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January 16, 2018 - May 24, 2021

Black Lightning is an American superhero television series, airing on The CW. It is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. It debuted on January 16, 2018, and ended on May 24, 2021.


The series focuses on Jefferson Pierce, the principal of Garfield High School in the city of Freeland, Georgia. Nine years ago, he was a superhero called Black Lightning until he retired after what his life was doing to his ex-wife Lynn Stewart and his daughters Anissa and Jennifer. Jefferson is forced to become Black Lightning again when The 100, Freeland's most feared criminal gang led by Tobias Whale, was taking over the city.Jefferson’s return as Black Lightning is caused when Anissa and Jennifer were captured by 100 members associated with Latavius "Lala" Jackson. After the incident, Anissa starts to develop her abilities and becomes Thunder while Jennifer starts to develop her own electrical abilities. In addition, Jennifer's boyfriend Khalil Payne gets swayed to Tobias’ side following a sniper injury and becomes Painkiller through cybernetic enhancements. In a showdown with A.S.A. member Martin Proctor, Jennifer defeats him with Proctor getting shot by Gambi. Proctor's briefcase enables Tobias to get access to its contents.

In season two, Jennifer works to improve her powers as Tobias works to translate the contents of the briefcase. With Freeland Police Department's Bill Henderson now knowing Jefferson and Anissa's superhero identities, they continues their fight against the 100. Meanwhile, Lynn works on the young metahumans in the pods that Proctor had while under the supervision of A.S.A. agent Odell who has swayed ex-Markovian scientist Dr. Helga Jace into helping out, unaware that she is secretly helping Tobias out. Following Khalil's apparent death, Jennifer becomes Lightning to help her father out. Tobias manages to get some of the contents translated which led to him getting control of the Masters of Disaster. As Jefferson and Jennifer defeat Tobias, who is later incarcerated in the Pit, Dr. Jace is handed over of Henderson and is later taken back to Markovia by the teleporting bounty hunter Instant. As the Pierces celebrate their victory, Odell reveals that he knows their secret identities. He tells them that the Markovians are coming to Freeland and that the A.S.A. is swearing them in for the inevitable war.

In season three, the A.S.A. has imposed martial law on Freeland while covering up to the media that there is a SARS outbreak. Having some of the people who are suspected metahumans placed in the A.S.A.'s facility, Odell plans to weaponize those who have metahuman abilities while having Commander Carson Williams, Major Sara Grey, and Sergeant Gardner Grayle working for him to impose the marital law. To make matters worse, Odell had Khalil revived and reprogrammed to serve him. While having been given a new suit by Odell, Jefferson does help against the Markovian soldiers working under Colonel Yuri Mosin. Lynn continues to work with the pod kids while getting bone marrow samples from an incarcerated Tobias while Jennifer meets a geokinetic metahuman named Brandon. After an incident that merges Jefferson’s Earth with Earth-1 and Earth-38, the Markovians managed to abduct Lynn and Tobias so that she can stabilize the metahumans in their possession. The delays cause Mosin's superiors to send their metahuman operative Gravedigger to take over the operation and use his mind control ability to make Lynn work faster. Jefferson rescues her with the help of Anissa, Jennifer, Brandon, Grayle, T.C., Khalil, and Erica Moran while taking Dr. Jace with them, but Tobias is left behind. When Gravedigger and the Markovians begin their invasion of Freeland, Odell orders Commander Williams and Major Grey to purge Freeland of those involved with the A.S.A. Henderson ends up in a mutual kill with a Markovian soldier when saving Black Lightning. While Commander Williams was killed by Lynn in self-defense and Major Grey was killed during her group's shootout with Peter and T.C., Jefferson defeats Gravedigger while Khalil thwarts Odell's departure and Tobias' plans to get access to Markovia's metahumans. Though Markovia's prime minister denies what happened in Freeland, the Pierces present the briefcase to a congressional committee as evidence of their and the A.S.A.'s experiments unaware that Gravedigger survived the Pit's self-destruct sequence.

One year later in season four, Jefferson has stopped being Black Lightning. The 100 is in a turf war with the Kobra Cartel. Tobias is now working as a philanthropist much to the Pierces and Gambi's dismay. In light of Henderson's death, Mayor Billy Black swears in Ana Lopez as the new chief of police. Tobias begins to cause trouble for Jefferson and his allies like having Mayor Black killed. In addition, the assassin Ishmael is in town where Destiny of the Kobra Cartel enlists him to target Jefferson's allies in order to get the remaining metahuman kills he needs to get into the League of Assassins.

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