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Season 1

Ep. 1: The Quest for the Holy Quail

Ep. 2: A Gift for Griddle

Ep. 3: Tournament Day

Ep. 4: Excaliburn

Ep. 5: Newt for a Day

Ep. 6: Knights & Knightresses

Ep. 7: Merle's Mirror

Ep. 8: Renaissance Dragon

Ep. 9: Robbing Hoodlum

Ep. 10: The Stone of Wisdom

Ep. 11: Hermits & Heroes

Ep. 12: Sir Hare

Ep. 13: Bleepin' Beauty

Season 2

Ep. 1

A Killer Makeover

The Age of Retention

Ep. 2

The Lost Ruby Hat of Omar the Ham

Achy Breaky Mace

Ep. 3

Shamrocks and Shenanigans

Three Dragons and a Baby

Ep. 4

King for a Day

Erik the Well-Read

Ep. 5

Chain Mail Letter

You Dim Sum, You Lose Some

Ep. 6


Infernal Flame

Ep. 7


Attila's Hot Buns

Ep. 8

The Isle of Dwight

Ice Try

Ep. 9

Single Green Dragon

Sphinx Jinx

Ep. 10

Griddle's Sleepless Knights

Whine & Roses

Ep. 11

The Reign in Spain

Geoffrey's Evil Pancakes

Ep. 12

The Golden Thimble of Theodora

Seven Dragon Sins

Ep. 13

Quest to Success

Slay the Dragon