Cartoondude135 Cartoondude135 1 day ago

Monster House (video game) sound effects

I found the MOVIE version Monster House, but no VIDEO GAME version of Monster House. The sound effects I'm looking for in the Gamecube/PS2 version of this game is when the "steam hissing" sound that plays when the pipe enemies (the gas tank monsters, the boss pipes, and red hot pipes (before they pop out of the floor/walls)) make. I also need the "electricity crackle" sound the lamps make when they come to life.

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GageTracey02 GageTracey02 2 days ago

What Anime Birds Tweeting SFX Is This

Heres this link of My Comment To Catwoman778 i sent you.

i need to know what name is that anime bird soundeffect?

its heard from:

nickelodeon vhs maze intro warioware Smooth Moves and Fiary tail Season 1 Episode 3.

can you find the name for that sfx?

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Cartoondude135 Cartoondude135 3 days ago

Commando 2 and Commando 3 sound effects

In the online flash games called Commando 2 and Commando 3, many of these weapon and explosion sound effects look like they're reused from old flash sprite animations. But does anyone have the name of all the sound effects used in these two specific games?

Here are the links:,commando-2-hacked.html and

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Cartoondude135 Cartoondude135 3 days ago

Unknown sound effect name

Does anybody know the official name of this specific sound effect?

At 8:16 is the sound when the camel drags Futz on the ground while trying to repel scorpions from it's face.

This sound effect is also heard in the flash game The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Camera Twin Spin when your camera crane hits a light or microphone.

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Catwoman778 Catwoman778 5 days ago

bird sounds

i need bird sounds for a science experiment anyone know any?

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Trent98 Trent98 29 days ago

My SFX Opinions

DISCLAIMER ON THE BABY SOUNDS: I usually record the samples I was watching on Audacity and pitch them down just to be safe when a TV show/movie/TV ad etc I'm watching may use the Series 2000 baby crying sounds.

  • 1 My Best Sound Effects
    • 1.1 Hollywood Edge/Soundelux
    • 1.2 Sound Ideas
    • 1.3 Pretty much the Warner Bros/Hanna-Barbera/Disney/Jay Ward cartoon sound effects
  • 2 My Neutral Sound Effects
    • 2.1 Hollywood Edge/Soundelux
    • 2.2 Sound Ideas
    • 2.3 Digiffects
  • 3 My Worst Sound Effects
    • 3.1 Hollywood Edge/Soundelux

  • Hollywoodedge, Baby Crying Slowly PE144001 - That was my #1 SFX from hell when I was young in the mid-2000's until I was 17 in November 2015. It used to upset me when I hear the sound come on, like the first time I started to hate the sound was when it was used in a…

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Looneytunerian Looneytunerian 24 October

Idea Proposal: Image Gallery Pages for Shorts

On the SFX Resource Wiki, we make Image Gallery Articles for theatrical shorts, episodes, movies, video games and sound effects in general.

So while I was in exile, I've done some thinking and...

Why won't we do the same for this wiki?

It could work. And that way, no one would get in trouble for breaking the simplest rules.

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BattleForBFDIFan4 BattleForBFDIFan4 13 October

I cannot download the sound effects anymore!

This sucks, cannot download them anymore is a piece of stupidity!!!!!!!!

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Makara Furusawa Makara Furusawa 11 October

My Favorite and Least Favorite TV Shows

  • 1 My Most Adored TV Shows of All Time
  • 2 My Favorite TV Shows
  • 3 My Neutral TV Shows
  • 4 The Only Show That I Do Not Care for
  • 5 My Least Favorite TV Shows
  • 6 My Most Hated Shows
  • 7 My Most Despised TV Shows of All Time

  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
  • BanG Dream!
  • Beavis and Butt-Head (because John Bowen chooses good sound effects; I used to despise this show back in 2017, but now I started liking it on June 20, 2019 because it is starting to get intresting for me, and now it is my #1 most favorite show of all time.)
  • Daria
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi (because the songs are catchy, the only episode I hate is "Mini-Puffs" because I do not like the part where it uses the Baby Kate Cry.)
  • Love Live! School Idol Project
  • Love Live! Sunshine!!
  • Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart
  • The Sifl &…

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Makara Furusawa Makara Furusawa 6 October

My Opinion on the Sound Effects That I Like and Hate

  • 1 Best Sound Effects
  • 2 Neutral (Hit or Miss) Sound Effects
  • 3 Worst Sound Effects
    • 3.1 And the worst and deadly 13 crybaby sounds are:
  • 4 The Only Sound Effect I Have to Resist in Hearing
    • 4.1 Here is a list of TV shows, movies, commercials, and YouTube videos I've heard this stupid and most overused Baby Kate Cry in!!!
  • 5 The Only Shows and Games That Don't Use the Baby Kate Cry are...

  • Cipha Sounds Air Horn (known as the MLG Air Horn Sound) - This air horn sound gives me memories of MLG videos. I previously heard it in Rick and Morty.
  • Disney - SIREN WHISTLE ZING 02/Hollywoodedge, Ascending Whistles CRT057901 - I previously heard it twice in "Bat Scouts", an episode from Teen Titans Go!. I can also handle BigIdeas70258 and KennySzeto617's opinions on this sou…

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Aboodshq8 Aboodshq8 4 October

Does anybody know this sound effect?


All I know about this sound effect is that it was used in Kirby anime and Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch,

Found the sound again in Kirby Right Back at Ya! Episode 1 at 20:30 and 89 at 21:16 or Mermaid Melody Transformations.

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Jeckyjo Jeckyjo 1 October

Trying To Find Controversial Cooing Baby Noise That Says "Islam Is The Light"

Help me I am trying to find this sound effect it was used in a Nintendo DS game and a recalled toy

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JAPD JAPD 25 September

Sound Effects Used By Bill Weisbach

Bill Weisbach did the music and sound design for Baby Einstein (All videos except Baby da Vinci, Baby Monet, Baby Wordsworth, On the Go, Meet the Orchestra, Baby's First Moves, Lullaby Time and several Grow With Me puppet shows.), Baby Faith, Baby Signs, The Safe Side (Stranger Safety only.) and WeeSchool. Here's a list of sound effects he used in these videos.

  • 1 List of Known Sound Effects (In order of appearance)
    • 1.1 Sounds From Language Nursery
    • 1.2 Sounds From Baby Mozart
    • 1.3 Sounds From Baby Bach
    • 1.4 Sounds From Baby Shakespeare
    • 1.5 Sounds from Baby Van Gogh
    • 1.6 Sounds From Baby Santa's Music Box
    • 1.7 Sounds from Neighborhood Animals
    • 1.8 Sounds From World Animals
    • 1.9 Sounds From The Baby Dolittle Interactive Discovery Cards
    • 1.10 Sounds From Baby Newton
    • 1.11 S…

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Landon Foster Landon Foster 17 September

Possible Series 6000 Rooster Sound In July 1996 Chuck E. Cheese Show

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Cart1146 Cart1146 13 September

I need help finding this zip-like sound effect!

I heard it once in the Kirby: Right Back At Ya! episode "Cartoon Buffoon"

Can any of you help me find it here on the Sound Effects Wiki? It's been a sound effect I've been looking for since June! 

Give me the answer in the comments!

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Makara Furusawa Makara Furusawa 13 September

My Benbowen111 Rant

Benbowen111?! No way! More like Beenblowin666! Oh my god, this user stinks! This user keeps inserting false information on Hollywoodedge, Girl Screams Long Hi CRT028201 and Hollywoodedge, Screams 2 Woman Singl PE133601!!! Thank god this user got blocked in some wikis he was in. I do not know who likes this user, but do you know who hates this user? Trent98, he made a message to this user. So screw Benbowen111, and screw HiHiPuffyAmiYumiFan/Abby! Beavis and Butt-Head is infinity times better than Benbowen111, but if you do not like this show, I respect your opinion. Anyways, end of rant.

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Makara Furusawa Makara Furusawa 13 September

The Reason Why I Really Despise The Amazing World of Gumball So Much

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Makara Furusawa Makara Furusawa 13 September

Chat Room

Minna-san, konnichiwa, Makara-chan desuyo~♪. I was thinking that we could meet in the chat room to share our opinions on our favorite and least favorite TV shows.

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KindAdaptableKayak2 KindAdaptableKayak2 13 September

What are these sound effects?

What is the name of the take sound (heard in Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls) and the steam whistle sound (heard in Tom and Jerry)?

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ClaireRabbit1 ClaireRabbit1 11 September

I can't believe Edu did this!!!

My brother made an imposter account of me! He replaced some of his info with fake info such as changing his birthyear ten years earlier, 2012 to 2002, changing his home location to sound like he was another person that dosen't live with me and changing his name to Robert Williams to not let others identify him. (WikiExpertXV luckily identified him because he used context clues.) Edu then created a page called The Adventures Of The Little Mudskipper. The page kept being deleted and Edu created the page again until he got blocked which blocked my IP adress! I wasn't able to write on the SFX Venting Thread when Edu imitated bad sfx to me. Today he imitated the elephant noise several times and I wasn't able to write on the thread. I decided to…

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Alex Damer Alex Damer 2 September

How Do I Become An Admin.

Hey Guys, Alex Here. & I Just Want To Say 1 Quick Thing, How Do I Become An Admin. I Tried To Listen To The Instructions How To Become One On [http:// FANDOM Community Central], But It Didn't Work.

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Santiago Reveco Lepe Santiago Reveco Lepe 1 September

Unidentified blood splat sound effect

Out of curiosity, can somebody identify this blood splat sound effect? I know this was heard in TV shows, movies, video games, online videos and anime, but can y'all identify it? Anyone?

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Jared DiCarlo Jared DiCarlo 28 August

Can we please get rid of unnecessary categories?

You know which ones I’m talking about. The ones that look like, “Shows that don’t use (insert sound effect here)”. It’s rather annoying and it gives this site an unprofessional vibe.

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General Maho General Maho 23 August

Unknown Roar Sound

I KNOW I've heard this sound before, but I don't know what it is. Can anyone please help me?

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Mario's Game Gallery

Can you guess what two of this sounds is this at 38:28 and 38:33

Video :

Thank you.

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Unknown fanfare sound effect

I've heard this fanfare sound in "Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt" whenever a character gets an Edgar award. As of today, I also learned that it plays in the "VeggieTales On TV" version of "A Snoodle's Tale", specifically, when Archibald Asparagus tells a story about "Schnidle Flap". I don't know what the sound is called, but I've got these pictures down below that go with that sound.

  • VeggieTales on TV (Heard in the televised version of "A Snoodle's Tale")

  • Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt
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WikiMaster1947 WikiMaster1947 18 August

Reasons Why I Want To Become A FANDOM Admin

  • This Blog Post Is Coming Soon*
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RangoAnimations RangoAnimations 18 August

Anyone knows the original sound?

I'm looking for this glass shatter sound effect found here.

the sound is at 0:03

I heard this sound in Spongebob, Regular Show and Dexter's Laboratory. 

Anyone knows what it is?

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General Maho General Maho 18 August

question to anyone who will answer

This is just out of curiosity. How many people here know what this image is supposed to be?

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WikiExpertXV WikiExpertXV 15 August

KissAnime and KissManga Have Shut Down!

This is a big news and emergency for those that like to see anime shows on pirate sites. The KissAnime and KissManga sites have completely shut down due to Japan putting out a law that you can't pirate anime and watch them for free. This will apply to other illegal sites that contain anime as well in the future I bet.

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ClaireRabbit1 ClaireRabbit1 13 August

ClaireRabbit1's Reaction gallery

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SqueakyCartWheel SqueakyCartWheel 11 August

How I'd Edit Sound Effects for Different Properties

Since I want to do quite a bit of sound editing someday, I've put together a little something detailing how I'd handle the sound design should I be assigned to do anything with certain properties.

  • 1 Looney Tunes:
  • 2 Tiny Toon Adventures/Animaniacs/Pinky and the Brain:
  • 3 Disney (plus the new Mickey shorts):
  • 4 Hanna-Barbera:
  • 5 Pink Panther (plus other DePatie-Freleng characters like the Inspector):
  • 6 Peanuts:
  • 7 DIC properties (namely Inspector Gadget or Heathcliff):
  • 8 Ren and Stimpy:
  • 9 SpongeBob SquarePants:
  • 10 Star Wars:
  • 11 Tom & Jerry:

  • Good amount of Disney SFX as well, as WB DID use a number of Disney effects in their classic shorts
  • Small amount of H-B and Jay Ward, plus other vintage SFX sources (e.g. a few riccos, maybe, a few gener…

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Santiago Reveco Lepe Santiago Reveco Lepe 8 August

If Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) was sound designed by Swara Productions

What if Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) was sound designed by Swara Productions for the 1991 Japanese theatrical release? Here's the list of that they should've used.

  • Anime Angry Sound
  • Anime Ascending Miscellaneous Sound
  • Anime Body Fall Sound 9
  • Anime Body Fall Sound 10
  • Anime Deep Hit Sound
  • Anime Dog Howl Sound
  • Anime Electronic Train Crossing Bell Sound 2
  • Anime Glass Break Sound 1
  • Anime Gunshot Sound 1 (Debut)
  • Anime Gunshot Sound 3
  • Anime Electronic Sound 11
  • Anime Explosion Sound 3
  • Anime Explosion Sound 5
  • Anime Explosion Sound 6 (Used for the Nuclear Nightmare.)
  • Anime Laser Sound 2
  • Anime Pre-Explosion Glow Sound
  • Anime Poof Sound 2
  • Anime Pop Gun Sound
  • Anime Pop Sound 1
  • Anime Punch Sound 1
  • Anime Punch Sound 2
  • Anime Sparkle Sound 3
  • Anime Sputter Up Sound
  • Anime Squea…
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WikiExpertXV WikiExpertXV 6 August

3 Strike Rule Idea

A friend of mine on Facebook told me to have a 3 strike rule for this site. So we can be fair on the users who break the rules here.

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Joshua productions Joshua productions 16 July

Sound Effects Used by Weisbach

This is a list of sound effects Bill Weisbach used in Baby Einstein, Baby Faith, Baby Signs, The Safe Side and WeeSchool.

  • 1 List of Known Sound Effects (In order of appearance.)
    • 1.1 Sounds from Language Nursery
    • 1.2 Sounds from Baby Mozart
    • 1.3 Sounds from Baby Bach
    • 1.4 Sounds from Baby Shakespeare
    • 1.5 Sounds from Baby Van Gogh
    • 1.6 Sounds from Baby Santa's Music Box
    • 1.7 Sounds from Neighborhood Animals
    • 1.8 Sounds from World Animals
    • 1.9 Sounds from the Baby Dolittle Interactive Discovery Cards
    • 1.10 Sounds from Baby Newton
    • 1.11 Sounds from Baby Beethoven
    • 1.12 Sounds from Baby Neptune
    • 1.13 Sounds from Baby Galileo
    • 1.14 Sounds from Numbers Nursery
    • 1.15 Sounds from Baby MacDonald
    • 1.16 Sounds from God Made Me
    • 1.17 Sounds from God Made Animals
    • 1.18 Sounds from God Made Music
    • 1.19 Sounds …

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General Maho General Maho 15 July

SM64 Beta Voice Clips

So, the Super Mario 64 beta has gotten a lot of attention as of late. I've been doing a bit of research myself, as well. I've hit a bit of a snag, though. Many of Mario's beta voice clips are taken from the Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library, specifically the yelling sounds. There's one voice clip that I couldn't find there, and The Cutting Room Floor claims it's from the WB library. Can anyone please help me identify the sound's origin?

Here's the sound:

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JaredFetzer JaredFetzer 10 July

Transformers Movie Sound Effects

Can someone help me find a nice and clean version of this sound effect at 1:03 from this video.

I would like to find out where else this sound effect appears in a clean way from either another movie,show,or a video game.

I enjoy this sound effect because it is cool and I would associate this sound effect from Blackout, the Decepticon seen in the clip above.

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James Dahlbender James Dahlbender 8 July

The Sound Libraries I Would Use as a Sound Editor

Hey, guys! James Dahlbender here and here's the sound libraries I'll be using as a sound designer/editor under the psudeonym, "Andy Oswald."

The General Series 6000 + Ex. 1 + Ext. 6

Hanna Barbera

Warner Bros.


Unknown Sound Libraries

Just Birds and Animals I + II

The Premiere Edition 1

Pro Sound Effects Libraries

Cartoon Trax 1 

Animal Trax

Cartoon Express

Series 5000

20th Century Fox

Sony Pictures 

Super Single 

The Edge Edition

Background Trax

Series 1000

Series 2000

Series 4000

Signature Series

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Animation Collection

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List of media pieces in which I heard Sound Ideas, COW - SINGLE MOO, ANIMAL 02

Hi guys, this is Alex Roman here, and I'm sharing media in which I heard Sound Ideas, COW - SINGLE MOO, ANIMAL 02. Everyone on this wiki should be able to recognize this effect.

I personally do not like this sound effect myself, but this isn't for complaining, but rather, to show my personal experience throughout the years. To all my fellow wiki users who do like this sound, this is nothing against you because obviously, everyone is different in their own special way.

Notice: If you want to copy and paste this list with another sound you hate, please ask me on my message wall first.

My list so far includes media that I heard naturally and not Transpose.

Here we are, the main point of this post. Here is the list, and I will tell you all the pie…

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SqueakyCartWheel SqueakyCartWheel 4 July

Highway Runnery... ENHANCED!

Here's a personal project I did sometime back, taking one of the Format Films-produced Road Runner shorts from the mid-60s and "correcting" the SFX so it sounded MORE like a Looney Tune and less like Rocky and Bullwinkle or The Alvin Show. I've already shown this to Zak Wolf/Wile e2005, but I think some of you might like this as well:

  • Bob Clampett Beeowoop
  • Cartoon Slide Whistle Zip Sound
  • Freesound, Clock Tick
  • Freesound, R18-10-Classic Western Ricochets.wav
  • Freesound, Shocked gasp.wav
  • Hollywoodedge, Funny Rapid GlassyM CRT041401
  • Hollywoodedge, Low Pitched Squeak CRT049301 (Squeak only.)
  • Hollywoodedge, Metal Crash Car Heav PE1052006/Sound Ideas, AUTO, CRASH - CRASHES, …

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WikiExpertXV WikiExpertXV 4 July

COVID-19 Vaccine For US Revealed

I recently found an article that saids the German and US have found a non-toxic vaccine that's use to cure up people who have the coronavirus. But lets hope it will be used soon and will make the pandemic decrease.

I want this crisis to end by next year so everything will be back to normal as before.

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Critter Corner "SFX Library"

Critter Corner is an amateur "SFX Library" created by RubbadubbersYesJohnnyTestNo (a.k.a. Alex Roman).

Critter Corner is centered around animals, just like its inspirations; Just Birds & Animals, Animal Trax, and Wild World of Animals.

Alex will use effects he recorded from his phone and convert them into audio files.

Do keep in mind that this library may not be complete for a while.

  • 1 Birds
  • 2 Blackbirds
  • 3 Cat
  • 4 Cattle
  • 5 Chicken
  • 6 Crane
  • 7 Dog
  • 8 Emu
  • 9 Fly
  • 10 Goat
  • 11 Goose
  • 12 Guineafowl
  • 13 Guinea Pig
  • 14 Parrot
  • 15 Pig
  • 16 Sheep

Birds, various, mixed aviary, chickens, peafowl, parrots, ambience at zoo 01

Coming soon

Birds, various, mixed aviary, chickens, peafowl, parrots, ambience at zoo 02

Coming soon

Birds, various songbirds - calling in morning

Birds, various songbirds - calling in …

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Mr Story 2 Mr Story 2 2 July

You can get right up

I was wondering if you could find the following sound effects on this video from sesame street "you can get right up".

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LEEROOOOYjenkins LEEROOOOYjenkins 2 July

Do any of you want to see how some sound effects were created?

I mean, one running sound effect was done by rapidly slapping a man's hands on the sofa in Bill Hanna's office. So, do you think describing how some sound effects were created in any way would be a good option, or vandalism?

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Aimechan93 Aimechan93 1 July

Spanish version from this wiki is here!

Well, anyone who are speaking spanish, why not join on this wiki in spanish version?

I made a Spanish version from this wiki since 5 months ago....

Ok, I speak spanish, but is my native language, and I'm from Mexico, and I speak english too. And this wiki in Spanish version, and to add the media from Latin America and Spain such like TV Shows, Movies, and more. But first, needs to analyze the media first before to register in an article about a sound effect can be heard such like this example sound effect: Hollywoodedge, Chimpanzee Screeche PE026201

Please join and visit the Spanish version from this wiki: Soundeffects Wiki en Español/in Spanish

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The Cadet Cats and the Mission for Planet B

This is a fan-show that popped up in my mind. It is a plot-driven 2D animated series in which five feline astronauts; Regius "Reggie" the optimistic male lion, Tiberius "Ty" the male Bengal tiger, Charlotte "Lotta", the female cheetah, Carlyle "Carl" the male and somewhat naïve caracal, and Sylvia "Silver", the female snow leopard, are on a space expedition to find another inhabitable planet in a different galaxy. The series is produced by Cartoon Network Studios, Millimages, HiT Entertainment (a first for Cartoon Network original series), and Cosgrove Hall Films. The production with CHF will also have this series doing a crossover with Lavender Castle at some point. Macushla Carney, Karen Davidsen, Madeleine Warburg, and Bob Boyle are the…

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If Pokémon was sound designed by Skywalker Sound

What if Skywalker Sound sound designed Pokémon instead of Daisuke Jinbo? Here's the list of that they should've used.

  • Anime Big Pop Sound
  • Anime Large Crash Sound
  • Anime Twitch Sound 2
  • Anime Whoosh Sound 20 (Used for scene transitions.)
  • Hollywoodedge, Explo Whoosh CRT040202
  • Hollywoodedge, Large Explosion With Lon PE280201
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Whats this sound?

It's in Wacky Races' Race Rally to Raleigh and it plays after Seargent Blast presses the button that adds lipstick. It's at 5:28.

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SqueakyCartWheel SqueakyCartWheel 16 June

Robert Hall SFX

The reason I'm making this blog post is because there's an obscure series of SFX albums that have picqued my interest as of late, namely from a label which called themselves Robert Hall Productions. I know absolutely nothing about these, but I imagine these releases are from the 1960s or so. Here's a link to the label's page on the Discogs database:

The main reason I'm interested in these is because I'd like to find out if the effects on these are anything familar that any of us'll recognize. I'm especially interested in this album, labelled "Fun Effects". Obviously these are cartoony effects, but I wish I knew if the sounds on this album are original or if they're just your usua…

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I have a bad feeling about this.

Well, everyone, I have a TERRIBLE feeling the new Sonic movie MAY use the nightmarous brake drum and bulb horn bonk sound (though there is a slight chance). I am also scared that Minions: Rise of Gru will have that sound too. But let's hope not, especially in the new Minions movie (since the first one had that awkward sound).

So guys, do you think it will have it or not? Let me know about this, please!

By the way, I saw the Emoji Movie on DVD and I actually liked this movie. I listened closely to the cartoon sounds, but my arch-nemesis bonk sound wasn't even heard loudly, so can anyone tell me where in the movie was the sound heard on?

Anyway, thanks for reading, guys.

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