Busted FX and Most Wanted is a sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was originally released in 1999. This library isn't used much in media.


Sound Categories


Alarm Car Type 1 Modu BFX010701

Alarm Car Type 1 Modu BFX010801

Alarm Car Type 1 Modu BFX010802

Alarm Car Type 1 Modu BFX010803

Alarm Car Type 1 To 6 BFX011501

Alarm Car Type 2 Modu BFX010901

Alarm Car Type 3 Modu BFX011001

Alarm Car Type 4 Modu BFX011101

Alarm Car Type 4 Modu BFX011102

Alarm Car Type 5 Modu BFX011201

Alarm Car Type 5 Modu BFX011301

Alarm Car Type 6 Modu BFX011401

Alarm Car Type 6 Modu BFX011402


Car 1 Slow Bad Lurch BFX031901

Car 1 Start Away Med BFX031701

Car 1 Start Away Med BFX031801

Car 3 Start Idle BFX032401

Car 3 Start Idle BFX032701

Car 3 Start Idle BFX032702

Car 3 Starts Idles BFX032501

Car 3 Starts Idles BFX032601

Car 3 Starts Idles BFX032602

Car 3 Starts Idles BFX032301

Car 3 Starts Idles BFX032302

Car 3 Starts Idles BFX032303

Car Cough Off BFX033301

Car Cough Off BFX033302

Car Diesel Off BFX033401

Car Diesel Off 2 BFX033402

Car Engine Wont Turn BFX033001

Car Engine Wont Turn BFX033101

Car Solenoid Zaps BFX033601

Car Start Idle Bad Li BFX033201

Car Start Idle Bad St BFX034101

Car Start Idle Bad St BFX034201

Car Tires Asphalt St BFX036001

Car Tires Asphalt Sp BFX036101

Car Tires Asphalt Sp BFX036102

Car Tires Dirt Start BFX036201

Car Tires Dirt Mediu BFX036301

Car Transmission St BFX034401

Auto-Car Battery

Car Battery Sparks BFX033801


Car Brake Squeaks St BFX035201

Car Brake Squeaks St BFX035202

Car Brake Squeaks St BFX035203

Car Brakes Start Sto BFX035001

Car Brakes Start Sto BFX035101


Birds Mockingbird BFX012001


Cheerleaders High S BFX014301

Cheerleaders High S BFX014401

Cheerleaders High S BFX014501

Cheerleaders High S BFX014601

Cheerleaders High S BFX014701

Cheerleaders High S BFX014801

Cheerleaders High S BFX014901

Cheerleaders High S BFX015001

Cheerleaders High S BFX015101

Cheerleaders High S BFX015201


Clock Alarm Old 1 Rin BFX015601

Clock Alarm Old 2 Rin BFX015701

Clock Alarm Old 3 Rin BFX015801

Clock Alarm Old 3 Rin BFX015901

Clock Alarm Old Wind BFX016001


Clock Electric Old 1 BFX015301

Clock Electric Old 2 BFX015401

Clock Electric Old 3 BFX015501

Coke Machine

Coke Machine On Wind BFX020501


Air Conditioner Ven BFX012501

Air Conditioner Ven BFX012601

Air Conditioner Ven BFX012701

Air Conditioner Wal BFX012801

Air Compressor 1 On BFX020101

Air Compressor 2 On BFX020201


Computer Cd Rom Load BFX016101

Computer Cd Rom Load BFX016201

Computer Download BFX016301

Computer Download BFX016401

Computer Scanner BFX016501

Computer Scanner BFX016502

Computer Off Comica BFX016601


Bull Bellows Variou BFX012101

Cow Bellows Various BFX012201

Crowd-Horse Track

Crowd Exterior Acti BFX013101


Alarm Dat Machine BFX011901


Demagnetizer Buzz BFX023101


Dog Hound Flaps Ears BFX012301

Dog Hound Flaps Ears BFX012401



Rattles Wood Dresse BFX027201


Drill Electric Brok BFX023201

Drill Press Broken BFX023301


Secret Government S BFX014001


Electrical Guitar BFX018901

Electrical Guitar BFX019001

Electrical Microph BFX019101

Electrical Static BFX019201


Alarm Elevator Hi Pi BFX010601


Electrical Capacit BFX018201

Electrical Capacit BFX018202

Electrical Capacit BFX018203

Electrical Capacit BFX018204

Electrical Capacit BFX018301

Electrical Capacit BFX018401

Electrical Capacit BFX018402

Electrical Capacit BFX018403

Electrical Capacit BFX018501

Electrical Capacit BFX018502


Bomb Explosions Sma BFX026601

Bomb Explosions Sma BFX026602

Bomb Explosions Sma BFX026603


Electrical Diode Ex BFX018601

Electrical Diode Ex BFX018602

Electrical Diode Ex BFX018603

Electrical Diode Ex BFX018701

Electrical Diode Ex BFX018702

Electrical Diode Ex BFX018703

Electrical Diode Ex BFX018704

Electrical Diode Ex BFX018705

Electrical Diode Ex BFX018801

Electrical Diode Ex BFX018802

Electrical Diode Ex BFX018803

Electrical Diode Ex BFX018804


Air Cleaner Cigaret BFX020401

Fan Bathroom Exhaus BFX020601

Fan Bathroom Exhaus BFX020701

Fan Small Broken On R BFX023401

Fan Small Broken On R BFX023501

Fan Small Broken On R BFX023601


Machine Film Synchr BFX024201

Machine Film Synchr BFX024202

Machine Film Synchr BFX024203


Alarm Fire Building BFX010301

Alarm Fire Building BFX010401

Alarm Fire Building BFX010501


Football Sled Hits BFX026701

Football Sled Hits BFX026702


Footsteps Up Stairs BFX026801


Hot Water Heater On BFX020801

Hot Water Heater On BFX020901

Hot Water Heater Pip BFX021001


Grinder Hand Speed BFX023701

Grinder Hand Speed BFX023702


Rifle Shot Nitro Exp BFX027401


Hair Dryer Broken BFX023901

Hair Dryer Broken On BFX023801


Pledge Allegiance BFX026901


Aircraft Jet By 747 BFX010101

Aircraft Jet By 747 BFX010201


Juicer Broken On Run BFX024001

Juicer Broken Off Ba BFX024101


Rooter Goes Down Thr BFX025201

Rooter Goes Down Thr BFX025301


Massager On Run Move BFX021201

Massager On Run No Mo BFX021301



Mulcher Rips Wood 1 BFX024301

Mulcher Rips Wood 2 BFX024302

Mulcher Rips Wood 3 BFX024303

Mulcher Rips Wood 4 BFX024304


Oil Derrick Running BFX021401

Oil Derrick Running BFX021701

Oil Derrick Steam Hi BFX021601

Oil Derrick Steam Hi BFX021801

Oil Derrick Winds Do BFX021501


Alarm Oven Timer Old BFX011601

Alarm Oven Timer Old BFX011701

Alarm Oven Timer Old BFX011801

Parking Garage

Hollywoodedge, Room Ambience Parki BFX013601

Hollywoodedge, Room Ambience Parki BFX013701

Pencil Sharperner

Pencil Sharpener El BFX024401

Pencil Sharpener El BFX024501

Pencil Sharpener El BFX024601

Pencil Sharpener El BFX024701

Pencil Sharpener El BFX024801

Pencil Sharpener El BFX024901

Pencil Sharpener El BFX025001

Pencil Sharpener El BFX025101

Pinball Machine

Pinball Machine Fli BFX022201

Pinball Machine New BFX022101

Pinball Machine On N BFX021901

Pinball Machine Pla BFX022001

Pipe Bender

Pipe Bender On Bends BFX022301


Light Bar Clicks BFX021101


Blue Print Machine BFX020301


Air Pump Electric Sm BFX023001


Rain On Car Heavy BFX013301

Rain On Car Steady In BFX013201

Rain On Skylight Ste BFX013401

Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse Old El BFX022401

Room Tone

Air Fill Church Tone BFX012901

Air Fill Room Tone Em BFX013001

Room Ambience Utili BFX013801

Room Ambience Vendi BFX013901


Saw Saber Broken On BFX025401

Saw Saber Broken On BFX025501


Servo Small Broken BFX025601


Room Ambience Aquar BFX013501


Telephone Ring Prin BFX027501

Telephone Ring Prin BFX027601


Toilet Flush Upstai BFX026001

Toilet Plunging 1 Cl BFX025701

Toilet Plunging 2 Cl BFX025801

Toilet Plunging 3 Cl BFX025901


Traffic Gridlock Ai BFX014101

Traffic Gridlock Ai BFX014201


Train Air Whistle An BFX031001

Train Air Whistle An BFX031101

Train Air Whistle An BFX031201

Train Air Whistle An BFX031301

Train Air Whistle An BFX031401


Truck Slow Stop Off BFX032901

Truck-Pass By

Truck By Slow Lurch BFX032801

Truck-Semi Air Brakes

Truck Semi Air Brake BFX035901

Truck Semi Air Brake BFX035902

Truck-Semi Horn

Truck Semi Horn Off T BFX035701

Truck Semi Horn Sing BFX035801

Truck-Windshield Wiper

Truck Windshield Wi BFX035401

Truck Windshield Wi BFX035501

Truck Windshield Wi BFX035601


Truck Idle Bad Steer BFX034301

Vaccum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaner Brok BFX026101

Vacuum Cleaner Brok BFX026201

Vacuum Cleaner Brok BFX026301

Winch Truck

Winch Truck Electri BFX026401

Winch Truck Electri BFX026402

Winch Truck Electri BFX026501


Windmill Electric BFX022701

Windmill Electric BFX022801

Windmill Electric BFX022901


Rattles Wood Window BFX027301


Rattles Wood Book Sh BFX027001

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