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This logo was seen after Cartoon Planet and Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Sound Effects Used

On most SGC2C episodes, a soundbite from the previous episode or a clip of the show's music (composed by the late Sony Sharrock and Eddie Horst) is used. But on some episodes, the logo uses Hanna-Barbera and Disney sound effects; on episodes like "CHiPs" and "Zorak", these sound effects are reused with Cartoon Trax Vol 1 added and the jingle at the end is changed. This page lists the sound effects used on Cartoon Planet and HBO Max prints of certain Space Ghost Coast to Coast episodes.

"CHiPs", "Zorak"

"Switcheroo", "Surprise", "Spanish Translation"

Cartoon Planet, "Bobcat", "$20.01"

"Gilligan", "Sharrock", "Banjo"

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