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December 18, 2006 - 2012

Bernard, known as Backkom (Hangul: 빼꼼) in South Korea and Berni in Spain, is a Spanish-South Korean-French computer-animated television series produced by RG Animation Studios, with the investment of the French broadcaster M6.[1] The animation style is of a combination of computer-generated and cel animation. The stories are written by the creative studio Screen21, the directors are José Luis Ucha Enríquez and Claudio Biern Lliviria. The music was written by Oscar Maceda Rodríguez. Bernard also was a part of Cartoon Network's Sunday Pants.

In South Korea, Season 1 aired on EBS TV in 2006 and consists of 52 episodes. Season 2 aired in 2009, and it also consists of 52 episodes.


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