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The series generally revolves around six protagonists: White Bomber (Shirobon), Blue Bomber (Aobon), Red Bomber (Akabon), Yellow Bomber (Kiirobon), Green Bomber (Midoribon) and Black Bomber (Kurobon) who have taken up the role of B-Da Cops who patrol their home and protect it against threats to the peace. Each character brings a unique personality and element to the story, and learn to fight together in a team as the series progresses to defend their world against evil.

Like their counterparts in the previous series, they are capable of firing light rays from their marble as well as piloting mecha fighters called B-Da Armor in order to combat the forces of evil the heroes, allowing them to take on much bigger enemies. The mechas can either be piloted like a vehicle or merged with the B-Daman's own selves through a transformation process that changes them into the head of the B-Da Armor itself, greatly increasing their ability to fight.

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February 7, 1999 – January 30, 2000

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