Opening Theme

Season 1

Ep 1.: "Call a Clambulance!"

Ep 2.: "The Crayon Prix!"

Ep 3.: "Bubble Puppy!"

Ep 4.: "Build Me a Building!"

Ep 5.: "Ducks in a Row!"

Ep 6.: "The Grumpfish Special!"

Ep 7.: "The Moon Rocks!"

Ep 8.: "Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf?"

Ep 9.: "We Totally Rock!"

Ep 10.: "Fishketball!"

Ep 11.: "The Legend of Pinkfoot!"

Ep 12.: "Gup, Gup and Away!"

Ep 13.: "The Spring Chicken is Coming!"

Ep 14.: "Boy Meets Squirrel!"

Ep 15.: "Have a Cow!"

Ep 16.: "Super Shrimptennial Celebration!"

Ep 17.: "Happy Clam Day!"

Ep 18.: "Can You Dig It?"

Ep 19.: "Bubble Bites!"

Ep 20.: "Haunted House Party!"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "X Marks the Spot!"

Ep 2.: "Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish!"

Ep 3.: "The Lonely Rhino!"

Ep 4.: "Bubble Puppy's Fintastic Fairy Tale!"

Ep 5.: "The Cowgirl Parade!"

Ep 6.: "Firefighter Gil to the Rescue!"

Ep 7.: "A Tooth on the Looth!"

Ep 8.: "Humunga-Truck!"

Ep 9.: "Check It Out!"

Ep 10.: "The Beach Ball!"

Ep 11.: "The Sizzling Scampinis!"

Ep 12.: "Construction Psyched!"

Ep 13.: "Bubble-Cadabra!"

Ep 14.: "Bubble Duckies!"

Ep 15.: "The Triple Track Train Race!"

Ep 16.: "Only the Sphinx Nose!"

Ep 17.: "Sir Nonny the Nice!"

Ep 18.: "Bring on the Bugs!"

Ep 19.: "Good Hair Day!"

Season 3

Ep 1.: "Get Ready for School!"

Ep 2.: "The Police Cop-etition!"

Ep 3.: "The Elephant Trunk-a-Dunk!"

Ep 4.: "The Super Ballet Bowl!"

Ep 5.: "The Wizard of Oz-tralia!"

Ep 6.: "The Arctic Life!"

Ep 7.: "Puppy Love!"

Ep 8.: "The Puppy and the Ring!"

Ep 9.: "The Amusement Parking Lot!"

Ep 10.: "Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish!"

Ep 11.: "The Oyster Bunny!"

Ep 12.: "The Unidentified Flying Orchestra!"

Ep 13.: "Come to Your Senses!"

Ep 14.: "The Bubble Bee-athalon!"

Ep 15.: "Party at Sea!"

Ep 16.: "Bubble Scrubbies!"

Ep 17.: "Swimtastic Check-Up!"

Ep 18.: "Gobble, Gobble, Guppies!"

Ep 19.: "A Very Guppy Christmas!"

Ep 20.: "Puddleball!"

Ep 21.: "The Running of the Bullfrogs!"

Ep 22.: "Bubble Kitty!"

Ep 23.: "Super Guppies!"

Ep 24.: "A Dolphin is a Guppy's Best Friend!"

Ep 25.: "Fruit Camp!

Season 4

Ep 1.: "The Glitter Games!"

Ep 2.: "Costume Boxing!"

Ep 3.: "The New Doghouse!"

Ep 4.: "Guppy Movers!"

Ep 5.: "Batterball!"

Ep 6.: "Temple of the Lost Puppy!"

Ep 7.: "Space Guppies!"

Ep 8.: "The New Year's Dragon!"

Ep 9.: "Sheep Doggy!"

Ep 10.: "Bubble Baby!"

Ep 11.: "Guppy Style!"

Ep 12.: "The Summer Camp Games!"

Ep 13.: "Trick-or-Treat, Mr. Grumpfish!"

Season 5

Ep 1.: "The New Guppy!"

Ep 2.: "Secret Agent Nonny!"

Ep 3.: "The Kingdom of Clean!"

Ep 4.: "The Good, The Sad & The Grumpy!"

Ep 5.: "Ocean Patrol!"

Ep 6.: "Rockin' Out!"

Ep 7.: "Genie in a Bubble!"

Ep 8.: "A Furry Tale!"

Ep 9.: "Super Baby!"

Ep 10.: "Dragons N' Roses!"

Ep 11.: "Ninja Season!"

Ep 12.: "Snow Squad to the Rescue"

Ep 13.: "Too Bright for Movie Night!"

Ep 14.: "The Guppies Save Christmas!"

Ep 15.: "The Mighty, Untidy Titans!"

Ep 16.: "Alison in Wonderland!"

Ep 17.: "It's a Lizard!"

Ep 18.: "Swinging in the Rainforest!"

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