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March 11, 2003, March 28, 2003 (UK)

The Knights of Can-A-Lot, (also known as The Knights of Fix-A-Lot for American audiences), is the second Bob the Builder special released on Video & DVD on March 11, 2003 in the USA and March 28, 2003 in the UK.

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Bob the Builder's dad comes to town. But when an old castle needs repairs, it's time to call Bob the Builder! Unfortunately, a case of mistaken identity puts Bob's father in charge, resulting in one disaster after another. Meanwhile, tales of Camelot inspire Bob's noble crew of machines - Sir Lift-A-Lot, Sir Roll-A-Lot, and Lady Mix-A-Lot - in their quest to get the job done, while Sir Spud-A-Lot finds a suit of armor and a fiery steed almost perfect for jousting! Back at the castle, Bob's father is a bit of a royal pain when he locks himself and Bob in the dungeon, then finds himself mysteriously trapped in a maze! Can they be able to get out?

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