Season 1

"The Turtles of Alcatraz Pond"

"Dirty Jobs"

"Groundhog Day"

"Opossum Poltergeist"

"Fort Rattlesnake"

"Turtle Boot Camp"

"Trapped Underground"

"The Snake Pit"

"Nightmare at Poachers Pond"

"The Bayou Beast"

"Danger at the Distillery"

"Dilapidated Death Trap"

Season 2

"Miner Threat"

"Killer at Shaker Village"

"Santa Claws"

"Beehive Massacre"

"Speedway Demons"

"Hell Hog"

"French Quarter Coyote"

"Baby Mama Drama"

"Jaws of Hell"

"Trailer Park Stink Bomb"

"Night of the Digging Dead"

"Sawmill Slasher"

"Tee'd Off Turtle"

"Pig Wallow Predator"

"Killer in the Cavern"

"Fairground Fiasco"

"Holler Day Cheer"

Season 3

"Mama Llama Drama"

"All Skunked Up"

"Hook, Line and Snapper"

"Cat Killer"

"Deer Destruction"

"Freddy Critter's Revenge"

"12 Angry Pigeons"

"Savage Stowaways"

"Major League Menace"

"Lured Into Danger"

"Best Little Boar House In Texas"

"Bat Hair Day"

"Wild Receiver"

"Ernie Le'Pew"

"Lone Stars and Stripes"

"Viva Live Action!"

"River Monster Mystery"

"The Bull and the Beautiful"

"Fur for the Course"

"Don't Leave it to Beaver"

"Get Otter My Pond"

"Apocalypse Meow"

"Mudzilla Attacks"

"Halloween Special"

"Smokey and the Bandit"

"Unarmed and Dangerous"

"The Crittersburg Address"

"Snake Town Shakedown"

"Chaos in Critter Cavern"

"Swine Dining"

"Turtleman Takes Manhattan"

Season 4

"Phantom Menace"

"Snap 'n' Splash"

"Bear Necessities"

"Headless Horror"

"Kneel Before Sod"

"Troll in the Coal"

"Ghost Town Gold Rush"

"Fang Nabbit!"

"Tough Cookies"

"Trail Blazers"

"Ticked Off"

"Call in the Cavalry"

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