"Pirates, Coming Through"

"My Power, The Power of a Pirate"

"The Odette II Leaves Port"

"The Final Battle is at Midnight"

"Marika Makes a Decision"

"Marika's First Day at Work"

"The Peace Does Not Last"

"The Princess and The Pirate"

"A Beautiful Launch"

"Battle in the Storm"

"Wanderer of Light"

"A Return from Eternity"

"Marika Sends an Invitation"

"Marika Goes Recruiting"

"Smuggling, Leaving Port and a Leap"

"The Hakuoh Pirates' First Job"

"A Surprising Client"

"We'll Have Juice at the After Party"

"The Bonds Among the Four"

"The Captain Rides the Waves"

"The Final Battle at the Nebula Cup"

"Pirate Hunting"

"Head for the Pirate's Nest!"

"The Wounded Benten"

"The Pirate's Council Begins"

"There Go the Pirates"

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