Ep 1.: "The Queen of Make Believe"

Ep 2.: "My Family's Just Right for Me"

Ep 3.: "Playing It Safe"

Ep 4.: "Hop to It!"

Ep 5.: "Eat, Drink and Be Healthy!"

Ep 6.: "Four Seasons Day"

Ep 7.: "The Treasure of Rainbow Beard"

Ep 8.: "Going Places!"

Ep 9.: "Caring Means Sharing"

Ep 10.: "Down on Barney's Farm"

Ep 11.: "What's That Shadow?"

Ep 12.: "Happy Birthday, Barney!"

Ep 13.: "Alphabet Soup!"

Ep 14.: "Our Earth, Our Home"

Ep 15.: "Let's Help Mother Goose!"

Ep 16.: "Be a Friend"

Ep 17.: "I Just Love Bugs"

Ep 18.: "When I Grow Up..."

Ep 19.: "1-2-3-4-5 Senses!"

Ep 20.: "Practice Makes Music"

Ep 21.: "Hi, Neighbor!"

Ep 22.: "A Camping We Will Go!"

Ep 23.: "A Splash Party, Please"

Ep 24.: "Carnival of Numbers"

Ep 25.: "A World of Music"

Ep 26.: "Doctor Barney is Here!"

Ep 27.: "Oh, What a Day!"

Ep 28.: "Home Sweet Homes"

Ep 29.: "Hola, Mexico!"

Ep 30.: "Everyone is Special"

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