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Ep. 1: Blue-Colored Introduction

Ep. 2: Deep Blue Monomakia

Ep. 3: From Dark Gray Clouds

Ep. 4: Searching for the Rainbow

Ep. 5: Under the Soda-Colored Sky

Ep. 6: The Silver Gray Visitor

Ep. 7: The Brilliant Battle

Ep. 8: The Night When the Sea Turns Dark Blue

Ep. 9: Pink Flight

Ep. 10: The Giant Monster's Brilliance

Ep. 11: A Broken Umbrella and the Dark Rain

Ep. 12: Fly From the Darkness

Ep. 13: The Dark Celestial World

Ep. 14: Lost In Colors

Ep. 15: Gorgeous Submaton Color

Ep. 16: The Golden Promise

Ep. 17: Find the Color of the Future!

Ep. 18: Glowing Red

Ep. 19: The Ship That Brings Destruction

Ep. 20: In the Light of Snow

Ep. 21: Eternal Green

Ep. 22: Breaking Through the Red-Stained Wall

Ep. 23: The Dark Transformation

Ep. 24: Translucent Life

Ep. 25: Time of the White Pasca

Ep. 26: Goodbye, Marine Blue