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"Bakugan: The Battle Begins"

"Masquerade Ball"

"A Feud Between Friends"

"Dan and Drago"

"Runo Rules"

"A Combination Battle"

"Bakugan Idol"

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

"Fight Or Flight!"

"A Perfect Match"

"Grandpa's Got A Brand New Bakugan"

"Bakugan Stall"

"Just For The Shun Of It"

"The Story Of Vestroia"

"Duel in the Desert"

"No Guts No Glory"

"Best Friends Forever"

"Evolution Revolution"

"Julie Plays Hard Brawl"

"A Little Help From My Friends"

"My Good Friend"

"Drago's on Fire!"

"Say It Ain't So Joe"

"Secret of Success"

"Trust Me!"

"Doom Dimension Or Bust"


"The Brawler's Last Stand"

"Nightmare in Doomsville"

"I am Marucho! Hear Me Roar!"

"A Place Far From Home"

"Play Nice, Runo!"

"You're Going Down, Clown!"

"Home Sweet Home"

"Dan's Last Stand"

"Show Me What You've Got!"

"You Say You Want an Evolution!"

"Behind the Mask of Masquerade"

"Masquerade Unmasked"

"Alice Gets Schooled"

"A Fish Called Tayghen"

"The Race to Vestroia"

"Next Stop Naga-Vile"

"It's a Long Shot!"

"Ground Control to Major Dan"

"The One Hit Wonders"

"Here's Mud in Your Eye!"

"R is for Revenge"

"Showdown in Wardington"

"The Good, the Bad and the Bakugan"

"The Final Brawl"

"Game Over"