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This is Barney's trademark sound when he comes to life or uses magic in Barney & Friends.


  • First Recorded: Q1 1992
  • Creator: Bob Singleton
  • Owner: The Lyons Group (1992-1996), Lyrick Studios (1996-2001), HiT Entertainment (2001-2014)
  • Origin: Allen, Texas
  • Year Debut: April 6, 1992
  • First Heard: The Queen of Make-Believe (a Barney & Friends episode)

This sound effect was made by Bob Singleton in Q1 1992, using a couple synthesizers. It made its first appearance on Barney in the Barney & Friends season 1 episode, "The Queen of Make-Believe" on April 6, 1992.

For information about this sound, he used Roland SC-55 099 Crystal for the base, Roland R8-M for the bell tree sound and E-mu Proteus/2 and 055 Glockenspiel for the sparkle sounds at the end.

This is Barney's trademark sound effect for whenever he comes to life. On When I Grow Up, Good Day, Good Night, Is Everybody Happy and Not Lyin' Lion, the sound effect was used before Barney is shown.

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