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Season 2

Ep 1.: "Ooh Baby, Baby"

Ep 2.: "Raiders of the Lost Cheese"

Ep 3.: "The Big Sleep"

Ep 4.: "Clear as a Bell"

Ep 5.: "Good Times"

Ep 6.: "You Learn Something New Every Day"

Ep 7.: "Back To Nature"

Ep 8.: "The Ojolympics"

Ep 9.: "The Great Pretender"

Ep 10.: "It's All in Your Head"

Ep 11.: "Oops My Mistake"

Ep 12.: "Bear's Birthday Bash"

Ep 13.: "Picture This"

Ep 14.: "The Big Blue Housecall"

Ep 15.: "Change Is in the Air"

Ep 16.: "Look What I Made"

Ep 17.: "If at First, You Don't Succeed..."

Ep 18.: "All Weather Bear"

Ep 19.: "I Built That!"

Ep 20.: "Tutter's Tiny Trip"

Ep 21.: "Dance Fever!"

Ep 22.: "Afraid Not"

Ep 23.: "I Gotta Be Me!"

Ep 24.: "Buggin'"

Ep 25.: "Love Is All You Need"

Ep 26.: "It's A Mystery To Me"

Ep 27.: "As Different as Day and Night"

Ep 28.: "Grandparents Just Want to Have Fun"

Ep 29.: "The Way I Feel Today"

Ep 30.: "You Go, Ojo!"

Ep 31.: "Scientific Bear"

Ep 32.: "Boys Will Be Boys"

Ep 33.: "I Was Just Thinking"

Ep 34.: "Wish You Were Here"

Ep 35.: "And To All A Good Night"

Ep 36.: "Call It a Day"

Ep 37.: "We Did It Our Way"

Ep 38.: "What's The Story?"

Ep 39.: "When You've Got to Go!"