Bruton Music is an APM Music library founded in 1977 by Robin Phillips.

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TV Shows



  • Luxo Jr. (Counterpoint in Rhythm is heard frequently)
  • Poorly Animated Shorties "Destruct Ball Part 2" (theultimatetroopers) (House of Horror and Take a Bow 1 is heard once)
  • Weird Mushroom: Super Mario Maker Parody Animation (Tomfoolery is heard frequently)


  • E*TRADE Fore (2017)


  • MTV ID - The Experiment Continues (1992) (Off to Play is heard once)


  • Abbey Home Entertainment
  • CBS FOX Video
  • Gold Key Entertainment (1980)
  • ITC Film Distributors (1973-1983)
  • Pixar (1986-1995)
  • Tele Liban
  • Quality X Video
  • Walt Disney Home Video

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