Season 1

"The Kelley Boys and the Mysterious Lighthouse Mystery"

"Cyrano de Mille"

"Piano Man"

"Truth in Advertising"

"Miss Tweenage Burnaby"

"The Greatest Story Never Told"

"Little Camp of Horrors"

"Cool Status Quo"

"The Kelleys"

"Catch Me If You Cane"

"Joust Kidding Around"

"The Boy Who Cried UFO"

"Once A Pawn A Time"

"Is There an Ian in the House?"

"For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls"

"Links for Love"

"Show Me the Bunny"

"Ian's Louse-ey Day"


"The Curse"

"Snow Fun"

"Bad Day at White Rock"


"Band 'o' Bruthaz"

"Hockey Night in Burnaby"

"Planet of the Imps"

Season 2

"SCREAM Because I Know What You Did to that Psycho Last Summer"

"Animal House"

"What's Comb Over You"

"O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

"Morning Zoo"

"Kelley vs. Kelley"

"Ian the Peckyhead"

"Being Principal Bill"

"Million Dollar $andi"

"Health Nut"

"Behind Bars"

"Out of Focus Group"

"Ken Kelley and the Keyboard Factory"

"Kelley's Seven"

"The Good Egg"

"5 o`clock Snooze"

"Home Alone"


"Spells Like Teen Spirit"

"Dummy Up"

"The Great Escape"

"Ian Kelley's Day Off"

"The Fifth and a Half Sense"


"Hurry for Hollywood Part 1"

"Hurry for Hollywood Part 2"

Season 3

"One Week Later"

"Midnight Madness"

"Blah Blah Blog"

"School Unfair"

"Adventures In Kelley Sitting"

"The Ians"

"Winning Isn't Ian's Thing"

"Everykid 13"

"That's Ridonkulous"

"Ian Kelley Is History"

"An Ianconvenient Truth"

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