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December 25, 2001

Azumanga Daioh: The Very Short Movie is a movie of approximately 6 minutes which first aired on December 25, 2001. It was created so as to promote the regular TV series. It played in theatres alongside Slayers Premium and Di Gi Charat: A Trip to the Planet as an opener for Sakura Wars: The Movie. Also, it was released by ADV Films as an extra feature in volume 6 of the DVD collection.


After a presentation of Chiyo-chan riding her dog Tadakichi, the movie opens with a normal day in the classroom. Yukari's students get their test results back, with Chiyo getting a perfect 100 as usual. Tomo, Osaka and Kagura compare their scores with hers: Tomo got a 31, Osaka a 42, and Kagura a 30, making their combined score 103 points. Thus, they announce to Chiyo that the Knuckleheads have won. Yomi asks Chiyo if there is anything she is bad at, and Chiyo replies "tongue-twisters". Chiyo shows her how poor she is at it, and Yomi seems amazed at how Chiyo-chan can still be so cute while doing it. Then we see Sakaki whose hand is in bandages. She recalls the event which hurt her hand, namely, her walking by Kamineko and getting bitten. She says aloud "Maybe ... It was in a bad mood ... It probably ... Got into a fight." Meanwhile, Kaorin has been watching and is overwhelmed with Sakaki-san's coolness. Next, Osaka is sitting in the classroom, fascinated by Chiyo-chan's pigtails, and holds her hands out to touch them. But the next thing she knows, the pigtails fall off Chiyo's head. The whole class is watching as Osaka tries to put Chiyo's pigtails back on, but fails to do so. Chiyo starts crying and her classmates gather around her, wondering who she is and if she's a new transfer student or if she's too small to be one. Yomi offers Chiyo a lollipop, when Yukari comes and says that Chiyo should just go home. Chiyo keeps on crying. Osaka finds Chiyo's pigtails under the desks, but when she tries to take them, they jump away and out the window. Chiyo follows them and Osaka begins imagining a scenario where Chiyo travels across the world in search of her pigtails. Osaka wakes up to find that it was all just a dream, and her classmates are standing all around her, giving her confused looks. Yukari in particular is furious with Osaka for sleeping in class.

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