

Synthy Electrl Zap CRT040102

Synthy Electrl Zap CRT040103

Synthy Whiz Thunk CRT040104

Synthy Whiz Thunk CRT040105

Synthy Whiz Thunk CRT040106

Bullet Ricco Whiz By CRT040201

Explo Whoosh CRT040202

Long Airy Whoosh CRT040203

Long Airy Whoosh CRT040204

Long Airy Whoosh CRT040205

Long Airy Whoosh CRT040206

Defate Air Blast CRT040301

Whistly Air Release CRT040302

Airy Hollow Inflate CRT040303

Funny Deflate Suctn CRT040304

Mud Pots Blurps Bubb CRT040401

Mud Pots Blurps Bubb CRT040402

Mud Pots Blurps Bubb CRT040403

Mud Pots Blurps Bubb CRT040404

Mud Pots Blurps Bubb CRT040405

Mud Pots Blurps Bubb CRT040406

Mud Pots Blurps Bubb CRT040407

Mud Pots Blurps Bubb CRT040408

Mud Pots Blurps Bubb CRT040409

Hollow Dry Bubbling CRT040410

Wet Sharp Fart CRT040411

Wet Mud Plops CRT040412

Wet Bubbling Fart CRT040413

Low Mud Bubbles CRT040414

LowP Water Bubble CRT040415

Water Drain Gurgle CRT040416

Water Drain Gurgle CRT040417

Water Air Surging CRT040418

Water Air Surging CRT040419

End Toilet Flushing CRT040420

Water Air Surging CRT040421

Wet Snarly Blurps CRT040501

Wet Gloppy Footstep CRT040502

Wet Gloppy Impact CRT040503

Large Watery Moveme CRT040504

Flatulence Wdebris CRT040505

Whoopy Cusion CRT040506

Gloppy Bubbles CRT040601

Gloppy Bubbles CRT040602

Gloppy Bubbles CRT040603


Quick High Razz CRT040701

Small Rock Slide CRT040702

Small Rock Slide CRT040703

Wet Slurps Straw CRT040704

Spring ZingW Squish CRT040705

Heavy Spring Zing CRT040706

Slurpy Suctions CRT040801

Bow And Arrow Seq CRT040901

Bow And Arrow Seq CRT040902

Funny Gusty Wind CRT041001

Weird Wind Wgust Bys CRT041002

Weird Wind Wgust Bys CRT041003

Shoe Shine Cloth CRT041101

Shoe Shine Cloth CRT041102

Shoe Shine Cloth CRT041103

Shoe Shine Cloth CRT041104

Diving Board Vibrat CRT041201

Cuckoo Bird Followe CRT041202

Cuckoo Bird Followe CRT041203

Rapid Metallic Warb CRT041204

Rapid Metallic Warb CRT041205


Knocks On Wood Dr CRT041301

Knocks On Wood Dr CRT041302

Door Knocks Funny CRT041303

Door Knocks Funny CRT041304

Door Knocks Funny CRT041305

Door Knocks Funny CRT041306

Funny Rapid GlassyM CRT041401

Funny Metal Clink CRT041402

Window Shade Roll Up CRT041403

Window Shade Roll Up CRT041404

Window Shade Roll Up CRT041405

Funny Rapid Slaps CRT041406

Funny Mid Tempo Slap CRT041407

Rapid High Percuss CRT041408

Wooden Plops ClopsT CRT041409

Object Starts Spinn CRT041501

Hollow Object Spin CRT041502

Short Medium Whir CRT041503

Short Medium Whir CRT041504

Short Ascend Whistl CRT041505

Rapid Spin Object CRT041601

Metal Disk Spin CRT041602

Metal Disk Rolls CRT041603

Metal Disk Rolls CRT041604

Metal Disk Rolls CRT041605

Metal Disk Rolls CRT041606

Metal Disk Rolls CRT041607

Rapid Metal Disk Rol CRT041608

Rapid Scissor Snips CRT041701

Hedge Clipper Vario CRT041702

Garden Shears SnapC CRT041703

Rubber Ball Bounces CRT041801

Single BasketballB CRT041802

Long Slow Tears Rip CRT041901

Long Slow Tears Rip CRT041902

Long Squeaky Scrape CRT041903


Toy Doll Cries Squea CRT042001

Toy Doll Cries Human CRT042002

Big Inhale WDrum Hit CRT042003

Rapid Crunches Sizz CRT042101

Rapid Crunches Sizz CRT042102

Chewing Nuts Bolts CRT042103

Chewing Or Sloshing CRT042104

Wing Flaps

Rapid Insect Wing CRT042201

Up Down Insect Wing CRT042202

Rapid Insect Wing CRT042203

Rapid Insect Wing CRT042204

Rapid Low Spin Flap CRT042205

Sound FX

Short Record Scratc CRT042301

Short Record Scratc CRT042302

Short Record Scratc CRT042303

VShort Record Scrat CRT042304

Rapid Funny Bubblin CRT042401

Funny Bubbling CRT042402

Nuts Bolts Metallic CRT042501

Nuts Bolts Pour Glas CRT042502

Short Snare Drum Rol CRT042601

Various Metal Movem CRT042602

Huge Boomy Metallic CRT042603

Musical FX

Fast Snare Drum Roll CRT042701

Fast Snare Drum Roll CRT042702

Fast Snare Drum Roll CRT042703

Slow Snare Drum Roll CRT042704

Loud Snare Drum Roll CRT042705

Slow Snare Drum Roll CRT042706

Fast Snare Drum Roll CRT042707

Fast Snare Drum Roll CRT042708

Snare Drum Roll End CRT042709

Snare Drum Roll End CRT042801

Snare Drum Whistle CRT042802

Snare Drum March CRT042901

Snare Drum Beats CRT042902

Field Drum Roll Beat CRT043001

Field Drum Roll Beat CRT043002

Bass Drum Rolls Cym CRT043003

Bass Drum Rolls CRT043004

Long Tension Timp CRT043101

Timpani Drum Build CRT043102

Timpani Drum Roll Lo CRT043103

Timpani Drum Bounce CRT043201

Timpani Drum Hits CRT043202

Timpani Drum Hits CRT043203

Short Conga Drum Hit CRT043301

African Drum Beats CRT043302

Objects Roll Fall CRT043401

Funny Music Hits CRT043402

Rhythmic Drum Pops CRT043403

Musical Coin Bounce CRT043501

Funny Musical Beats CRT043502

Temple Block Beats CRT043503

Funny Music Beats CRT43504

Several Fast FunnyM CRT043505

Fast Music Beats Met CRT043506

Fast Music Beats Dru CRT043507

Rythmic Clapping On CRT043508

Gourd Rattle CRT043601

Fast Gourd Rattle CRT043602

Musical Rattle CRT043603

Rattle Wooden Ratch CRT043701

Rattle Wooden Ratch CRT043702

Ratchet Spin Reverb CRT043703

Vibraslap Ratchet CRT043704

Cymbal Crash CRT043801

Cymbal Crash CRT043802

Big Cymbal CrashesS CRT043803

Big Cymbal CrashesM CRT043804

Big Cymbal CrashesL CRT043805

Cymbal Crash CRT043806

Cymbal Crash CRT043807

Rising Cymbal Crash CRT043901

Drum ImpactW Cymbal CRT043902

Bass Drum With Cym Crash CRT043903

Bass Drum With Cym Crash CRT043904

Fanfare Ta Da CRT044001

Bugle Fanfare Snare CRT044101

Bugle Blows Race CRT044102

Army Bugle CRT044103

Army Bugle Reveille CRT044104

Army Bugle Song CRT044105

Trumpet Blows Race CRT044106

Army Bugle Messes Up CRT044201

Army Bugle Assembly CRT044202

Army Buglea Sour CRT044203

Bugle Sour CRT044204

Bugle Blows Sour CRT044205

Army Bugle Sour CRT044206

Army Bugle Sour CRT044207

Gomer Pyle Intro CRT044208

Muted Trumpet CRT044301

Muted Trumpet Race CRT044302

Muted Trumpet Taps CRT044303

Mute Trumpet Charge CRT044304

Mute Trumpet Charge CRT044305

Muted Trumpet Fanfar CRT044306

Muted Trumpet Sexy CRT044401

Trombone Down Out CRT044402

Muted Trumpet Short CRT044501

Muted Trumpet Short CRT044502

Muted Trumpet Short CRT044503

Muted Trumpet Long CRT044504

Muted Trumpet Short CRT044601

Muted Trumpet Short CRT044602

Muted Trumpet Short CRT044603

Muted Trumpet Short CRT044604

Muted Trumpet Short CRT044605

Muted Trumpet Short CRT044606

Muted Trumpet Short CRT044607

Muted Trumpet Short CRT044608

Muted Trumpet Long CRT044701

Muted Trumpet Long CRT044702

Muted Trombone Rapi CRT044703

Muted Trombone Rapi CRT044704

Muted Trombone Long CRT044705

Muted Trombone Long CRT044706

Muted Trombone Long CRT044707

Muted Trombone Desc CRT044708

Muted Trumpet Short CRT044801

Large Gauge Horn Sho CRT044802

Med Gauge Horn Sheep CRT044803

Ascending Trumpet CRT044901

Descending Trumpet CRT044902

Descending Trumpet CRT044903

Plunger Mute Trombo CRT044904

Ascend Mute Trombon CRT044905

Descend Trumpet CRT044906

High Ascend Trombon CRT044907

Low Mute Trombone CRT044908

Muted Trumpet Whist CRT045001

High Trumpet Whistl CRT045002

Low Pitch Trombone CRT45003

Muted Trombone Wolf CRT45004

Muted Trumpet Short CRT045101

Muted Trumpet Short CRT045102

Muted Trumpet Short CRT045103

Muted Trumpet Short CRT045104

Mute Trumpet Yoohoo CRT045201

Muted Trumpet Wa Wa CRT045202

Muted Trombone Gear CRT045301

Muted Trombone Gear CRT045302

Muted Trumpet Vocal CRT045401

Muted Trumpet Vocal CRT045402

Muted Trumpet Vocal CRT045403

Muted Trumpet Vocal CRT045404

Muted Trombone Talk CRT045405

Long Trombone Vocal CRT045501

Cupped Muted Trombo CRT045502

Cupped Muted Trombo CRT045503

Ascending Mute Trom CRT045504

Ascending Mute Trom CRT045505

Muted Trumpet Words CRT045506

Brass Mouthpiece CRT045507

Brass Mouthpiece CRT045508

Bugle Short Sputter CRT045601

Bugle Short Sputter CRT045602

Saxophone Honks CRT045603

Xylophone Ascendin CRT045701

Long Rapid Xylophon CRT045702

Long Ascending Xylo CRT045703

Short Quick Xylopho CRT045801

Xylophone Gliss Asc CRT045802

Xylophone Gliss Asc CRT045803

Quick Ascending Xyl CRT045804

Guitar Glissando CRT045901

Ascending Twang CRT045902

Ascending Twang CRT045903

Ascending Stretch CRT046001

Ascending Stretch CRT046002

Ascending Stretch CRT046003

Ascending Stretch CRT046004

Bassy Shiplike Horn CRT046101

Blatty Muffled Horn CRT046102

Blatty Horn Ascendi CRT046103

Xylophone Gliss Des CRT046201

Xylophone Gliss Des CRT046202

Accordion Descendi CRT046301

Concertina Descend CRT046302

Accordion Descendi CRT046303

Accordion Ascendin CRT046304

Concertina Tremolo CRT046401

Accordiontremolo CRT046402

Accordiontremolo CRT046403

Concertina Tremolo CRT046404

Vibra Harp Slide Whi CRT046501

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046601

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046602

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046603

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046604

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046605

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046606

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046607

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046608

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046701

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046702

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046703

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046704

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046705

Hawaii Guitar Slide CRT046706

Steel Guitar Stretc CRT046801

Steel Guitar Stretc CRT046802

Cello Laughs CRT046901

Cello Laughs CRT046902

Cello Laughs CRT046903

Cello Laughs CRT046904

Steel Guitar Talk CRT047001

Steel Guitar Talk CRT047002

Steel Guitar Zip CRT047003

Small Twang Hair Plu CRT047101

Bass String Pluck CRT047102

Banjo Arpeggio CRT047103

Bass String Scrapes CRT047201

Bass String Scrapes CRT047202

Bass String Scrapes CRT047203

Bass String Scrapes CRT047204

Bass String Scrapes CRT047205

Bass String Scrapes CRT047206

Bass String Pluck CRT047207

Guitar String Pluck CRT047301

Guitar String Pluck CRT047302

Xylophone Hits CRT047401

Xylophone Hits Off CRT047402

Vibraphone Arpeggi CRT047501

Vibraphone Gliss CRT047502

Bassoon Low Melody CRT047601

Bassoon Low Melody CRT047602

Oboe Playing Melody CRT047701

Oboe Playing Melody CRT047702

Oboe Playing Melody CRT047703

Oboe Playing Melody CRT047704

English Horn Talk CRT047801

English Horn Talk CRT047802

English Horn Talk CRT047803

Baritone Sax Playin CRT047901

Baritone Sax Playin CRT047902

Sax Playing Blurps CRT047903

Baritone Sax Playin CRT047904

Alto Sax Playing Sho CRT048001

Alto Sax Playing Sho CRT048002

Alto Sax Playing Sho CRT048003

Piccolo Playing Var CRT048101

Music Slow Head Turn CRT048201

Trap Drum Set Licks CRT048202

Rapid Cowbell Shake CRT048203

African Drum Beats CRT048301

Pop With Musical Gliss CRT048401

Quick Musical Gliss CRT048402

Quick Musical Gliss CRT048403

Quick Short Ascendi CRT048404

Quick Short Ascendi CRT048405

Various Horns Talk CRT048501

Various Horns Talk CRT048502

Various Horns Talk CRT048503

Various Horn Talk CRT048504

Various Horns Talk CRT048505

Cymbal Crash Tones CRT048601

Bass Drum Hit With Gliss CRT048602

Small Gong Scrape CRT048701

Ascend Keyboard Ton CRT048702

Ascend Keyboard Ton CRT048703

Sustain Keyboard To CRT048704

Various Funny Knock CRT048801

Various Funny Knock CRT048802

High Tech Drum Beat CRT048901

Short Up Tempo Music CRT049001

Quick Keyboard Hit CRT049002

High Energy Music CRT049003


Bubble Pop Whoop CRT049101

Funny Wet Pop CRT049102

Funny Wet Pop CRT049103

Inflate Pop Bubble CRT049104

Bubble Pop CRT049201

Bubble Pop CRT049202

Bubble Pop CRT049203

Low Pitched Squeak CRT049301

High Pitched Squeak CRT049302

Wood Squeak Pop CRT049303

Medium Stretch Pop CRT049304

Medium Stretch Pop CRT049305

Long Stretch Pop CRT049306

Long Stretch Pop CRT049307

Long Stretch Pop CRT049308

Long Stretch Tear CRT049309

Pull Streatch High CRT049310

Long Stretchy Wood CRT049311

Long Stretchy Wood CRT049312

Long Stretchy Wood CRT049313

Long Stretchy Wood CRT049401

Long Slow Stretch CRT049402

Long Slow Stretch CRT049403

Long Creaky Stretch CRT049404

Long Creaky Stretch CRT049405

Long Strain Stretch CRT049501

Long Strain Jerk CRT049502

Long Stretch Twist CRT049503

Long Stretch Twist CRT049601

Rapid Rubber Stretc CRT049602

Quick Rubber Stretc CRT049603

Musical Shrinking CRT049604

Short Slow Stretch CRT049701

Slow Stretch Rip Pop CRT049702

Stretch Rip Shrink CRT049703

Tight Stretch CRT049704

Stretch Rip Whistle CRT049705

Stretch Crash Dish CRT049706

Stretch Windup Thun CRT049707

Long Stretch Whoosh CRT049708

Sharp Metal Clank CRT049801

Metal Clank Stretch CRT049802

Jerky Music Shrink CRT049901

Short Smack Stretch CRT049902



Funny Spit Raspberr CRT050101

Raspberry Spit CRT050102

Raspberry Classic CRT050201

Raspberry Classic CRT050202

Raspberry Fart Flap CRT050203

Raspberry Fart Flap CRT050204

Raspberries Variou CRT050301

Raspberries Variou CRT050302

Raspberries Variou CRT050303

Raspberries Variou CRT050304

Raspberries Variou CRT050305

Raspberries Variou CRT050306

Raspberries Variou CRT050307

Raspberries Variou CRT050308

Raspberries Variou CRT050309

Raspberries Variou CRT050310

Raspberries Variou CRT050311

Raspberries Variou CRT050312

Small Group Men Razz CRT050401

Angry Razzdo Do Do Do CRT050402

Angry Razzdo Do Do Do CRT050403

Angry Razzdo Do Do Do CRT050404


Computer Beeps Vari CRT050501

Raspberry Fart Flap CRT050502

Raspberry Fart Flap CRT050503

Raspberry Fart Flap CRT050504

Raspberry Fart Flap CRT050505

Raspberry Fart Flap CRT050506

Computer Bubbles CRT050507

Computer Bubbles CRT050508

Laser Blasts CRT050601

Laser Blasts CRT050602

Laser Blasts CRT050603

Laser Blasts CRT050604

Laser Blast Heavy CRT050605

Laser Blast Short CRT050606

Laser Beam CRT050701

Laser Beam CRT050702

Laser Rays CRT050801

Laser Beam Zaps CRT050802

Laser Swish Low CRT050803

Laser Swish Low CRT050804

Magic Wand Zaps CRT050901

Musical Synth Zap CRT050902

Musical Synth Zap CRT050903

Musical Synth Zap CRT050904

Musical Synth Zap CRT050905

Musical Synth Zap CRT050906

Musical Synth Zap CRT050907

Musical Synth Zap CRT050908

Musical Synth Zap CRT050909

Musical Synth Zap CRT050910

Quick Laser Zap Shor CRT051001

Explo Laser Low CRT051002

Short Synthy Hum CRT051003

Heavy Electric Hum CRT051004

Flanged Metal Hum CRT051005

Low Laser Blast CRT051006

Eerie Rev Hum Tones CRT051101

Eerie Rev Hum Tones CRT051102

Eerie Rev Hum Tones CRT051103

Eerie Rev Hum Tones CRT051104

Eerie Rev Hum Tones CRT051105

Eerie Rev Hum Tones CRT051106

Eerie Rev Hum Tones CRT051107

Eerie Rev Hum Tones CRT051108

Eerie Rev Hum Tones CRT051109

Synthy Church Bells CRT051110

Weird Synth Bubbles CRT051201

Weird Synth Bubbles CRT051202

Synthy Hums CRT051301

Synthy Hums CRT051302

Synthy Hums CRT051303

Radio Beeps Static CRT051401

Radio Beeps Static CRT051402

Radio Beeps Static CRT051403

Radio Beeps Static CRT051404

Radio Beeps Static CRT051405

Record Played Backw CRT051406

Cassette Tape LeftO CRT051407

Radio Beeps Static CRT051408

Radio Beeps Static CRT051409

Siren Blast Alarm CRT051501

Male Comp Red Alert CRT051502

Female Comp Danger CRT051503

UfO Spac Shp Take Off CRT051601

Ufo Start Take Off CRT051602

Ufo Start Steady CRT051603

Ufo Start Take Off CRT051604

Ufo Start Take Off CRT051605

Ufo Start Wvery Slow CRT051606

Ufo Start Wvery Slow CRT051607

Ufo DescendingW Hig CRT051608

Ufo Start Take Off CRT051701

Ufo Start Take Off CRT051702

Ufo Start Take Off CRT051703

Ufo Buzz Land CRT051704

Ufo By CRT051705

UFO Take Off CRT051801

UFO Take Off CRT051802

UFO Take Off CRT051803

Synth Whirling Tone CRT051901

Synth Whirling Tone CRT051902

Synth Whirling Wind CRT051903

Synth Whirling Wind CRT051904

UFO Take Off CRT052001

UFO Landing CRT052002

UFO Take Off CRT052003

UFO Landing CRT052004

UFO Take Off CRT052005

UFO Landing CRT052006


Wet Splats Various CRT052101

Wet Splats Various CRT052201

Wet Splats Various CRT052301

Wet Splats Various CRT052302

Wet Splats Various CRT052303

Sm Dirt Rock Spill CRT052401

Sm Dirt Rock Spill CRT052402

Wet Splact Juicy CRT052403

Heavy Thick Splat CRT052404

Gooey Splat CRT052405

Gooey Splat CRT052406

Wet Goopy Impact CRT052501

Wet Goopy Impact CRT052502

Wet Goopy Impact CRT052503

Wet Squishy Impact CRT052601

Wet Squishy Impact CRT052602

Wet Squishy Impact CRT052603

Wet Squishy Impact CRT052604

Wet Squishy Impact CRT052605


Rubbery Creaks FS CRT052701

Rubbery Creaks FS CRT052702

Small Creaks Wood CRT052801

Small Creak Cork CRT052802

Small Creak Cork CRT052803

Funny Musical Creak CRT052901

Rapid Jerky Creaks CRT052902

Small Creak Cork CRT052903

Small Creak Cork CRT052904

Short Creaky Squeak CRT053001

Squeaky Rubbery Che CRT053002

Small Rubbery Creak CRT053003

Med Tight Stretch CRT053101

Med Tight Stretch CRT053102

Med Tight Stretch CRT053103

Med Tight Stretch CRT053104

Med Tight Stretch CRT053105

Med Tight Stretch CRT053106

Four Short Back Fort CRT053201

Wood Metal Squeak CRT053202

Wood Metal Squeak CRT053203

Small Squeak Bubble CRT053301

Fun Wnd Wiper Squeak CRT053401

Rhythmic Squeak CRT053402

Med Rolling Squeak CRT053403

Metal Hinge Creak CRT053501

Metal Hinge Creak CRT053502

Metal Hinge Creak CRT053503

Metal Hinge Creak CRT053504

Metal Wheel Creak CRT053601

Metal Wheel Creak CRT053602

Lg Metal Wheel Creak CRT053701

Lg Metal Wheel Creak CRT053702

Long Slow Wood Creak CRT053801

Long Slow Wood Creak CRT053802

Long Slow Wood Creak CRT053803

Whoosh & Swish

Funny Swish CRT053901

Funny Swish CRT053902

Funny Swish CRT053903

Funny Swish CRT053904

Fast Swish CRT053905

Fast Swish CRT053906

Quick Swish By Wligh CRT053907

Quick Swish Impact CRT053908

Multiple Swishes CRT054001

Multiple Swishes CRT054002

Multiple Swishes CRT054003

Several Rapid Swish CRT054101

Funny Multi Swishes CRT054102

Funny Multi Swishes CRT054103

Multi Swishes CRT054201

Multi Swishes Wet CRT054202

Multi Swishes CRT054203

Various Swishes Imp CRT054301

Slip Fall CRT054302

Slip Fall CRT054303

Slip Fall High Pitch CRT054304

Slip Fall Low Impact CRT054305

Slip Fall Splat CRT054306

Slip Fall Smack CRT054307

Slip Fall Knock CRT054308

Slip Fall Glass Brea CRT054309

Slip Fall Knock CRT054310

Short Rapid Warbley CRT054401

Airy Swishes CRT054402

Vocal Swishes CRT054403

Whumpy Swish Low CRT054501

Whumpy Swish Low CRT054502

Metallic Swish Warb CRT054601

Metallic Swish Warb CRT054602

Metallic Swish Warb CRT054603

Metallic Swish Hvy CRT054701

Metallic Swish Hvy CRT054702

Metallic Swish Hvy CRT054703

Metallic Swish Hvy CRT054704

Synth Windy Swish CRT054801

Synth Windy Swish CRT054802

Swish Scratch CRT054901

Fiery Metallic Swis CRT054902


Old Car False Starts CRT055001

Old Car False Starts CRT055002

Old Car False Starts CRT055003

Car False Starts Med CRT055004

Model A Start Idle Wb CRT055005

Gear Grinds 1946 Dod CRT055101

Gear Grinds 1946 Dod CRT055102

Gear Grinds 1946 Dod CRT055103

Delivery Truck Park CRT055104

Long Crash Tire Skid CRT055201

Long Tire Skid CRT055202

Funny Engine Pop Spu CRT055301

Airy Fluttery Carto CRT055302

Funny Airplane Star CRT055401

Helicopter BladesS CRT055501

Funny Motor Chugs CRT055601

Funny Engine Backfi CRT055602

Funny Engine DyingW CRT055603

Funny 1920s Car Engi CRT055604

Funny Engine Dying CRT055605

Funny Motor Flutter CRT055701

Funny Motor Steady CRT055702

Funny Motor Flutter CRT055703

Funny Car Motor Horn CRT055704

Engine Angry Car Gro CRT055801

Engine Angry Car Gro CRT055802

Engine Angry Car Gro CRT055803

Engine Angry Car Gro CRT055804

Funny Engine Steady CRT055901

Funny Engine Wvocal CRT055902

Funny Engine Wvocal CRT055903

Funny Engine Wvocal CRT055904

Funny Vocal EngineS CRT055905

Funny Vocal EngineS CRT056001

Funny Vocal EngineS CRT056002

Funny Vocal EngineW CRT056003

Funny Motor Musical CRT056004

Funny Sputter Engin CRT056005

Funny Sputter Engin CRT056006

Funny Motor Musical CRT056007

Strong Airy Exhales CRT056008

Sgl Eng Prop Pl Dives CRT056101

Sgl Eng Prop Pl Dives CRT056102

Sgl Eng Prop Pl Dives CRT056103

Twin Eng Prop Pl By CRT056104

Multi Prop Planes Di CRT056105

Plane ASteep Dive CRT056106

Plane ASteep Dive Th CRT056107

Plane ASteep Dive En CRT056108


Small Bubbles Ascen CRT056201

Small Steady Stream CRT056202

Water Drip Bubble CRT056301

Water Slurp Bubble CRT056302

Mediumlow PitchedH CRT056303

Single Large Bubble CRT056304

Liquid Splashes CRT056401

Liquid Splashes CRT056402

Liquid Splashes CRT056403

Liquid Splashes CRT056404

Large Water Bubbles CRT056501

Water Gurgling CRT056502

Lg Water Bubbles CRT056503

Lg Water Bubbles CRT056504

Lg Water Bubbles CRT056505

Water Gurgling CRT056506

Water Gurgling Bubb CRT056507

Hvy Drip Bubble Low CRT056601

Hvy Drip Bubble Low CRT056602

Hissy Bubbles Airy CRT056603

Liquid Pour Glubs CRT056604

Fast Liquid Pour Spl CRT056605

Fast Hot Water Boil CRT056606

Flow Large Bubbles CRT056701

Big Ploopy Bubbles CRT056702

Fast Rev Bubbles CRT056703

Small ReverberantW CRT056704

Large Bubbles RiseT CRT056801

Large Bubbles RiseT CRT056802

Large Gargley Water CRT056803

Steady Light Shower CRT056901

Light Water Spill CRT056902

Funny Drowning Watr CRT056903

Funny Drowning Watr CRT056904

Funny Drowning Watr CRT056905

Funny Drowning Watr CRT056906

Single Gulp Wbubble CRT057001

Funny Drinking CRT057002

Funny Drinking CRT057003

Funny Drinking CRT057004

Shave AHairc Splash CRT057101

Hollow Wooden BonkW CRT057102

Lt Water Splash CRT057103

Hvy Water Splashes CRT057104

Cork Poping WWaterS CRT057105

Water Surging Pour CRT057106

Water Splash Bucket CRT057107

Small Floppy Splash CRT057201

Canoe Paddle Splash CRT057202

Rowing Small Boat Wo CRT057203

Manual Water Pump Up CRT057204

Musical Liq Squirts CRT057301

Musical Liq Squirts CRT057302

Musical Liq Squirts CRT057303

Water Pump Handle CRT057304

Water Squirts Pail CRT057305

Sm Splash Impact CRT057401

Light Water Movemen CRT057402

Water Spigot On Off CRT057403

Water Glug Whistle CRT057404

Musical FX

Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057501

Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057502

Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057503

Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057504

Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057505

Quick Whistle Zip By CRT057506

Slide Whistle In Out CRT057601

Slide Whistle In Out CRT057602

Slide Whistle In Out CRT057603

Slide Whistle In Out CRT057701

Slide Whistle In Out CRT057702

Slide Whistle In Out CRT057703

Slide Whistle In Out CRT057801

Descending Whistle CRT057802

Ascending Whistles CRT057901

Ascending Whistles CRT057902

Ascending Whistles CRT057903

Ascending Whistles CRT057904

Ascending Whistles CRT057905

Ascending Whistles CRT057906

Ascending Whistles CRT057907

Descend Slid Whistl CRT057908

Ascending Whistles CRT058001

Rev Slide Whistle CRT058002

Ascending WhistleS CRT058003

Whistle Pop CRT058004

Descending Whistle CRT058005

Descending Whistle CRT058006

Long Descend Whistl CRT058007

Slip Fall Wsolid Met CRT058101

Slip Fall Whorn Cymbal CRT058102

Descend Sli Whistle CRT058103

Whistle Wdrum Metal CRT058104

Descend Slide Whist CRT058105

Bulb Horn Honk SlowD CRT058201

Bulb Horn Honk SlowA CRT058202

Rapid Whirling Ratc CRT058301

Twirling Objectsli CRT058302

Whistle Spins CRT058303

Whistle Spins CRT058304

Whistle Spins CRT058305

Whistle Spins CRT058306

Whistle Spins CRT058307

Whiz Spins CRT058401

Whiz Spins CRT058402

Airy Slide Twirls CRT058501

Airy Scrape Twirls CRT058502

Airy Scrape Twirl Qu CRT058503

Quick Twirl Scrape CRT058504

Whistle Spins CRT058601

Whistle Spins CRT058602

Whistle Spins CRT058603

Whistle Spins CRT058604

Balloon Pop Funny Ai CRT058701

Funky Whistle Crazy CRT058702

Whiste Spin Crash CRT058801

Whiste Spin Crash CRT058802

Slide Whistle Warbl CRT058803

Boat Or Factory Whis CRT058901

Boat Factory Whistl CRT058902

Train Whistles Larg CRT058903

1 Short Train Whistl CRT058904

2 Short Train Whistl CRT058905

Hi Pit Train Whistle CRT058906

Train Whistles Smal CRT058907

3 Short Quick Whistl CRT058908

Boat Factory Whistl CRT058909

Mail Police Whistle CRT058910

Shave HairC Whistle CRT059001

Ships Steam Horn Bla CRT09002

Low Pitch Whistle CRT059003

Low Pitch Whistle CRT059004

Wind Whistle Bell CRT059101

Police Whistle Long CRT059102


Human Whistleyooho CRT059201

Human Whistlebecko CRT059202

Human WhistlewolfW CRT059203

Human WhistlewolfW CRT059204

Human WhistlelongW CRT059205

Human Whistlebecko CRT059206

Human Whistlebecko CRT059207

Human WhistlewolfW CRT059208


Short Electric Shoc CRT059301

Long Electric Sizzl CRT059302

Electrical Field Hu CRT059303

Magic Wand Zap CRT059401

Magic Wand Zap CRT059402

Magic Wand Zap Music CRT059403

Musical FX

Musical Wand Moveme CRT059404

Musical Wand Moveme CRT059405


Synthy Hissy Ricoch CRT059406

Synthy Hissy Ricoch CRT059407

Synthy Hissy Ricoch CRT059408

Synthy Hissy Ricoch CRT059409

Synthy Hissy Ricoch CRT059410

Drum Hit Wsynthy Bee CRT059501

Drum Hit Wsynthy Bee CRT059502

Quick Metallic Zap CRT059503

Laser Zaps CRT059601

Laser Zaps CRT059602

Laser Zaps CRT059603

Laser Zaps CRT059604

Laser Zaps CRT059605

Sharp Laser Shot CRT059606

Dull Heavy Lazer Sho CRT059607

Synthy Beeplike Zap CRT059701

Synthy Beeplike Zap CRT059702

Synthy Beeplike Zap CRT059703

Synthy Beeplike Zap CRT059704

Synthy Beeplike Zap CRT059705

Synthy Beeplike Zap CRT059706


Lowpitched Whoosh CRT059801

Lowpitched Whoosh CRT059802

High Low Whoosh CRT059803


Space Ship SlowingD CRT059804

Oscillate Tones CRT059805

Wet Med Laser Zap CRT059901

Medium Laser Zap CRT059902

Quick Mediumhigh Pi CRT059903

Quick High PitchedL CRT059904

Low Pitch Lazer Shot CRT059905

2 Low Pitch Lazer Sho CRT059906


Glass Broken By Heav CRT059907


Heavy Caliber Lazer CRT059908

Heavy Caliber Lazer CRT059909

Heavy Caliber Lazer CRT059910


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