Sound Effects Tracklist

Rainstorm, Rolling Thunder (City)

Tools (Wood Planer; Electric Saw; Hand Saw)

Wood Dropping (Heavy; Medium; Light)

Busy Highway

Car (door Opens And Closes; Starts, Idles; Horn)

Class Break, Junior High School

End Of Little League Game

Gun Shots (single; Three Consecutive)

Pigs (eating; Squealing)

Glass (breaking; Sweeping Up)

Setting The Table

Liquid (pouring (close); Pouring (distant); Putting In Ice)

Vegetables (breaking Cabbage-lettuce; Cutting)

Crowded Bowling Alley

Elegant Restaurant

Arcade Games (Road Race; Space Invaders)

Gas Station Bell

Underground Garage Ambience

Car Starts; Tires Squeal

Fire Whistle-Emergency Squad

Air Horn - Fire Truck

Street Festival Ambience

Panting Dog

Hyenas (Playing In Jungle; At Night)

Small Waterfall

Electric Hairdryer

Eggs Beaten By Hand

Water Running Hard In Sink

"Bubbling Brew"

Telemetry (Mariner IV; Vanguard I; Sputnik)

Industrial Hand Power Drill

Parking Meter

Mail Box

Automatic Teller Machine

Native Drums

Copying Machine

File Cabinet Doors Open And Close

Phone (Dial (Rotary); Dial (Pushbutton); Rings Four Times)

Electric Typewriter

Jeep Over Rough Terrain (Driver's Perspective)

Motor Scooter Revving

Funny Auto Horn 1

Parking Garage Ambience

Ice Cream Truck

Bus Interior

Pinball Machine

Arcade Ambience

Shuffling Cards; Dealing A Hand

Bowling (Strike; Gutter Ball)

Cow (Single Moo; Herd Mooing)

Horse Whinnying

Cloth Tear

Busy Highway

Thunder (Storm; Single Clap; Single Roll)

Windshield Wipers (Slow; Fast)

Car (Passes With Horn; Approaches And Skids)

Small Plane Ignition And Taxi For Takeoff

Telemetry (Syncom; Mariner II)

Loading And Running Restaurant Dishwasher

Ice Tinkling In Glass

Supermarket (Checkout Ambience; Bagging Groceries; Carts Crashing)

Animals (Wolves; Chimps; Goats; Elephant Snuffling; Elephant Blowing Water)

Pool Table Ambience

Multiple Rocket Launch

National Anthem At Baseball Game

Evening In The Country

Water (Brook; Small Waterfall)

Rain (In Field, Thunder; Hail On Car Roof)

Motorcycle Passes

Fire Vehicle Leaving Station

Tools (Electric Drill; Jig Saw)

Wood Dropping (One Light; Two Heavy)

Animals (Chimps; Tiger Grunt; Angry Tiger)

Weapons (Howitzer; Tank)

Motor Drive SLR Camera

Launch Of Apollo XI

Printing Presses

Cutting Paper (Paper Cutter; Scissors)

Automatic Elevator

Funny Auto Horn 2

Slide Whistle (Up; Down)

Telemetry From Essa Weather Satellite

Countdown And Launch Of Saturn 1 Rocket

Soda Can Pop And Pour

Ocean Waves At Big Sur (Close)

Toilet Flush (Tank Type)

Shower (Sliding Doors; On, Run, Off)

Wood Burning Fireplace

Air Conditioner (On, Running, Off)

Light Switch (Chain Pull)

Switching Channels On TV

Electric Static

Auction Ambience

Sorting And Stapling Papers

Tape Dispensers (Cellophane; Masking)

Rubber Stamp

Cellophane (Tearing; Crumpled)

Paper (One Tear; Many Tears; Crumpled And Tossed)

Office Machines (Adding Machine; Copier)

Planes (Small Passing; Biplane Race)

Trains (Bell; Approach & Pass; Pull Into Station; Whistle; Steam Approach & Pass; Interior)

Pop (Dry; Wet)

Emergency Broadcast System (Alert; Siren)

Music School Rehearsal Area

Crowd Laughter (Small; Hysterical)

Falling Items (Pans; Bottles; Boxes)

Rocket (X-15 Rocket Plane; X-14A Vertical)

World's Largest Wind Tunnel

Rollercoaster Passes

Skateboard Passes

Restaurant Ambience

Baseball (Game Ambience; Big Cheer; Bat, Cheer, 'Charge')

Zipper (Open; Close)

Water In Sink With Bubbles

Pan Being Filled With Liquid

Hedge Trimmer

Grinding Brakedrum

Dockside Ambience

Telemetry (Pegasus Micrometeoroid; IMP Satellite)

Minicar Race (Start; Race, Car Passing; Ambience)

Grandfather Clock (Ticking; Striking 12)

Native Drums

Golf (2 Swings; Cart Leaves, Returns)

Department Store Ambience

Airline (Terminal Ambience; FA Instructions; Takeoff; Interior In Flight)

Ray Guns (Vibrating; Spray; Pulsing; Spitting; Ascending; Descending)

Baby Crying

Rewinding Music Recording Tape

Tuning FM Receiver


Small Group Vocals (Applause; 'Ooh'; 'Aah')

Helicopter (Approach, Hover, Pass; Hover; Pass Several Times)

Motor Scooter Starts And Leaves

Door (Creaking; Close (2); Open; Slam)

Toilet Flush (Older, Noisy Tank)

Chainsaw (False Start, Start, Run, Stop; High Speed, Stop)

Pounding Nails Into Wood

Morse Code Telegraph

Modern Cash Register

Welder - Electrocution

Coin Laundry Ambience

Firecracker (Popping; One Pop)

Model Airplane

Concert Hall Ambience

Orchestra Tuning Up

Applause (Polite; Enthusiastic)

Large Crowd Ambience

Spritz Bottle

Timer And Knell

Foil Being Crumpled

Pencils Breaking; Dropping To Floor

Rainstorm; Rolling Thunder

Tractors (Cutting Hay In Field; Driver's Perspective)

Postage Franker

Service Elevator

Commercial Refrigerator (Open, Close Door)

Manual Cash Register

Car Buzzer, Door Closes

Putting Air In Tire

Hot Rod (Starts And Leaves; Passes)

Garbage Truck

Rollercoaster Ambience

Construction (Heavy; Bulldozer, Air Hammer; Construction (House; Light); Circular Saws (2)

Bathroom (Toilet Flush; Shower Curtain Drawn; Medicine Cabinet Open, Close)

Telemetry (Telstar, ALSEP)

Dog Barking In Back Yard

Sunny Day Birds, Crickets

Steady Rain In The Woods

Restless Horse In Stall

Pigs (Sty, Grunting, Stream)

Power Mower (False Start, Start, Run, Stop; Cutting Lawn)

Suburban Thunderstorm

Hospital (Ambience; Beeper (2))

Animals (Hyenas; Whippoorwill; Chickens)

Pounding Surf At Big Sur

Bus Leaves Terminal

Auto Service Garage Ambience

Helicopter Approaches, Passes

Motorcycle Start

Steamship Whistle (Two Blasts)

Air Horn On Boat

Mexican Dancer, Guitar

Steam Calliope

Wedding Party Passes

Tennis Court Ambience

Crowded Hallway, Kids Shouting

Gym Locker

Door Closes

Fireworks Display

City Noises (Corner Ambience; Highway Traffic; Large City Ambience; In Rain)

Barking Dog

Vacuum Cleaner

Pouring Water In Sink (Long; Short Bursts)

Indoor Pool (Dive And Swimming)

Amusement Park Ambience

Shaking Tree (Long; Short Bursts)

Missile Launch

Hospital (Computer; Cardiac (Beeper; Alert); Resp Pump; Oxygen Valve)

Walking Up Concrete Stairs

Metal Door Slams

Power Mower Moves Off, Returns

Train Whistle, Train Approaches And Passes

Plane Starts, Taxis For Takeoff

Garbage Disposal (Empty; Tomato + Water Running)

Dishwasher (Wash; Rinse)

Microwave Oven (Keypad)



Sunroof (Open; Close)

Car Starts, Drives Away

Garage Door Opens

Car Alarm

Power Windows; Locks


Climbing Metal Stairs (One Flight; Running; Multiple Flights)

Gravel (Walking; Running)

Water Drops In Cavern

Rain; In Puddle

Rainbird Sprinklers

Pressure Toilet Flushing

Fish Tank Aerator

Public Pool (Ambience; Diving Board)

Water Cooler Gurgle

Boiling Water Overflows

Computer Keyboard

Laser Printer

VCR (Loading; Unloading)

Zoom Lens

Arcade Ambience

Billiards (Break; Single Shot)

Pay Phone Coin Drop; Return; Retrieval

Coin Counter

Mall Ambience (2); Electronic Cash Register; TV Department

Small Group Ambience

Finger Snapping (Group)

Group Laughter (Hysterical)

Eating Chips

Brushing Teeth

Kisses (6)


Eating Apple (2)

Police Radio


Printing Presses

Jet Airplane Pass (2)

Lawnmower Pulls (2;3)

Edger (Attempt To Start, Start; Starts, Runs)

Box Fan

Umbrella Opens

Crushing Can (Long; Short)

Match Strike

Popping Balloon With Pin

Zipper (Up (2); Down)

Sanding Wood

Sliding Door Open, Close

Winding Up Music Box

Stationary Bicycle

Briefcase Latches (Open; Close)

Electric Razor

Monster Growls

Monster Chomping

Man In Grip Of Monster

Big Monster Growl

Two Monsters Fighting

Warp Cannon

Starfighter Missile

Space Battle

Space Mystery (Long; Short)

Zip Gun

Space Bubbles

Vaporizer (Fast; Slow)

Passing Spacecraft (Group; Single (2))

Galactic Explosion

Jupiter Lightning Storm


Cargo Hold Pressure Seal

Cargo Hold Pressure Change

Spacecraft Collision

Space Effects

UFO Overhead (2)

Space Gun

Stardestroyer Engine Room

Oops! (Dropping Things (3))

Xylophone (2)



Hurdy Gurdy

Breaking Space Toys


Car Alarm

Sirens Passing On Street

Car Horns (2 Short (7); 2 Longer (2))

Hitting Parked Car, Alarm

Emergency Ambience (Sirens, Alarms, Traffic (2))

Outdoor Evening

Dogs (2 Barking; Kennel)

Insects (4); Crickets (2)


Jungle Sounds (2)

Whip Crack

Electronic Fanfares (3)

Boogie Woogie Solo And Goodbye

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