Season 1

Pink Mug

Picnic Thieves

Moon Rocket

Night Fright

Lost Shoe

Hide and Seek

Music Box

See Saw

Buried Treasures

Grumpy Wumpy

Paper Chase

The Storm

Quick Grow

The Parcel

Wet Paint

The Robot

Happy Holiday


It's Raining

Doctor Bananas

Banana's Birthday Monday

Banana's Birthday Tuesday

Banana's Birthday Wednesday

Banana's Birthday Thursday

Banana's Birthday Friday

The Spider

Amy's Castle

Show Business

Getting Rhythm

Musical Stairs

Swamp Lake

Take One

Video Clip

Cuddles Avenue

Fancy Dress

Chasing Rainbows

Something Fishy

Lulu's Magic

Obstacle Race

Ready, Steady, Go!

Season 2

Wibbly Wobbly



Cafe Rat


Fair Game

Magic Carpet

Stone Soup


Morgan's Cubby

Monster Bananas

Strictly Bananas

Goldilocks Bananas

Banana Magic

Slipper Fairy

Painted Bananas

Banana Shop

Sun Hats

Wash Day

Banana Hiccups

Dream Time

Wishing Pool


Bed Time

Forbidden Fruit

Shadow Painting

Chasing Tuesdays

Shop Shut

Mirror Mirror

Lost Voice

Season 3

Pyjama Party

Pink Spots

Snow Storm


Treasure Hunt

Broken Truck

Say Cheese

Car Polish

King Rat

Dancing Shoes

Circus Time

Shiny Things

Rat Wash

Fire! Fire!

Super Bananas

Special Delivery

Model Bananas

Big Parade

Rat Post

Whale Snail

Spring Clean

Play Time

Pony Ride

Gallery Rat

Salon Rat

Sand Palace

Magic Lamp

Rat's Hat

Surf's Up

Help! Help!

Season 4

Banana News

Tuesday Disguise

Amy's Trombone

Holiday Time

Knitting Bananas

Topsy Turvey

Lucky Day

Weather Rat

Moving Bananas

Where's Lulu?

Magic Sack

Rat's Zoo

New Tent

Sleeping Teddy


Busker Bananas

Special Treasures

Surprise Disguise

Rat Clean

Banana Rescue

Singing Bananas

Dirty Rat

Puppy Love

Crab Catchers

Joy Flight

Seeing Double

Talking Trees


Space Bananas

Golden Eggs

Banana Day

Dinner Party

Washing Line

Vanishing Vegetables

Ship Ahoy!

Tall Morgan

Springtime Party

Gobbledy Gook

Wrong Side

Pretty Maggie

Mermaid Teardrops

Street Fixers

Tangly Trick

Walkie Talkie


Banana Cart

Lulu's Tutu

Rain Dance

Work Shed

Invisible Bananas

Teddy Chase


Magic Pumpkin

Banana Plumbers

Home Delivery

Sea Surprise

Taxi Rat

Billy Cart

Lost Recipe

Rat Suits

Odd Jobs

Self Serve

Ribbon Hunt

Lost Tortoise

Rescue Practive

Rat Race

Tall Story

Purple Pencil

Strange Signs

Car Sale

Sand Festival


Noisy Night


Rat's Tale

Morgan's Story

Magic Hat

Beauty Rat

Mixed Up Time

Cinder Rat

Farmer Rat




Twinkle Twinkle

Jingly Jangly

Adventure Amy

Paw Prints

Cuckoo Clock

Green Paws

House Guests

Birthday Surprise

Juggling Bananas

Shoe Shine

Teddy Puppets

Yee Hah!

Silly Strawberry

Odd Socks

Lollipop Rat

Imaginary Holiday

Season 5

Story Time

Rat Hotel

Rock-a-Bye Bananas

Shipwrecked Bananas


Radio Bananas

Bananas Without Pyjamas

The Flag

Hat Trouble

Home Time Rat

Magic Tolstoy

Tortoise Wedding

Banana Breakfast

Sneezing Time

Stepping on Cracks

Stuck Inside

Bedtime Bunyip

Speedy Bananas

Home Video

Lulu's Yo-Yo

Season 6

All Aboard!

Morgan's Photo

Perfect Fit

Lost Key

Copycat Bananas


Star Bananas

Hide and Sleep

Lost and Found

Busy Day

Fool's Gold

Waiter Bananas

Big Cheese

Teddy Friends

Atchoo Birds

3-Legged Bananas

Morgan's Mail

Fixit Rat

Giant Opera

Yippy Chippy

Desert Island

News Flash

Crowded House

Super Sale

Happy Camper

Wonderful Cake

Rat World

Lulu's Doovers

Amy's News

Full Load

Garden Gnomes

Street Stalls

Drip Splosh

Perfect Present

Ticklish Problem

Guessing Game

Beat Box

Horse and Cart

Night Visitors

Backstage Bananas

Next, Please

Princess Lulu

Rescue Rumba

Flash the Fish

Walk the Fish

Too Many Tomatoes

Quiz Show

Pump Pumpkin

Picnic Friends

Ring, Ring

Cold Sheep

Winged Heels

Egg Collector


Farm Fresh

No Speaking Day

Animal Hospital

Barnyard Choir

Farm Show

Pig's Company

Jungle Amy

Cold Comfort

Everybody Welcome!

Nighty Day

Rat's Farm

Cheese Trees

Farm Adventure

Hungry Harvest

Cut-Out Bananas

Mooving Cow

Tortoise Trek

Bed Rest

Handy Bananas

Mayor Rat

Sheepdog Bananas

Sir Knight Rat

Dancing Daze

Noisy Cow

Big Clean Up

2-Wheeler Bananas


Wish Fairies

Singing Time


Surprise Party

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