Season 1

"Let's Work Together"

"One Little Lie"

"Bag O' Tricks"

"Good-Bye to Feeling Shy"

"Birthday Bash"

"Key, Key, Where Can You Be?"

"The Apple Corps"

"Win, Lose, or Draw"

"The Imaginary Treasure"

"My Crayons, My Crayons"

"Practice, Practice"

"Piano Roll Blues"

"Bringing Up Puppy"

Season 2

"Join the Club!"

"The Sock Hop"

"Birthday Blahs"

"Zoom to the Zoo"

"The Showdown"

"Elmo's Visit"

"Afraid of the Dark"

"Presto Change-O"

"To See or Not to See"

"Giggle Cookies"

"Royal Bag"

"It's Showtime"

"Case of the Missing Sock"

"Chelli's in Charge"

"Fair Play at the Country Fair"

"Bathtub Blues"

"Parrot Patrol"

"Where's Harriet?"

"Oatmeal Man"

"You Don't Look Bluish"

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