Season 1 Intro

Season 2 Intro

Season 1

"One Sweet & Sour Chinese Adventure to go"

"The Birth of Rock & Roll or Too Hip for the Womb"

"A Most Excellent Roman Holiday"

"Model 'T' for Ted"

"The More Heinous They are, the Harder They Fall"

"Birds of A Feather Stick to the Roof of Your Mouth"

"A Black Night in San Dimas"

"Pocket Watch Full of Miracles"

"This Babe Ruth "BABE" is A DUDE, Dude"

"When the Going Gets Tough Bill & Ted are History"

"Never the Twain Shall Meet"

"A Job, a Job – My Kingdom for a Job"

"A Grimm Story of an Overdue Book"

Season 2

"Now Museum, Now You Don't"

"The Totally Gross Anatomy of a Gym Teacher"

"The Star Strangled Banner"

"Leave it to Bill and Ted"

"Goodbye, Columbus... and America"

"It's a Bogus Day in the Neighborhood"

"Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure in Babysitting"

"The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Phone Booth"

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