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June 28 – September 13, 2006

Blade: The Series is an American live-action superhero television series which ran from June to September 2006. It was based on the Marvel Comics character and film series, taking place after the events of Blade: Trinity. The show premiered on Spike on June 28, 2006. Kirk "Sticky" Jones starred in the title role, along with Jill Wagner as Krista Starr, Neil Jackson as Marcus van Sciver, Jessica Gower as Chase, and Nelson Lee as Shen. New Line Cinema (alongside Warner Bros.) is the distributor of this series as they had the rights for distribution prior to the Disney buyout of Marvel.

The two-hour pilot was directed by Peter O'Fallon from a script by David S. Goyer (who wrote the scripts for all three of the films) and Geoff Johns.


The adventures of the half human/vampire hunter.

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