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Intentional Death - Staking A Vampire - Three Mallet Blows

Intentional Death - Two Throat Cuts Or Two Throats Cut

Intentional Death - The Gas Chamber - The Cyanide Tablets Drop Into The Acid Releasing The Deadly Fumes

Intentional Death - Wrists Cut - The Blood Drips Into The Bucket

Intentional Death - Assorted Stabbing

Intentional Death - Drilling Into The Head - Enough Said

Intentional Death - Body Put Into The Acid Bath

Intentional Death - Self Immolation

Intentional Death - Silencer (Pistol) - Vocal/Synth/Mechanical

Intentional Death - Electric Fire Thrown Into The Bath

Intentional Death - Boiling Oil - Poured Off The Castle Wall

Torture - Tongue Pulled Out

Torture - Fingernails Pulled Out - Assorted

Torture - Fingers Chopped Off (5)

Torture - Trial By Ordeal - A "Medievil" Practice Where The Accused Would Pick A Ring Out Of A Deep Pot Of Boiling Water - If The Resulting Burns Healed Up Quickly The He/She Was Innocent - Some Chance!

Torture - Whipping - A Touch Of The Lash Keeps You On Your Toes (Or Knees)

Torture - Torture Lab - A.D. 2500

Accidental Death - Lift Falling (With Passengers)

Accidental Death - Female Falling From A Height (Ladies First)

Accidental Death - Male Falling From A Height

Reaction (To The Sounds You've Just Heard) - Viz: Involuntary Regurgitation

Nasty Animals And Birds - Werewolf - The Transformation From Human To Beast

Nasty Animals And Birds - Giant Killer Bees - No Honey From These

Nasty Animals And Birds - Sleeping Dragon - Don't Waken It Up

Nasty Animals And Birds - Dragon - On The Move Through The Bushes - With Occasional Flaming Bad Breath

Nasty Animals And Birds - Dragon Kill - The Death Of The Monster

Nasty Animals And Birds - Pterodactyl Flying - With Squawks

Nasty Animals And Birds - Vultures Feeding - If You Lie Around Long Enough, They'll Clean You Out

Nasty Animals And Birds - Piranha Fish Feeding - Don't Go For A Swim

Nasty Animals And Birds - In The Snake Pit - They Hiss With Forked Tongues

Nasty Animals And Birds - "The Birds" Attack A Feed - On What You May Ask

Nasty Animals And Birds - Triffids - (i) Sting (ii) "Talking"

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