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Westminster Abbey - Bells Pealing, With Birdsong And Distant Traffic

St. Paul's Cathedral - Interior Atmosphere

St. Paul's Cathedral - Bells Pealing

Covent Garden Market - 11 AM: Lorries, Parking

Covent Garden Market - 1 AM: Unloading, Trollies, Etc...

Covent Garden Market - 6 AM: Floral Hall Coffee Stall

Covent Garden Market - 8 AM: Dedicated Market: (Interior) Trollies, Salesmen, Buyers

London Locations - Berwick Street Market

London Locations - Pool Of London Atmosphere

London Locations - Paternoster Square: Footsteps, Chatter, Distant Traffic

Musical Box - "Auld Lang Syne"

Musical Box - "The Last Rose Of Summer"

Special Effects - Eerie Wind

Special Effects - Movement Through Undergrowth

Special Effects - "Monsters" Roaring

Special Effects - Tolling Bell And Wind

Association Football (Derby Vs Arsenal) - Atmosphere Before Match, With "We Shall Not Be Moved"

Association Football (Derby Vs Arsenal) - Atmosphere During Match

Association Football (Derby Vs Arsenal) - End Of Match

Outdoor Events - Bonfire

Outdoor Events - Firework Display

Outdoor Events - Crowd At Festive Occasion

Electrical Sounds - Trimphone Ringing Tone, Receiver Lifted And Replaced

Electrical Sounds - Telephone Ringing Tone, Receiver Lifted And Replaced

Electrical Sounds - Electrical Buzz

Electrical Sounds - Computer Printing

Electrical Sounds - Electrical Fan Hum

Electrical Sounds - Greenwich Time Signal

Country Backgrounds - Devon Hedgerow At Dawn: Birdsong, Stream, Light Breeze

Country Backgrounds - Tractor Ploughing, With Sea Birds Following

Country Backgrounds - Nightingales

Animals And Birds - Sheep, With Birdsong, Stream And Breeze

Animals And Birds - Pigs Grunting

Animals And Birds - Geese Dabbling In Water

Animals And Birds - Horse Approaches And Stops (On Gravel)

Animals And Birds - Horse Snorts

Animals And Birds - Stable Atmosphere: Horse Whinnies, Voices, Footsteps

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