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Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are Storybook Salesmen and while Daffy flies south, outruns Elmer's hunting dogs and raids a treasure cave, Bugs Bunny winds up in the palace of Sultan Sam, who upon makes him the royal storyteller for his son, Prince Abba-Dabba upon threatening to bathe the rabbit in boiling oil as a death threat. 

Cartoons Featured

  • Cracked Quack (Daffy's line, "We'll just put it away in the storage for the winter", is replaced with, "Thermopolis will just have to wait")
  • Apes of Wrath (Bugs' line, "So I'll be a monkey", is replaced with, "I'll sell books later", and the ending with Daffy being delivered as a baby to Bugs via stork is removed)
  • Wise Quackers (The opening where Daffy is flying and crash-lands like a plane on a farm and encounters Elmer.)
  • Ali Baba Bunny (ending to cartoon appears later on with Bugs removed, and Daffy does not shrink via the genie's magic but instead runs out of the cave with the genie zapping him with lightning)
  • Aqua Duck (final cartoon but footage is mirrored and only shown up to the point where Daffy realizes a pool of water is a mirage)

When Bugs is declared as the storyteller, he narrates some of the following LT&M Cartoons:

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