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Background Trax is a sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was first released in May 1994.

Sound Categories

BT-01 - Interiors

BT-02 - Nature

BT-03 - Transportation

BT-04 - Urban/Suburban

BT-05 - Water

BT-01 - Interiors

Rooms & Tones

Computer Room BT010101

Computer Room Fans Hu BT010201


Control Center Busy BT010301

Rooms & Tones

Dam Interior Tubines BT010401

Department Store Dis BT010501

Department Store BG BT010601


Dishwasher Steady BT010701

Rooms & Tones

Dispatch Room Radio BT010801

Engine Rm Generator BT010901

Construction & Factory BG

Factory Big Busy BT011001

Factory Large Busy Ai BT011101

Gyms & Locker Rooms

Gym Bathroom Ambienc BT011201


Hallway Distant Voic BT011301

Hallway Lg Busy Offic BT011401

Hallway Large Echoey BT011501

Hall School Btwn Cls BT011601

Construction & Factory BG

Industrial Machine BT011701

Industrial Machine BT011801

Dining-Kitchens & Eating

Kitchen Dishwasher BT011901

Rooms & Tones

Men's Bathroom Echo BT012001

Meteor Room Fan BT012101

Museum Echoey Walla BT012201

Museum Murmur BT012301


Police Booking Offic BT012401

Police Station Walla BT012501

Police Station Phone BT012601

Post Office Backgrou BT012701


Prison Mess Hall Many BT012801

Dining-Bar & Restaurant

Pub Busy Cash Registe BT012901

Pub Light Walla Bar BT013001

Restaurant Busy Dish BT013101

Restaurant Bg No Vx BT013201

Restaurant Italian BT013301

Restaurant Italian BT013401

Restaurant Medium BT013501

Restaurant Small Bsy BT013601

Rooms & Tones

Room Tone Good Hum BT013701

Room Tone Good BT013801

Room Tone High Hum BT013901

Room Tone Very Quiet BT014001

Crowd-Schools & Teens

School Between Class BT014101

School Classroom Bsy BT014201

School Kindergarten BT014301

Crowd-INT Various

Shopping Mall Busy Wa BT014401

Shopping Mall Busy Cl BT014501

Super Market Carts PA BT014601

Super Market Checkou BT014701

BT-02 - Nature

Animals-Jungle BGs

African Ambience Bir BT020101

African Ambience Bir BT020201

African Ambience Bir BT020301

Crickets 1 BT020401

Crickets 2 BT020501

Animals-Insects BG

Desert Flies Distant BT020601

Desert Day Wind Crick BT020701

Animals-Bird BGs

Field Meadow Light Br BT020801

Forest Birds Medium BT020901

Forest Mountain Echo BT021001

Animals-Jungle BGs

Jungle Dense Monkeys BT021101

Jungle Rain Forest BT021201

Jungle Rain Forest BT021301

Marshland Water Cric BT021401

Night Jungle Dense Ci BT021501

Animals-Bird BGs

Night Mountain Crick BT021601

Night Rural Crickets BT021701

Animals-Jungle BGs

Rain Forest Frog Crix BT021801

Rain Forest Amazon BT021901

Animals-Bird BGs

Seagulls Surf BT022001

Seagulls No Surf BT022101

Swamp Frogs Pond BT022201

Swamp Frogs Pond Bird BT022301


Swamp Frogs Pond Bird BT022401


Thunder Distant Rumb BT022501

Thunderstorm Medium BT022601


Wind Cold Gusty BT022701

Wind Cold Whistle BT022801

Wind Light Buffets BT022901

Wind Low Eerie BT023001

Wind Stormy Strong BT023101

Wind Strong Gusty BT023201

Wind Whistley Gusty BT023301

BT-03 - Transportation

Aircraft-Jet Passenger

Airplane Interior BT030101

Airplane Interior BT030201

Airports & Stations

Airport Ambience Ter BT030301

Airport Amb Loading BT030401

Aircraft-Jet Passenger

Airport Amb Jets BT030501


Bus Exterior In By BT030601

Bus Ext Int Idle BT030701

Bus Int Idle Accel BT030801

Bus Station Walla Mur BT030901

Bus Station Walla Trf BT031001


Car Exterior Fast By BT031101


Car Exterior Fast By BT031201


Car Exterior Wet By BT031301

Car Exterior Med By BT031401

Car Exterior Med By BT031501

Car Exterior Wet By BT031601


Car Exterior Wet Bys BT031701


Car Exterior Slow By BT031801

Car Exterior Slow By BT031901

Car Exterior Slow By BT032001

Car Ext Slow Wet By BT032101

Car Interior Accel BT032201

Car Interior Start Up BT032301

Car Interior Steady BT032401

Car Interior Steady BT032501

Car Interior SteadyM BT032601

Car Interior V8 Start BT032701

Car Interior V8 ThruG BT032801


Elevator Modern Up Do BT032901

Elevator Modern Up Do BT033001

Elevator Older Style BT033101


Train Int Ext Steady BT033201

Train Interior Stead BT033301

Train Interior Stead BT033401

Train Station Busy BT033501

Train Station Europe BT033601

Train Station Quiet BT033701


Truck Exterior By Awa BT033801

Truck Exterior By Awa BT033901

Truck Exterior By Awa BT034001

Truck Exterior By Awa BT034101

Truck Exterior Manvr BT034201

Truck Ext Wet In Stp BT034301

Truck Interior Idle BT034401

Truck Interior Idle BT034501

Truck Interior Stead BT034601

Truck Interior Stead BT034701

Truck Interior Stead BT034801

Truck Interior Stead BT034901

Truck Interior Stead BT035001

Truck Interior Shift BT035101

BT-04 - Urban/Suburban

Crowd-EXT Various

Beach Ambience Board BT040101

Beach Ambience Peopl BT040201


Night Suburban Dista BT040301

Night Suburban Mostl BT040401

Night Suburban VeryQ BT040501

Night Urban Trucks Ca BT040601

Night Urban Trucks Ca BT040701

Boats & Ships

Paddle Boat Fast Oars BT040801

Paddle Boat Slow BT040901


Park Suburban BirdsD BT041001

Parkurban Distant Ki BT041101

Park Urban Medium Dis BT041201

Parking Structure Un BT041301

Crowd-Schools & Teens

Playground Schoolya BT041401

Playground Schoolya BT041501

Crowd-Arena EXT

Stadium Baseball Cro BT041601

Crowd-Arena INT

Stadium Concert Indo BT041701

Crowd-Arena EXT

Stadium Football Cro BT041801

Stadium Sports Event BT041901

Crowd-EXT Various

Street Walla Busy New BT042001

Street Walla Light St BT042101


Traffic Bys Away BT042201

Traffic Suburban Day BT042301

Traffic Suburban Med BT042401

Traffic Suburban Nig BT042501

Traffic Urban Busy BT042601

Traffic Urban Busy Ne BT042701

Traffic Urban Reside BT042801

Traffic Urban Traffi BT042901

Traffic Urban Wide Ra BT043001

BT-05 - Water

Water-Splashes & Sprays

Bathtub Classic Drai BT050101

Bathtub Running Stea BT050201


Creek Stream Closeup BT050301

Creek Stream MediumD BT050401

Creek Stream MediumD BT050501

Creek Stream MediumD BT050601


Drips Echoey Cave Irr BT050701

Drips Industrial Bac BT050801

Drips Sink Or Tub BT050901

Water-Splashes & Sprays

Fountain Closeup BT051001

Water-Underwater FX

Fountain Closeup ToM BT051101


Hot Tub High Speed Jet BT051201

Rain Heavy On Car Roof BT051301

Rain Heavy On PlantsB BT051401

Rain Heavy On PlantsG BT051501

Rain Heavy Rain Light BT051601

Rain Heavy Rain Puddl BT051701

Rain Medium PuddlesO BT051801


River Fast Moving BT051901

River Medium To FastM BT052001

River Rushing Rapids BT052101

River Rushing Rapids BT052201

River Rushing Rapids BT052301

Water-Splashes & Sprays

Shower Closeup BT052401

Shower Fine Spray OnP BT052501

Shower Heavy Light Sp BT052601

Sink Semifull Sink Wa BT052701

Sink Water Running Fi BT052801

Sink Water Running Fi BT052901

Sprinkler Closeup BT053001

Toilet Closeup BT053101

Toilet Public Restro BT053201

Toilet Public Restro BT053301

Toilet Medium RangeF BT053401


Waterfall Closeup To BT053501

Waterfall Distant Th BT053601

Waterfall Good Water BT053701

Water Lapping Busy Mo BT053801

Water Lapping Closeu BT053901

Water Lapping Closeu BT054001

Waves Closeup To Medi BT054101

Waves Medium To Small BT054201

Waves Medium Crashin BT054301

Waves Single Wave Cra BT054401

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