CBS Special Products - The New CBS Audio-File Sound Effects Library, Vol. II

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Sound Effects Tracklist

Baseball: Playing Field Perspective, Umpire, Calls Bat Crack, Players

Baseball: Umpire Calls, Grunts, Heavy Breathing, P.A. In Background

Football: Stadium Crowd, Band

Football P.A. Announcements, Crowd

Tennis: Warmups, Close up to Players

Tennis: Matches in Progress

Games: Pinball Machine

Games: Video Arcade

Games: Video Games, Close Up

Parade: Drumming, Marching-By, Sirens, Crowds

Parade: Drum Corps March-By, Crowds

Fireworks: Ground Display Medium Distance

Restaurant: Voices, Drinks Being Mixed, General Ambiance

Airplane: SST Pre-Flight Checklist, Cockpit Interior

Airplane: SST Engine Start

Airplane: SST Taxi Down Runway

Airplane: SST Takeoff

Automobiles: Highway Traffic-Fast

Automobiles: Horn Blowing-Single and Many

Automobiles: Car Door-Opens and Shuts Several Times

Cable Car-San Francisco-On Board, Mechanical Sounds and Bells

Cable Car-San Francisco-Outside Perspective, Pass-By

Trains: Steam Engine, Chugs, Whistle, Wheel, Clicks

Trains: Approach, Bell Ringing, Comes to Stop

Trains: Diesel Engine Going Through Yard, Bell Ringing, Brakes

Trains: R.R. Crossing, Signal Bell Rings, Train Passes

Bathroom: Filling Bathtub

Bathroom: Taking a Bath, Splashes, Scrubbing

Bathroom: Toilet Flush, Tank Refills

Bathroom: Filling Sink-Stopper Closes, Water Pours, Sink Empties

Hospital Nursery, Many Babies, Much Crying

Hospital: Baby, Single, Strong Cry, Cough

Household Appliances: Washing Machine

Household Appliances: Clothes Dryer

Household Appliances: Dishwasher-Starts and Runs

Household Appliances: Toaster

Household Appliances: Vacuum Cleaner, Large, Runs to Shut Off

Kitchen Activities: Frying on Stove

Kitchen Activities: Tea Kettle-Sequence-Fill, Light Gas, Boil, Whistl

Kitchen Activities: Stirring Ice Cubes in Glass

Kitchen Activities: Loading Dishwasher, Glasses, Silverware, Plates

Kitchen Activities: Running Water in Kitchen Sink

Pet Shop: Crowds in Pet Shop, Birds Chirping, Voices

Pet Shop: Puppies in Shop

Fire Bell in Firehouse

Fire Engine, Siren, Leaving Firehouse

Fire Engine, Radio, Siren Wailing

Fire: Large, Heavy Roar

Fire: Smaller, Crackling Sound

Fire Alarm: Close and Distant

Burglar Alarm: Close and Distant

Door: Latches

Door Opens, Shuts, Squeaks

Door: Knocks-Metal and Hand

Exterior: African Jungle Presence

Exterior: African Prairie, Wind, Few Birds

Exteriors: Suburban, Dogs Barking Outdoors, Distant Traffic, Birds

Aboard Ship: Creaks and Groans Aboard Wood Ship

Aboard Ship: Ship Underway, Water Sounds Alongside

Interiors, Saloon-Music in Background, Many Voices, Laughter

Interiors, Shopping Mall-Lots of People

Construction: Wrecking Ball Hits Building, Wall Crumbles

Construction Site: Distant Air Hammers, Warning Whistle, Muffled Blas

Industrial, Factory Assembly Line, Heavy Industry

Industrial, Punch Press, Heavy Metal

Industrial, Factory Interior-General Sound

Industrial, Shipping Room, Typing, Phones

Industrial, Printing Press Room

Data Processing: Control Console-Electronic Sounds

Data Processing: Computer Punch Cards Going Through Machine

Data Processing Room, All Machines Operating

Teletype Machine, High Speed

Bells: Clock-Tower Strikes Twelve

Bells: School House Bell-Rural, One-Room School

Bells: Village Square, Bell, Chimes, Birds in Background

Bells: Door Bell-Electric

Political Convention Type Ambiance: "Thank You" at Rostrum, Large Cro

Applause: Motorcade Arrival

Applause: Burst of Short Applause

Applause Large Crowd, Long Applause

Theatre Arrival, Car Horns, Door Slams, Voices, Footsteps, Lobby

Crowds: Large, Footsteps, Many People Walk by, Voices, City Exterior

Farm Animals: Bulls in Paddock, Birds Chirping

Farm Animals: Cows in Barn Mooing

Farm Animals: Lambs in Paddock, Baa-Baa

Sea Animals: Dolphins, on Surface, Vocalizing, Then Underwater Swimmi

Sea Animals: Humpback Whale, Chattering

Sea Animals: Seagulls Flying in Wake of Ship

Wolves, Many Howls and Whimpers


Lion (Growls)

Elephant (Roars)

Audio Samples

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