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December 17, 1975

Bons Baisers de Hong Kong (also known as From Hong Kong with Love) is a 1975 French spy comedy film directed by Yvan Chiffre.

It is a parody and spin-off of the James Bond film series starring Les Charlots, with Mickey Rooney portraying the antagonist and featuring Bernard Lee and Lois Maxwell respectively reprise their roles from the films as M and Miss Moneypenny. It was filmed at the Shaw Brothers studios in Hong Kong.


In the prologue, James Bond gets killed during the gunbarrel sequence. After Queen Elizabeth II is kidnapped by a wealthy American megalomaniac and James Bond is killed, the British secret services ask for help from their French counterparts, the SDECE. The Les Charlots group are tasked with hiding the queen's disappearance while the investigation continues to Hong Kong.

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