Soundeffects Wiki


Season 1

"Escape From Camp Lakebottom"

"Rise of the Bottom Dwellers"

"Late Afternoon of the Living Gitch"

"Mindsuckers From the Depths"

"Jaws of Old Toothy"


"Cluck of the Were Chicken"

"Gnome Force"

"Stage Fright"


"Cheeks of Dread"

"Doo Doo Doomsday"

"Marshmallow Madness"

"28 Suzis Later"

"Pranks for Nothing"

"Zombie Dearest"

"Terror From the Toybox"

"Slimeball Run"

"Bite of the Buttsquat"

"Sword of Ittibiticus"

"It's a Headless Horse, Man"

"Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep"

"Pirates of Ickygloomy"

"Attack of the 50-Foot Squirt"

"Bloody Marty"

"Ghost in the Mower"

"Trouble in Spit Creek"

"The Spy Who Squatched Me"

"Ants in Our Camp"

"Fanboy Freakout"

"Are You My Mummy?"

"Slimey Come Home"

"McGee the Mermaid"

"Welcome to Buttcon"

"High Plains Garbage Eater"

"Dream a Little Scream"

"The Superfantastic Mega-Buds"

"It Came From My Nose"

"McGee. T"

"The Great Tiki Hunt"

"Camp Plantbottom"

"Game Over"

"Clockwork Slime"

"Ride the Haunted Howler"

"Buttastic Journey"

"Monkey See, Monkey Kung Fu"

"Red Drawn"

"Pandora's Jock"

"Ring Around the Gretchen"

"Chilli Con Carnage"

"Valley of the Iguanasquat"

"The Legend of Wiggly's Gold"

Season 2

"Adventures in Bottomland"

"Golem My Way"


"Monster Hunters R Us"

"Golfadoom (Unfairway of Doom)"

"There Is Something About Mamba"


"Apocalypse Squirt"

"Itchy Witchy Pizza Project"

"Breakout From Buttvault B"

"Scare-a-Normal Activity"

"Beast Feast"

"Big Top Terror"

"Slimal Fear"

"Who's Ghouling Who"

"The Abominable Dr. Squatch"


"Remember Fort Sunny Bottom"

"Seven Foot Itch"

"Being McGee"

"Messie Bessie"

"Nanny Num Nums (Nanny McFear)"

"Pod Parents"

"Zombie Scouts"

"Cabin Fever"

"It's a Horrible Life"

"Bird Brains"

"The Real Vincent"


"Lucky Duck"

"When Suzis Attack"

"How to Potty Train Your Dragon"


"Boogeyman Fever"

"Fright Club"

"Bottom Dome"

"The Day Squirt Stood Still"

"Anti Gravity"


"Smells Like The Holidays"

"Last Days"

"Knock On Wood"


"Chore Leave"

"Ice Queen"

"Live And Let Squatch"

"Tooth Troll"

"Hive and Seek"

"Slugfight at Bottom Gulch"

"I Zomborg"

"Head Two Head"

"The Last of the Wild"

Season 3

"Sweat, Hot Lakebottom Summer"

"The S'mogre"

"Camp Lockdownbottom"

"All You Need Is Larva"

"Meet the Gretch's Parents"

"Now With 100% More Portal"


"Rise of the Dawn of the Beginning of the Planet of Armand!"

"McGee's First Flush"

"House of Ear Wax"


"You Sank My Battle-Squirt!"

"I, Rodent"

"Undies Cover of the Night"

"Afterlife of the Party"

"F.L.O.P.P.Y the Elephant"

"Tur-Keepin it Real"

"Little Saint Nicky"


"Working Over-Slime"

"The Old Man and the McGee"

"Operation: McMom"

"The Lakebottom House of Horrors! Mwa Ha, Ha!"

"The Camp Lakebottom Classic"